Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone:}

I just want to take a few minutes wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope and pray that you have a blessed day, full of joy and fun family memories. Thank you so much for the prayers for Luke he is doing so much better. It's been a busy week and we are ready for Christmas morning. I hope to be able to sit down soon and share some pictures and more news, but I'm extremely tired tonight and I know my children will be up at the crack of dawn wanting to open some Christmas presents. May God richly bless you and your family!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Thursday, December 17, 2009

God has not given me a spirit of fear and I am trying so hard not to live in fear today, but it is challenging to say the least.

I'm trying so hard not to let fear over take me today. I decided to read more about the possible side effects of BOTOX injections into kids with CP last night and today I keep praying for peace. As I mentioned before Luke started getting "junky" almost immediately following his injections, he has been needing to be suctioned a lot more lately and having a hard time clearing his throat. With the fever, higher needs for oxygen and his heart rate all over the place, it's been a few stressful days. I knew that kids had died recently after BOTOX injections, but his Dr. assured me that he was giving Luke a little under the recommended dose for someone his size and weight. I just keep hoping and praying that what ever he is dealing with will all go away soon.

I did take him into the Dr. yesterday and he said his lungs sounded fine and he didn't think that he had pneumonia, I was so relieved to hear this. But today he keeps coughing up thick yellowish, greenish goop and is still struggling so after consulting with the Dr. we decided to start him on an antibiotic. I also talked to the Dr. that did the injections and he thought that what Luke is dealing with is not related to the BOTOX injections, but he couldn't say that for sure. He said that if he continues to struggle and we find out that he does have pneumonia he wants Luke admitted into the Hospital. I told him that Luke has not been admitted in the Hospital for years just because of pneumonia, but he told me that if what he is dealing with is related to the BOTOX then we need to keep a closer eye on him for awhile.

I'm praying as I know many of you are that Luke makes a speedy recovery, as he has so often done, I realize this could happen within minutes to hours and that is what I'm hoping for. God has not given me a spirit of fear, but He has given to me a spirit of love, courage and a sound mind! That is what I'm clinging to today:}

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Please keep those prayers coming:}

I'm taking Luke into the Dr. today at 2:20, hoping and praying that he doesn't have pneumonia again, since he's already had it 8 times this year. I was pretty sure he was getting better yesterday, but then last night the fever came back and his oxygen levels began to drop again. Needless to say I was up until 4:30 a.m. responding to alarms and his throwing up again. I am exhausted and overwhelmed I have so much to do still to get ready for Christmas and I can not get motivated. Please keep those prayers coming:}

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Luke is sick today, would really appreciate your prayers!

Luke is sick, please pray. Ever since he had his Botox injections he has been very congested. I will update more info later, just asking for prayers today.

Thank you,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Today is the day we are finally going in for Luke's BOTOX injections, please be praying for all to go well, thank you:}

Luke is getting his first BOTOX injections today, he will get some in his wrists and his quads which is in his thighs. We are hoping and praying that the BOTOX will help his wrists to relax enough so that we can get them to stretch out so that they are not be bent all the time. He will then go in next Wednesday for casting of some new orthodics to help train his wrists to stay straight and hopefully help them to actually move without major pain. Then the goal for his legs is that if we can get his knees to move at all we may go back to the Orthopedic surgeon to talk about options of a minor surgery to clip some of the muscles in his quads to help get us moving his knees again. Please be praying that the BOTOX will work and that we will continue to have wisdom in knowing the correct steps to take in getting Luke bending again.

Tomorrow I will be taking all the kids up to Seattle to see the Nutcracker at McCaw Hall, we are all so excited. Deciding whether to take Luke was a huge decision for me as I knew it could be risky going with him if he wasn't having a good day, but the thought of not taking him as he so enjoys the music was so excruciatingly hard for me that I decided to try it. Please be praying that Luke will have a wonderful day, for that matter that we all will, that he will stay healthy and that we will all stay warm as we are having some frigid weather in WA right now.

So much has been going on lately and I have many pictures to share, I'm hoping to get back on here soon to bring y'all up to date. If you are ever curious to know just exactly how things are going in our lives you could always ask to be my friend on Facebook, just be sure to let me know exactly who you are if you make that request.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Lord has comforted his people, and will have mercy upon his afflicted.

