Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Instead of joyful and jolly many folks are just plain sad, they are in need of your prayers today

Finally it has stopped snowing. We here in Western Washington are not used to getting a lot of snow, but this past week or so we've had up to 8 inches and it has still not melted away. I'm so happy to report that we are once again a healthy family, I'm praying that we stay that way. Thank you for your prayers.

We are getting ready to go visit my sister Lori and her husband Lonnie for Christmas. It will be the first Christmas that we are going away in 21 years. We originally wanted to head over to her side of the state because she almost always has a white Christmas and we thought it would be fun for a change and of course we wanted to spend time with her family as we don't see them often. Never in a million years did we think that we too would have a white Christmas at our home. It is always a huge amount of work getting ready to go anywhere, especially when we go spend the night but I know it will be worth it all.

This time of the year should be Joyful and Jolly, but for many families this year it is extremely hard. Please be praying for Lauren's family, she passed away a few weeks ago, also for Hadley's family she passed away last week. Sadie has been in the hospital for a few weeks now with some major problems, her family is hoping to go home tomorrow, please pray that this will for sure happen. Also be praying for Abbie, she broke both of her femurs last week and is once again in a cast she needs a touch from Jesus to take away all her pain and her mom needs to be encouraged by a Loving Healing God. Also remember Maddie's family as I'm sure this is a hard Christmas this year, their first one without their precious Maddi. Will you pray for Jessica, her blog site is to the right called Joy in the Morning, she went in last week for an emergency open heart surgery, follow along on her journey of recovery and please be praying for a speedy recover for her today. The Lockwood family is also in need of prayer right now, Jaynee is having some major problems with her current pregnancy, please pray that mom and baby will stay safe. So many needs, such a HUGE GOD!

This is our first Christmas without Amy, she is spending it in Denmark with my brother and his wife. While we really miss Amy I'm so glad that she has this opportunity to spend some time over there. She will be home in two weeks, YAHOO!

We decided not to do a family picture until Amy comes home, so this year we are doing Valentine Day pictures. I will do my best to post some pictures soon. I hope and pray that you have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Luke is about 80% better

Just wanted to let you know that Luke is doing a bit better today. I would say that he is about 80% better. When I put him to bed last night his numbers were perfect and they stayed that way most of the night. He tolerated his feedings without throwing up again. His heart rate is still elevated today but he is not running a fever and he is not currently needing extra oxygen.

Today I am going out to finish my Christmas shopping. I'm hoping and praying that Luke will stay well enough for me to be gone most of the day. Thank you for your prayers they are helping him to get better, would you please continue to pray for him to be 100%?

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Monday, December 15, 2008

We found out this morning why Luke was crying most of yesterday. HE IS VERY SICK!

Yesterday was a very challenging day to say the least. While Luke was at Sunday school, his leg was twisted the wrong way and he began to cry. I heard him crying and went to see what was wrong, it was the first time in a long time that he cried and cried, I couldn't console him. It was very hard to hear him crying like that, though at the same time it was a first as I mentioned. He continued to complain and cry through out the day, we looked at his leg and foot and couldn't see anything wrong with it, therefore we just didn't know what was the matter with him.

Then we realized this morning as we woke up to alarms that he is very sick. He has been running a high fever all day and has needed oxygen for the most part of the day. Not a huge amount but some none the less. Would you please pray that he will make a speedy recovery? I'm bummed because tonight is Isaiah and Ezekiel's choir concert, I won't be able to go as I need to stay home with Luke of course.

I hope and pray that you are all enjoying this most wonderful time of the year.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Friday, December 05, 2008

We got Luke's food made yesterday. Want to see our mess?

Before I begin sharing with you how we make Luke's food, I thought you might like to see a few pictures of Luke. Here is he on the floor in the living room playing cards with Zeke. It started out that Zeke and Isaiah were building card houses in front of Luke, then he began to blow them down. That was so much fun Zeke decided that Luke needed to become part of his card house. Lukie so loves being part of his brother's games and I'm so thankful that they include him as much as possible.

Here is a picture of Luke at the YMCA during his PE class. Luke really enjoyed himself on Thursday, I took him out of his chair for awhile and "helped" him jump and step through some little squares on the floor. The kids are really warming up to Luke and don't seem to shy away from him like they used to. In fact they are always suggesting ways that Luke can be involved. Of course the questions are always there, "why can't he walk?" "does he ever talk?" "what happened to him?" Kids can be brutally honest at times, I don't mind their questions, they are just curious. It was our last day of this session, we don't start back at the Y again until after New Years, which will be a great break. One last piece of news, I won my first racquetball game today in years. I have really been enjoying exercising lately and have been making it a huge priority in my life. YAHOO.

I thought you might enjoy seeing just exactly how our kitchen looks while we are in the HUGE process of making Luke's food. I begin by going shopping at Costco and Trader Joe's for all the healthy high calorie food I can find. I did that on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning before we began making the food. Though I guess I really began making his food on Tuesday night when I boiled the chicken thighs and juiced a 5 pound bad of organic carrots.

I then used our Vita mix to completely turn the chicken and broccoli into liquid using the broth from the chicken and the carrot juice to make it a thinner consistency. I put that in the fridge until the next day when we would mix it into our huge bowls with all the other many ingredients that we add to make his food. All his food has to be strained through a very small screen so that we are sure to not have any big lumps, that would for sure clog his feeding tube. This is very tiring and can make you have very strong muscles in the wrist.

Natalie and I are very thankful for Tessa's help with Amy gone it really does take three people to get the job done more quickly, even with the three of us it still took us close to 4 hours to complete the whole project.

We then measure out enough food to last for two days at a time, carry the Ziploc bags down to our freezer in our garage. We have to be careful how we stack them or they will end up freezing "wrong" the bag will then break as they are thawing and we will lose a lot of the food. We sometimes refer to Luke's food as liquid gold, as it is not cheap to make and very time consuming, any lost is to waste or spillage is very sad.

We try to clean as we go, but there are always lots of dishes to wash when we are done, the pans, bowls, measuring cups, etc.

Last night our wonderful friends, Yoli and Juan, who just happens to be home on leave from Kuwait right now blessed us. We thought it would be fun to go out for dinner at Maggiano's, the food was amazing, the laughter was so much fun and then to top off a perfect evening they insisted on paying the bill. In tears I thanked them, both Gordy and I felt so blessed. Sometimes we have to receive a gift even though we are sure we would rather be the ones giving. I hope and pray that God will open many doors during this Christmas Season to bless those around us. As you bless others, the blessing you recieve is so amazing. Try it I'm sure you will like it!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

PS Please keep Lauren's family in your prayers today, her blog site is posted under Prayer links. Lauren is not doing so well these days and they are in the process of saying good bye to her, I'm sure it is a very sad time in their home right now. I have been very touched by this wonderful family's journey these past few years. Both Lauren and Luke's journey began in August 2004. It has been a very emotional time for me this week they have been in my prayers often.