Monday, October 31, 2005

Please Pray!

Please pray for Luke. He is not doing well right now. He is at the doctors and is on 6 liters of oxegen (that is alot). He is probably going into the hospital. I'm sorry I don't have more to tell you but someone will blog with more info.
Love in Christ,
Amy Searles

Saturday, October 29, 2005

God continues to show His wonderful faithfulness

Before I tell you about Luke's progress, I want to tell you about a call I got on Wednesday afternoon. My friend RoiLynne, called to let me know that her mom who has been praying every night for an hour for Luke's healing had called her that day to tell her of the wonderful vision that the Lord gave to her. She and her husband have been camping this past week and there was no way that she could of known about the vision that that the Lord gave to me on Sunday night. Anyway she goes on to say that she saw a picture of a brain and she asked the Lord if it was Luke's brain, of which she felt the Lord said yes, then she saw the Lord pick up the brain and put it in the palm of His hands and as He did this it had a bright light shine down on it and it began to light up in bright yellows, reds and oranges. I could not stop crying as RoiLynne, was telling me this as it was such a confirmation of the exact vision I received on Sunday night. I really felt it was God's way of saying, Sue don't lose hope you are not just imagining the vision I gave to you and I want you to keep on sharing with those that see Luke that I am healing Luke, though some people will feel sorry for you for thinking this is so, don't stop believing. God is so faithful in showing His wonderful favor and love toward me and I'm so thankful!

Luke continues to do great since his surgery. Today he was breathing and you couldn't even hear him. I know this sounds like not a big deal to some, but let me tell you it is a big deal when everyday for the last year you can basically tell that Luke is in the room because of his breathing sounds. He is also making more noises lately. It's like he is almost calling us at times with his crying out when he is uncomfortable. I had to take him out of church last Wednesday because he was making so much noise, which is a good thing.

I began to make Luke's food this past week, he has been on a special formula for the past year and I have been hoping all along to start making his own food. It does involve more time on my behalf, which at times is challenging to find in my schedule. I recently got some good beef bones and a good recipe for beef broth so I've had beef broth cooking for days now, it sure does make the house smell great. Luke's trach whole is healing nicely, thank you for your prayers. I bought some of that Scar repair lotion and it really seems to be helping out. The scar on his tummy is also looking pretty good as best is to be expected.

We said good bye to our wonderful nurse Mary this past week, Friday was her last day. Our insurance agency decided we didn't need nursing care anymore. God had been preparing my heart for this day, so though I'm going to miss Mary and her wonderful skilled nursing care, I also know that God will be my help to get all the things done for Luke each day. I've thanked the Lord on a weekly basis for allowing us to have such Godly nurses, that have prayed with Luke all the while giving him such wonderful care.

May God richly bless you today,
Luke's Mommy Sue

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It's amazing what a difference a week can make

I took Luke, Amy, Natalie, Zeke and Isaiah, along with some friends to a pumpkin patch farm today and had an awesome day. The weather was beautiful and the kids had a great time petting the animals, jumping in the hay, finding their way out of the hay maze, taking the little train ride and much more fun was had. I kept thinking back to this time last week and was so thankful to God for His healing power in Luke's life, that he would be well enough to go on a fun field trip today is nothing short of a miracle in and of itself.

I'm totally amazed at how well Luke is doing since his surgery, he seems to me more relaxed, is swallowing so much better and is doing a great job at keeping his food down. Yesterday was a bit of a stressful day, I took Luke in to have his stitches removed from his trach site and the Dr. wasn't sure if she should remove them, though it was finally decided to go ahead because it looked like they would be difficult to remove if left in much longer. She wasn't sure if the trach whole would stay closed so all day I was a bit stressed wondering if the right decision had been made. I continue to pray that God will heal the trach site, that it won't come open again and that the scar won't look so bad, right now it is a little swollen and a bit red.

Last Sunday night as I was praying to God, He gave me a vision. It was so real that I can still close my eyes and see it again as if it was the first time seeing it. It was a picture of a brain and I just knew it was Luke's brain and then I saw some fingers massaging the brain coils, I just knew they were God's fingers, as He would message the brain it would become red and orange. It made me think of pictures I've seen of the brain after doing HBOT treatments. Once we were told by one of Luke's many Dr.'s that the grey area's of Luke's brain that where grey and dead would never come back to life again, well as we've been saying all along, what man says is impossible is very possible with God, because he makes brains everyday, they are easy for Him. I know from what we've seen this year and have been told that is exactly what is happening, Luke's brain is coming back to wholeness, as the Lord continues His slow healing process.

I know that so many of you continue to stay faithful in your prayers for Luke and our family and I am thankful for your faithfulness. I have a prayer request for Jesse, my nephew, who is stationed with the Army in Iraq right now, will you pray for his safety, along with his unit. We recently found out that his neighbor was killed and left behind a very young widow. This is a reminder for us continue to be diligent in our prayers of safety for him and all the soldiers that are laying down their lives for freedom for all of us in America.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Luke is home from the Hospital in record time and doing great!

