Sunday, June 01, 2014

A long overdue update, pictures and a request for prayer for Luke to stay healthy while I go to Denmark to visit my brother and his wife

Luke and I waiting to see Luke's wonderful new Gastronologist, thankfully Luke is not throwing up all the time anymore, the new medication his GI prescribed has worked great.

Luke out for his first walk with the family without having to be pushed, what a great day!
Playing Ticket to ride, our family loves to play games:-)

Out on one of our many walks, so thankful that Luke is healthy enough to join in with us. Check out the hawk in this picture.
Once again I've waited too long to post and I have way to much to say, oh well I'm going to keep this blog post short, I promise:-).  I'm thankful to say that Luke  has been healthy for the most part lately, that is after he got over the pneumonia he had last month.

My sister Cindy and I leave for Denmark to visit my brother Ray and his wife Lis tomorrow. After his scare this past December with an horrible infection in his leg, we almost lost him and because it's  been over 5 years since we've seen them, I've been wanting to go see them and thankfully that's finally happening. The bonus of this trip is the fact that tomorrow I will get to spend one day in Paris on my way to Denmark. I told Gordy for the past year all I wanted for my 50th birthday was to go to Paris and I'm happy to say I got my wish.

Would you please pray Luke will stay healthy while I'm gone. One of the fears I have of going out of town is that he will get sick while I'm gone, in fact I've been dealing with some real anxiety issues the last few days about leaving all my family. I know that I can trust God with my life and my families lives but the human part of me wants to go to places in my mind that I have no business visiting. Also keep Gordy in your prayers as it's always challenging for him while I'm gone. Thankfully I have 4 different care givers to help take care of Luke, as there would be no way I could attempt to go out of town without lots of help.

Thank you for your prayers, Bon Voyage,
Luke's Mommy Sue
Here I am at my 50th Birthday party with my sisters Lori, Jill and Cindy