Saturday, October 22, 2005

Luke is home from the Hospital in record time and doing great!

Luke was able to come home from the Hospital this morning around 10:00 a.m. He is doing great. Early evening was a little stressful last night, I'm not sure if he was in pain or what the matter was but I called Gordy and a few friends to pray and within a few minutes he settled down and went to sleep the whole night until this morning around 5:30 for his last session with the Respirational Therapist. He did have a slight fever this morning which the nurse said we might not get to go home with but the Dr. came in and decided to send us home, knowing that we are meeting with the Dr. on Monday and if anything comes up we'll take him back to the Hospital, but I feel assured that he will continue to do great.

We had a nice relaxing day today, we both took a short nap. I can not even begin to say how thankful I am to be home I had not left the Hospital since Tuesday morning. He is taking his food so wonderful and does not seem to be in pain anymore when we feed him, which is so awesome for him and for us.

When we went in on Tuesday morning the surgeon mentioned that he might need to be there for a week, because "kids like him" are sure to have many complications, including pneumonia, not taking his food okay, along with other issues, but with all the prayers he far surpassed anything and I know that she was amazed at his progress, God is so good! Luke is always surprising the medical community with his quick recoveries and that he does not seem to get sick like many other children like him. One more thing I thought was cool, was when the anesthesiologist came in before the surgery to check out Luke, he must of said at least 4 times how lucky we are to have Luke doing so well, he has seen many "kids like him" and was surprised how good he is doing. I would say we are blessed each time he would say we are lucky, because luck has nothing to do with Luke's progress, the power of prayer and God has everything to do with how great he is doing. I know that God took us back to the Hospital for a reason and once again I pray that Luke's miraculous healing will continue to touch many lives.

Thank you once again for your continued prayers as Luke continues to get better each day, please be praying that Luke's trach area will heal up nicely and won't have a huge scar, along with the scar on his tummy. You will never even begin to realize how much I appreciate each and everyone of you that continue to lift Luke and our family up, I would so often feel your prayers during our time in the Hospital. You're all the greatest!!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Anonymous said...

Little Luke, How wonderful to read all about the great things that have happened this past week! We have been gone for a week. I did get to read just a little about you in the middle of the week....we prayed for you! I am so glad to see you, Mom and Lily are home now and God has touched you once again. I missed my time that I get to check on you. I pray that you have many more wonderful days ahead of you. We love you, Blessings, Shane, Julie and Children

Anonymous said...

WELCOME HOME, LUKE! We are so thankful you are doing great and we are continueing to pray and lift you up to the Lord. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME! We often sing *your* song at our praise/worship service (that our Michael and Mandi do) "Blessed be Your name"~
I remember way back your dad telling all of us out here in blog land about that song. It always brings me back to thanking the Lord for all that HE has done in your life, Luke! To God be the glory.
Sue, it is a great testimony at hospitals... I have realized this as I go in with each birth~ it is a time to put in a word for Jesus~ and that is exactly (and so much more) what you all do each time with Luke! Of course it is NOT luck~ it is ONLY by HIS miracles.

I am thrilled to read that you are home and settled. I know how hard it is to be away from the other children~
lifting all of you~ especially Luke up to the Lord~
by HIS grace,
your Georgia friends,
Billy, Teena, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt, & Wesley

lockwoods said...

That is fantastic news!!! I know it must be so nice to be back home. We continue to pray for ya!

The Alaska Lockwoods