Where, oh where do I begin?? These past few weeks have been filled with lots of good laughter and some sad times with tears. I will begin with the good, Ezekiel celebrated his 9th Birthday, yes I did say 9 years old, so hard to believe. We had a birthday celebration on Sunday after church at Godfather's Pizza Parlor, he then had some friends over to play, he had a super fun day! Then on his birthday I took him out for our special Mom and Birthday child lunch, he chose a Mexican Restaurant where they sang Happy Birthday in Spanish, we had so much fun!

Luke has been doing good lately. I am extremely thankful to say that the whole family is doing great right now, all are healthy, PRAISE GOD!! The only thing that is kind of a bummer lately is that Luke has been waking up on many nights crying and the only thing that will help him go back to sleep is me picking him up and holding him for awhile. I'm hoping and praying that this will not continue on, we both need sleep:} Here are some more pictures of Luke from Josh and Natalie's wedding.

The week after Zeke's birthday was filled with plans of getting ready for our church's women retreat at Leavenworth. It was a wonderful weekend filled with lots of laughter, good prayers times, beautiful scenery, a little bit of shopping, some delicious food and a little bit of restful sleep, I didn't get a lot of it, but what I got was uninterrupted, that made it all the sweeter.

As I was checking up on Luke's prayer links when I got home I noticed that Tori had died on Saturday. Though I never met her or her parents it was really sad to say good bye to her. Tori had a drowning accident a year after Luke and I faithfully checked up on her and prayed for her these last 4 years. Then on Monday I lost a friend to cancer, Pastor Pollock who also had a prayer link on the side went to be with Jesus after a courageous battle with cancer. He left behind his sweet wife Susan and their 9 children ranging from 20 - 2 years old. God has been teaching me how to weep with those that weep, I would much rather rejoice with those that rejoice, for that is easy to do. God sometimes calls us to do the hard things in life and we are rewarded by knowing that through our obedience we receive amazing blessings from him. My heart has also been burdened as I found out a dear friend of mine, Jeanette has thyroid cancer, I have been crying out to God to heal her and am believing for a miracle touch from Jesus. This verse in the Bible has brought me great comfort lately:

Sing, O heavens; and be joyful, O earth; and break forth into
singing, O mountains: for the LORD hath comforted his people,
and will have mercy upon his afflicted.
Isaiah 49:13

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Friday, November 06, 2009

Luke's better Praise God! Now I need to get my act together to get out of here soon.

Luke made a speedy recovery yesterday, Praise God! I'm getting ready to go on our church's women's retreat here soon. Just got to get my act together before I leave, I still have quite a bit to do. You know like finishing the laundry and putting it away, packing myself, picking out all the kids clothes for church on Sunday as Gordy will have enough on his plate just getting them out of the door by himself on time, bathing and feeding Luke, getting the other kids fed and ready to start school and the list goes on . . . Do you think I will be able to get out of here in 2 hours?? I hope so.

I would sure appreciate your prayers for Luke to stay healthy this weekend and that Gordy will be able to get some great sleep each night. Also for our retreat to go wonderfully and for women's lives to be changed this weekend.

Love you all so much and appreciate your prayers,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Trusting in Jesus today to reach down and heal Luke, as he is very sick once again.

I was so tired last night I went to bed early, that is early for me. I was in such a deep sleep that when I woke up the first time to Luke's alarm going off I couldn't remember where I was. I was thinking what is that noise, then I realized it was Luke alarming, I got up and wondered where to find him, weird huh, I guess it just shows how deeply I was sleeping. Needless to say Luke is very sick again. We took him to church last night, which we rarely do and I guess it wasn't the best choice. His heart rate has been soaring way to high all night, which usually means he has a high fever, it was up to 103.5 at one time after giving him some Ibuprofen, stripping him down to his diaper and uncovering him it finally went down to normal. He has been on at least 1 liter of oxygen for the past few hours. Bottom line is he needs prayer.