Luke was able to come home from the Hospital this morning around 10:00 a.m. He is doing great. Early evening was a little stressful last night, I'm not sure if he was in pain or what the matter was but I called Gordy and a few friends to pray and within a few minutes he settled down and went to sleep the whole night until this morning around 5:30 for his last session with the Respirational Therapist. He did have a slight fever this morning which the nurse said we might not get to go home with but the Dr. came in and decided to send us home, knowing that we are meeting with the Dr. on Monday and if anything comes up we'll take him back to the Hospital, but I feel assured that he will continue to do great.

We had a nice relaxing day today, we both took a short nap. I can not even begin to say how thankful I am to be home I had not left the Hospital since Tuesday morning. He is taking his food so wonderful and does not seem to be in pain anymore when we feed him, which is so awesome for him and for us.

When we went in on Tuesday morning the surgeon mentioned that he might need to be there for a week, because "kids like him" are sure to have many complications, including pneumonia, not taking his food okay, along with other issues, but with all the prayers he far surpassed anything and I know that she was amazed at his progress, God is so good! Luke is always surprising the medical community with his quick recoveries and that he does not seem to get sick like many other children like him. One more thing I thought was cool, was when the anesthesiologist came in before the surgery to check out Luke, he must of said at least 4 times how lucky we are to have Luke doing so well, he has seen many "kids like him" and was surprised how good he is doing. I would say we are blessed each time he would say we are lucky, because luck has nothing to do with Luke's progress, the power of prayer and God has everything to do with how great he is doing. I know that God took us back to the Hospital for a reason and once again I pray that Luke's miraculous healing will continue to touch many lives.

Thank you once again for your continued prayers as Luke continues to get better each day, please be praying that Luke's trach area will heal up nicely and won't have a huge scar, along with the scar on his tummy. You will never even begin to realize how much I appreciate each and everyone of you that continue to lift Luke and our family up, I would so often feel your prayers during our time in the Hospital. You're all the greatest!!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue

Friday, October 21, 2005

Going home tomorrow!!!

Luke is doing Awesome! If he takes his foods well today and tonight, then he will be going home tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Luke had a great night and get's good reports today from his Dr.'s

I just wanted to let everyone know that Luke had a awesome night. He went to sleep around 6:30 and didn't wake up until about 3:00 a.m. the nurse came in to do her regular stuff, then the repirational therapist did their stuff, then I held him a few minutes put him back into bed and went back to sleep until about 7:oo. We were both in need of some major sleep, God is so good to allow us to get our sweet rest.

Today has been an awesome day. The surgeon came in this morning and was pleased with Luke's progress, so she said that we could start some pedialite bolus feeds, which have been going well so far. We are starting slow and I'm hoping tomorrow we can begin his formula, once he is taking that okay we are free to go home.

The best part of my day was when Luke's pulmonologist came in to check on Luke, he was originally reluctant to take out Luke's trach, but went ahead and did it because we really wanted it done. Needless to say, today after listening to his lungs, he was very pleased with what he saw and heard. Luke has been off oxygen today and has been doing great on his own. To say I was excited with this report is putting it mildly!!

I have doing okay, I miss the kids at home, I hope to be able to go home for a few hours this evening, to repack and put the boys to bed before coming back for the night. Lily is staying at our good friends the Jacobs home tonight I sure do miss her, but know that she is being spoiled by their family.

Thank you once again for your prayers they have and continue to be the best medicine that Luke recieves on a daily basis. Keep praying that he will take his feeds great tomorrow so we can be home soon.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Thank you for praying

Tuesday night was very difficult. The nurses came in every hour and suctioned Luke and this woke Lily. Needless to say Sue was very tired as was Luke and Lily. Lily is staying with a friend tonight and Sue is with Luke.

When I left the hospital at 8:30pm Luke was sound asleep and the nurse was going to let him sleep as much as possible. Luke sounded great, he was breathing great and really resting. Earlier today the epidural was removed and they are now giving him pain medication every 6 hours via his IV. Luke had an NG tube that went down his nose into his stomach to keep his stomach vented. They removed the ng tube to help reduce the secretions and it really did the trick.

They might try bolis feeding him tomorrow, please pray that he will take his food well and that he can come home in record time. Also, continue to pray against pneumonia and infection.

The removed the bandage that covered the sutures for closing the trach hole. I hope and pray that the scarring will be minimal.

Thank you for your prayers, they encourage and strengthen us.

Love you all and I will blog tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A busy day and Luke is resting well

We arrived at the hospital at 8:00 this morning for a 10:00 surgery. Shortly after arriving we were told that the surgeon had an emergency surgery to perform, and Luke's surgery was delayed to 11:00.

The surgeon performed two procedures, the first was the Nissen Fundiplication which creates a one way valve going into the stomach. Food can enter the stomach, but will not come back out. They also replaced his G/J tube with a G tube. The G tube goes into the stomach only. The second procedure was to close the tiny hole that was left from his trach that was removed 6 months ago. Both procedures went well.

