Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finally a Long Update full of all kinds of News!

WOW, life has been crazy busy lately, so sorry for no updates, I guess I just haven't made myself sit down and write. So much news, where do I begin???

  • I guess with the biggest news of all, Daniel is getting married and soon, August 22nd to be exact. We're so excited to be adding Sarah to our family she is a sweetheart and will definitely be a wonderful addition to our family.
  • Amy went to Mexico a week ago on a missions trip, she had a wonderful time and is now getting ready to go to camp for part of the rest of the summer.
  • Natalie and Josh are doing great, they continue to rack up the amount of geo-caches that they've done this year, we are so blessed to have them live so close, close enough for them to drop by every once in awhile for a fun game of Pinochle.
  • Isaiah just had the opportunity to go out wave riding this past weekend and absolutely loved it.
  • Ezekiel loves to play in the water, if the temp is over 70 he is asking to turn on the water sprinklers in the back yard. Both Isaiah and Zeke will be joining Amy for a week of kids camp in two weeks, they are very excited about going!
  • Lily is having so much fun this week at VBS at a local church here in the neighborhood. She along with Isaiah and Zeke began taking Karate lessons at our church, she seems to little to begin but she wanted to do it and she is slowly but surely learning, even though she is so tiny, I know one day she will be able to protect herself from anyone trying to harm her.
  • Gordy and I will be celebrating our 27th year anniversary next week, sometimes I wonder how time can fly so quickly. We just got back from a family camping trip to the Oregon coast over the July 4th weekend. We actually had a hot day at the beach, that doesn't happen often in OR or WA for that fact.
  • Gordy tries hard to make time each week for a few rounds of golf, it's one of his favorite past times lately.
  • I recently finished up leading a Women's book study at our church, the book is Who Switched Off My Brain, it is an excellent book and I highly recommend it. I also am making time to go on very long walks, I love walking and hiking and tomorrow Natalie and I will head up to Mt. Rainier for a grueling, but very beautiful hike.
  • Okay, you are probably saying enough with the rest of the family, we want to know how Luke is doing?? He is doing pretty good right now, he did really well on our camping trip, Praise God and he has been pneumonia free for the past two month's that is great news! We did get the results back from his EEG and found out that he is having seizures, the Dr. wanted us to start him on Keppra, I have reluctantly agreed to do this and finally began giving him Keppra yesterday. We are starting out on a very low dose and bringing it up slowly until we get to the place that the Doc wants Luke in about 4 weeks. I hope and pray that Luke will benefit from being on this med and that he won't suffer from all the horrible side effects that it can bring.

Part of the reason it's taken me so long to post an update is because I wanted to get some pictures posted at the same time, but I decided after getting another e-mail today asking how Luke is doing, I would go ahead and give those that want to know an update, followed up in a few days with some pictures, that is if I get a few minutes in my schedule:-}

Thanks for caring and for all your prayers,
Luke's Mommy Suzi