For the past 5 months my sister Jill, myself and a few other women have been planning a women's retreat at a little Bavarian town called Leavenworth. The theme of the weekend is Trust Walk, learning to trust Jesus through the good and hard times in our lives. Since we decided on this theme we have been tested in truly trusting Jesus, time and time again. Jill's husband John was laid off from his job, Yoli's husband came up on orders to move to San Antonio, TX, Natalie got married, Luke has been battling lots of bouts of pneumonia, we have all been tested in one way or another these past few months. Learning to trust Jesus in the good times is so easy, during the trying times it's a lot harder, but so worth it! I'm trusting and believing that God is going to reach down and heal Luke today, as I have so much to do before tomorrow. Would you join with me in prayer that God will heal Luke today and give me a peace about leaving Gordy home with all the kids this weekend and most importantly that God will teach us all how to completely trust Him no matter what is going on in our lives.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, we feel like we been riding Tetter Toter this past week:/

The Lord blessed us with a wonderful trip to MO. It was beautiful there as you can see by the pictures I've posted below. Natalie and Josh's reception was great, the food was delicious and Josh's family were all so very nice. Both services at church on Sunday were awesome, just what I needed to hear, God knew we needed to be there and I'm so glad we trusted Him to take care of Luke and our children, he was faithful in keeping them all healthy and happy while we were gone.

Here we are doing a Geo-cache at the beautiful Hahn State Park, yes we did climb up that rock cliff only to realize we had passed right by it below.

We also went to see to Elephant Rock State Park, you have to see these rocks to realize how really big they truly are!

We spent our last day at the St. Louis Zoo, it was so much fun reminiscing with Josh as he told us stories about when he was a little boy going around that Zoo.

Our plane landed on Monday night and we took off "running" to a very busy week. Tuesday was going to be a chore day, but ended up being a bit stressful as Luke was coughing out blood. My sister Jill just happened to come over that day and she thought I should take him into the Dr. so I called and they told me to take him to either the ER or Urgent Care. But Praise God, He had other plans, Jill and I prayed for Luke to stop coughing up the blood and God answered our prayers. After waiting a few hours and seeing no more blood I called back the consulting nurse and asked her if she still thought I should take him in, she consulted with the on call Dr. and they decided that we didn't need to take him in unless he began again. God is so faithful!

On Thursday I took Luke in for his annual check up at his Gastronologist and for the first time since Luke's accident Dr. A told us that he was at a perfect weight, that he looks great and his g-tube is at the perfect place still. I wanted to stand up and shout Hallelujah, but I refrained, it was so refreshing hearing this news as last year we were told that he needed to gain weight. After we left that appointment we went straight to his Pulmonologist and were once again blessed with good news. For the first time that I can remember, Dr. R said that Luke sounded good, this is not the norm, in fact I can't ever remember this happening before. Dr. R told us that we do not need to come back for another year, Hallelujah!

I wish I could say that our good news continued on Friday, but this would not be true. Friday Luke had an appointment with his Rehab Dr. and this Dr. didn't have good news to tell us, in fact it was quite grim to be honest. He said that Luke is one of the most puzzling and tight child he has ever seen. I was thankful that Dr. C took almost an hour to talk about all the different options we might still have for Luke. We decided that we are going to try Botox in his quads to see if Luke can relax enough to get his legs bending again, we are also going to go to a full dose of Dantrolene, which is a muscle relaxant, I'm praying that we don't completely lose Luke's cognitive levels by taking it up that high. It's such a balancing act, knowing that Luke desperately needs help with his muscle tone issues, but at the same time not wanting him to sleep all the time.

Saturday evening we went up to Starlight's Trick or Suite at the Embassy Suites in Tukwila. The kids had a blast dressing up, can you tell what they are? Just in case you can't Lily was a 1980's aerobic instructor, Luke was a ring bearer, Ezekiel was Le Beau from Hogan's Hero's and Isaiah was Clark Kent, aka Superman. There was games to play, candy to eat, prizes to win, crafts to be done and then to top off the whole night we got to stay in one of the Suites all night long. The next morning we actually slept in and went swimming after a late breakfast, it was so relaxing!

And last but not least yesterday we went up to Seattle for the Annual Starlight Fundraiser luncheon. The kids held up signs thanking the people for coming, passed out the programs as they walked in to be seated for lunch and then helped to collect the money at the end. Lily was so excited she absolutely loves Starry and was following Starry around where ever he went.

I really do need to post more often I realize this blog entry is way to long, if you made it this far you really are a faithful follower, thank you.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

PS On Monday my sister Lori's husband Lonnie, lost his father to cancer. Praise God we are assured that he is heaven. Would you please keep his family in your prayers as they grieve. Tomorrow I will be driving with my parents over to be with them and stay until Saturday after the memorial service, would you say a prayer for our safety as it has been snowing in the passes this past week and for Luke to continue to stay healthy while I'm gone?? Thank you.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Your prayers are once again making a HUGE difference!