Luke has an epidural to deliver pain medicine. He is a bit out of it as a result. After the surgery, Luke has a lot of secretions, and because of this, there is an increased risk of developing pnuemonia. When we arrived, we were told that Luke would be at the hospital for 5 days to a week. For Luke to go home, he will need to be able to take his food via the G-tube.

So please pray that he wont get pnuemonia and that he will be able to go home as quickly as possible.

For those of you that live in the area, Sue said that it was okay for people to stop by for a visit during normal hospital visiting hours. Feel free to call the house to get specifics (hospital/room).

Thank you for praying for Luke, I truly believe we are going to see a real difference in Luke as he heals from this surgery. Just think about a time when you had indigestion or heart burn and then think about having that every day, that is what Luke has been dealing with. I think a lot of Luke's tenseness is due to the pain he has daily.

Love you all, I will blog again tomorrow.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Luke heads back to Mary Bridge Hospital for surgery tomorrow

Let's see, where do I start today's blog??? Well I would like to say thank you for your prayers for all of us while Natalie, Lily and I went to CA, we had a great time and the rest of the family did wonderful at home. Luke is doing good, he had been fighting some kind of virus or something, each day no fever, but at night he would have a fever and high heart rate, which tells us he was in pain. I think that we are finally past that. Many people have asked how my back is feeling? I have to tell you that I believe God touched my back because I literally have not a bit of pain in it, I can't tell you exactly how that happened except to say it was a touch from God. Thank you once again for your prayers they really do make a difference.

Well we are getting ready for another hospital stay. Luke goes in tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. for his surgery at 10:00. He will be getting a Nissen Fundoplication, which will stop his reflux, or indigestion problems he's been having for a long time. He will also be getting his trach whole closed, which is still open a tiny bit, it will be so nice for him not to have to deal with this anymore. I am not looking forward to our stay at Mary Bridge, though it is a great hospital, it will really be tough on Luke and our whole family this week, as once again I will be living with Luke at the hospital.

I thank the Lord all the time that my girls are such wonderful help they will be taking care of the little boys, keeping the home picked up, while continuing to do their school work and other commitments they have each day. I have a few friends that will be helping watch Lily during the day then at night she will spend the night at the hospital with Luke, Yoli and myself. To say that I'm dreading this week is an extreme understatement, I hate the feeling of being torn in two not wanting to leave Luke's side but also wanting to be a home with the rest of the family. Please be praying specifically for Dr. Malo as she does the surgery, that God will use her hands and she will do an awesome job, it will be a 2 to 3 hour surgery. Also be praying that Luke will feel the presence of God the whole time he is in the Hospital and that this surgery will make a wonderful difference in his life, for a speedy recover and that he won't be in extreme pain as he heals.

Just a little bit of other news around the Searles Home. Amy turned 18 last week and had a wonderful Birthday. I find it so hard to believe that I have two adult children, I'm so thankful all my children love the Lord and feel so blessed by the Lord that they are so helpful and fun to be around. Daniel continues to work hard each week laying tile, making the money he needs to continue buying the items he will need for his recording studio. We are getting into a great schedule each day with schooling in the morning, the boys are learning that before we start school we need to have breakfast done, be dressed and pick up our rooms. I personally find it so much easier to do school when we are organized. We then have the YMCA PE on Tuesday and Thurday afternoon, with choir on Thursdays for Isaiah and Ezekiel, while Amy takes Luke swimming in the pool, he so enjoys swimming and is so relaxed when they get done each time.
Lily is crawling all over the place and takes a step every once in awhile, she continues to be a happy sweet baby. Gordy has been real busy at work and this week will continue to be busy as his partner is on vacation.

Someone recently posted a comment about us being selfish in the fact that we only talk about our family and ask prayer for our needs. I really felt bad when I read this comment, though this blog began because we needed very specific prayers for Luke and our family during a time of crisis right after the accident, I guess that we just have continued to post about Luke and our families needs. I know that this past year has been a year of survival mode for myself and at times I've been selfish to only think of our needs, I've never been this way before but I guess when you go through a time of great trial it's hard to look outward at others needs. Forgive us if we've seemed selfish in our requests and know that though we don't always mention others needs in our blogs, we do a lot of praying for others. I hope that this makes sense and that someday I will not have to ask others to pray for Luke because we will all be praying for other peoples miracles to happen.

We will try hard to keep you up to date this week on how things are going at the hospital. We would love to have visitors once Luke is feeling up to them at the Hospital, we will let you know when that will be. Please know that as mentioned before we love to hear your comments and if you ever post a prayer need we will faithfully lift up your need to the Lord who loves us all and wants to answer our prayers as Jeremiah 29:12 says, Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. What a great promise from our Lord!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Some new photos

Here are a few photos from our vacation and painting the house. Enjoy!

What a great looking group of kids!

Daniel takes a break from skimboarding to watch the sunset.

Hey Dad, can I borrow your sunglasses?

Are you as cold as you look zeke?

Do you like my sand beard?

I love flying kites, it is so relaxing.

Do you want a lesson on how to fly a kite?

Wow! You're kidding.

Gordy is saying a quick prayer, "Dear God, please help us be done soon, Amen!"