After a call from Luke's Pediatrician we decided that we should take him to Urgent Care, as mentioned in my last post he had a horrible day today. Once I got off the phone with him I started making some phone calls for prayer, posted for people to pray up on my Facebook status and of course asked for prayer on the blog. God is faithful and Luke began to make another one of his amazing recoveries. As of right now, his heart rate is back to normal, no more fever and he's on a little bit of oxygen.

Gordy and I in faith are just about done packing for MO, we have to leave our home around 11 a.m. tomorrow, as long as Luke is still doing good that is. Thank you so much for your prayers, they have made the difference once again. Gordy and I will be gone until Monday night, please continue to pray for Luke, along with Amy, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Lily as they stay home. They will be home with Amy two nights and then are going to spend the night at their Auntie Jill's and Tia Yoli's home.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

P.S. Here is a video put up on the HUGS website of various children who have all had near drownings, as you will see Luke is in it twice.

Luke took one step forward yesterday and then two huge steps back last night.

Luke is not doing well again today, the mystery of Luke is coming through loud and clear. Last night his fever started to shoot back up and his need for oxygen. Today he was been back to where he was two days ago. He was better yesterday, so this was a huge whammy. This morning while I was picking him up out of the bathtub I threw my back out, it was the worst pain I ever remember having, I was unable to stand up and walk for at least 30 plus minutes. Finally after taking a muscle relaxant and Ibuprofen and a long nap, I was able to stand up and walk again.

Beside Luke being back to extremely sick and my back going out, we are supposed to leave tomorrow morning for MO. I have so much to do today, I can't even begin to see how this trip is going to happen. With faith I am believing that we are going tomorrow, but my fear factor is working it's evil work in my brain. We are desperately needing to rely on those that have faith to believe in the miracle of Luke getting better today and my back to where it needs to be able to walk to my plane tomorrow. Bottom line WE NEED PRAYER!!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What a difference a day makes, or perhaps I should say what a difference your prayers make:}

Luke is doing quite a bit better, thank you so much for your prayers. I took him in yesterday and the x-ray did show that he does have pneumonia. His lung x-rays are hard to read because his lungs are never completely clear. It was an extremely hard day on both of us. He was so sick as mentioned, then when I picked him up to get his x-ray done I accidentally pulled out his g-tube, quickly I had to lie him back down and sterilize it with some alcohol wipes they had there and put it back in. Then once we were in the Dr.'s office I was suctioning him and he gagged and threw up all the Ibuprofen I had just given him, I had to change him completely as he got it all over himself. After that he had to get a very painful shot, he yelled and cried the whole time they were giving it to him. My heart was so heavy for him as I had to watch him suffer the entire day.

Praise God for new days. I just checked his numbers a bit ago and he was at 98% -100% oxygen levels and his heart rate is back to normal and no fever. The only answer for such a quick turn around is all the prayers, thank you so much for taking the time to pray.

Alane asked how his baclafen pump trial went. One of the reasons I have not posted anything about it is because I felt pretty hopeless by the time we left the Hospital that day. While Luke did get a bit more relaxed I'm not sure if this is something we want to pursue. I will be taking Luke back to his rehab Dr. next week and at that time we will be discussing possibilities for him. I know that I've been asking for years and years now that you would pray that Luke's legs would bend again and that his tone would get better and here I am once again pleading with you all to pray specifically for Luke's muscle tone to get better. I feel like we've tried everything possible thing that we can do and now the only thing left is just to wait upon the Lord, while this is so easy to say it's not an easy place to be in. I'm a doer by nature, it's so hard for me to wait upon the Lord, but I know I have to it is our only hope for Luke.
Today is Amy's 22nd Birthday! Wow, where does the time fly, she was just a little girl yesterday and now she is all grown up. I could not be more proud of my sweet dear daughter, she has gone beyond the call of duty in our home. She is currently at the YMCA teaching swimming lessons to Lily's class so that she can be in there during this hour. She is the Children's Pastor at our church, her heart for reaching young children for the Lord is amazing. She is an great cook and is such a talented artist. She is in her second year of an internship program at our church by the time she is done with the class she will be ready to take her exam to be licensed in the Foursquare church denomination. She is beautiful, not only on the outside, but more importantly on the inside. I hope you don't mind that I take this time to brag about Amy, but she deserves it!

Love in Christ,
Luke & Amy's Mom Suzi

Monday, October 12, 2009

High Fever + Low Oxygen Rates = A very sick Lukie Boy that needs some prayers today

Luke could use some prayers today. He is very sick, his temperature has been up to 104 plus today and of course his heart rate is soaring way to high. His oxygen levels have been all over the map, from 100% down to 87, right now he is on 2 liters of oxygen and is hanging out around 94. Zeke was sick last week with croup and now Lily is also coughing, I'm sure Luke caught whatever they've had. I'm taking him into the Dr. this afternoon, hoping that he will have an answer to what is going on.

Gordy and I are supposed to go with Josh and Natalie to MO on Thursday for a small informal wedding reception and to meet all his family. I don't know why but it seems that whenever we are about to go somewhere Luke gets sick, please be praying that whatever is going on with Lukie boy today that he will recover quickly and that we will still be able to go to Missouri.

Thank you,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thank you for your prayers, Natalie and Josh's wedding was just perfect

I've been wanting to sit down all week long to let you know that Natalie and Josh's wedding went perfect. They looked gorgeous and so did the rest of the family. Luke had a good day and did fine in the wedding. Thank you so much for your prayers the ceremony was amazing and the day although very busy was just wonderful!

Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Thomure

We put our last guest on the plane today. We had a very busy, but extremely fun week. Most days we had at least 3 to 18 extra people in our home at all times. I took some of Josh's family to Mt. Rainier on Thursday and it was an absolutely beautiful day to show off "Our Mountain" as we lovingly refer to it. Friday Gordy took a huge group up to Seattle to check out Pike's Place Market and to get some fresh fish for lunch that day. All in all everything went smoothly and wonderfully.

We are still adjusting to the fact that Natalie is married, I think it will take some time to really realize that she is not coming back home. She lived in this home for all her 20 years of life. I am so proud of the young lady that Natalie has turned out to be, even though some think her too young to be married, we know that she is definitely ready and mature enough for marriage. I remember asking her one day what she was looking forward to most about getting married and she replied that she looked forward to putting together and decorating her home. She is a wonderful cook, a proficient house cleaner, very talented piano player and teacher, a servant and most of all a beautiful wife that adores her husband. Gordy and I could not be more proud of her if we tried. We are also so very happy about her choice of husband, we know he adores her and will be a great and Godly husband.

To change the subject a bit I just wanted to let you know that I'm back to reality of life on Friday when I take Luke into the hospital for his Baclafen pump trial. We will need to be at the hospital at 7 a.m. and will be spending close to 8 hours there. Please be praying that I will have a peace about taking him to the hospital, I will be honest it terrifies me to think about all the germs and people we will be in contact with. Also please pray that we will have a definite answer to whether or not we should put Luke through another surgery, if it will truly help him with his extremely bad muscle tone issues it will definitely be worth it, but it is not something that I want to do as he has already had way to many surgeries for a little guy of six.

Thank you once again for your prayers,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm waiting on the Lord for my strength today:}

So here I sit at my computer wishing like anything I could get up and do some of the much needed chores I need to get done today. My back is out of whack again, I look like a crooked old lady. We are in wedding plans up to our neck, Natalie and Josh's wedding is this Saturday. Tomorrow my wonderful friend Mary and her two daughters are coming for the wedding, I had planned to take them to the fair after picking them up from the airport. Hoping and praying that I will be able to do that with my back the way it is right now. The next day Josh's family begin to come and will continue to come in until the wedding. I am in desperate need of a miraculous touch from Jesus for my back.

Here is Luke flying his kite, he did a great job holding onto it!

I realize its been awhile since I've blogged. We've been very busy, we went camping to the Oregon coast at the end of August and had to come home a day early because Luke was sick. I was pretty sure he had pneumonia, but Praise God the Dr. said it was not pneumonia, only some virus he caught. I gave him a few more days to get better and after 5 days of fever, high heart rate and extra oxygen needs we began an antibiotic. He has been doing better this week. I have the biggest prayer request that I think I've ever had, would you please be praying that Luke will be healthy on the day of the wedding, he along with Ezekiel are going to be the ring bearers. Zeke will push Luke down the aisle in his wheelchair with Luke holding the rings on his lap. It would be so wonderful if Luke was then able to stay in for the remainder of the ceremony. My prayer is that he will be breathing wonderful that day and that my sister will not have to take him out.

Here's some honesty for y'all, as you know this blog is my journal of our journey that began 5 long, anguishing years ago, I have been struggling with some extremely deep depression this year. I'm pretty sure it began during the beginning of the year when Luke was so sick and I would sit by his bed each evening hoping and praying that he would get through the night to see another day. Something about hitting the 5th anniversary of his drowning accident has been excruciatingly hard. Then knowing that Natalie is getting married, which I'm so very happy about, though at the same time knowing that some of my help is leaving me, is so hard.

I know, that I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, but many days lately I feel like I'm losing my hope. There is a verse in the Bible that say's hope deferred makes the heart sick, my heart feels sick. Don't worry I know that I will not stay this way for long, I can't it goes against my very nature, I know that God will bring me up and out of this pit, He's done it before and He will do it again. I often feel guilty for feeling this way because I know that I have so much to be thankful for and because I know that if I truly gave this to God He would change it. Why am I telling you all of this, why share my deepest hurts with people out there in blogland, why am I being so honest with you all??? My deepest desire is that by sharing this with you out there that once again you will pray, but that is not the only reason, I know without a shadow of a doubt this is a season I need to get through and once I do I will be stronger, able to pray for others going through the same feelings with empathy and compassion. I also know that God takes us through fire to refine us and draw us closer to Himself and knowing this gives me strength and hope knowing that I can pray with faith for those that are on this same journey.

I leave you today with the scripture I have been quoting a lot lately: Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord. Psalm 27:14 I'm waiting on the Lord for my strength. Hope you are too:}

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Friday, August 28, 2009

Luke's journey in pictures these last 5 years

Here's Luke a month before his accident, he was a very busy healthy little boy

Here he is with his trache, getting ready to leave the hospital after his 29 day stay

Luke's 2nd Birthday and his last picture with a trache

Here's Luke at one of his many PT appointments and his 3rd Birthday

Luke in his stander and on one of his many camping trips, notice all the equipment needed to take Luke camping

Luke during one of his many times of sickness on lots of oxygen, he has no clothes on because of his high fever & on his first hay ride

Luke's 4th Birthday and in the Torchlight Parade in Seattle

Luke as a lion at our Church's Harvest Party and him in Seattle one day

At the Children's Therapy Unit with Santa and with his favorite PT Sara at the Star's talent show

Luke at the Oregon Science Museum playing in the sand and at the Thunderbird show

First day of PE at the YMCA and at the dentist

Here's Luke getting his face painted at the CTU Christmas party and his 6th Birthday

Here is Luke at a beach bonfire in Oregon and on a hike at Mt. Rainier

Here he is arm wrestling with his OT Eric and hanging out on the beach during our church campout

Here is Luke today on our walk across the Narrows Bridge

As you can see by the pictures Luke has lead a very full and good life these past five years. Has it always been easy, no way, has it always been pain free, no way, has it always been full of smiles, no way. Have we always believed that God is able to heal Luke, YES, have we always had to lean on Jesus for our strength, YES, do we still believe that Luke will walk and talk again one day, YES! We are thankful that we didn't take the Dr.'s advice in the PICU right after his accident, when he told us to take Luke home and let him die in our arms, that Dr. knew the hardships and trying times that we would have with Luke's brain injury. God knew better, He knew we would grow closer to Him than we thought possible, God knew that He would never leave us for a single second, God knew that He would have to give us the strength to get through the many hard days, God knew that He would supply all the money we would need pay all Luke's many medical bills, God knew that He would bring faithful prayer warriors to stand by our sides and not give up praying for Luke's healing and our family, God knew that we would need healing in our family and He faithfully healed us in our desperate moments, GOD KNEW and we trusted Him.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. I've said this numerous times in the past but it can't be said enough that without your faithfulness in keeping our family in your prayers this journey we've been on for these past 5 years would have been nearly impossible to get through. May God richly bless each and every one of you.

Love you so much,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

PS We would love to hear from y'all out there, would you be willing to share your favorite memory from these past 5 years? We would love to hear it!