Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Latest status

Luke is progressing very well as the Dr said, "as well as could be hoped for". Luke has opened his eyes many times for brief moments 5-10 seconds and he is becoming more and more awake. He is developing some fluids in his lungs and we need to pray that it does not become Pneumonia. They want him to rest tonight and hope that in the morning they will be able to remove the breathing machine and allow him to become even more awake. They are controlling him with sedatives.

Thank you for the prayers and I hope to publish a pic or two tonight or tomorrow.

Luke has a guardian angel...

Luke has a guardian angel and his name is Jim. Shortly after Luke was taken out of the swimming pool in his lifeless state a man entered the backyard and performed CPR on Luke until the paramedics arrived on the scene. Nobody knew who this man was nor did they see where he went. He was an angel.

Tonight, the Angel came to the hospital and his name is Jim. Jim was visiting his nephew while on vacation in our fair community. Jim heard the wailing and screams of Luke's Mom and Sisters. Jim ran to our backyard and came alongside of Luke's brother to perform the CPR. I consider it a miracle that Jim was there at this time with the right skills and knowledge to do the job. I thank God that he gave Luke a guardian angel named Jim.

Early results of EEG

The early results of the EEG are encouraging, it indicates that there is no seizure activity, this is really great news. Thank you Lord.

A little while ago, Luke became some what awake, his eyes were fully open off and on for a few minutes. He did seem somewhat agitated, so it was decided to sedate him and allow him to rest better overnight. In the morning they will withdraw the sedative and see where he is at.

Please pray for Luke's Mom, as she is pregnent with our seventh child and needs to get rest. Luke is number 6 and an awesome blessing. I hope to have a couple pics in the next few days if I can get home for a few minutes to pull them off my PC.

Waiting for the EEG

They performed a EEG on Luke and we are waiting for the results. One praise is he is moving a little bit and was trying to open his eyes just a wee bit. We continue to pray that God will completely restore Luke.

Mom and Dad are holding up reasonably well under the circumstances. God has been faithful to provide strength and peace.

As for me and my house

As Joshua said "Choose you this day whom you will serve, as for me and my house we will serve the Lord" I will also say, as Luke's uncle has said to me, we will Trust the Lord.

Current prayer requests

Here are the current prayer requests:
- Luke would have no long term brain damage.
- Luke would wake up from his coma
- The EEG would show that there are no seizures
- That there would be healing for Luke's brothers, sisters and Mom who were all there when Luke was discovered in the pool.
- That God would give strength and patience to Luke's family to press on trusting in God.

I will update the blog

As Luke's Dad, I am finding great comfort in being able to express my thoughts on this blog and I will update it with some regularity. I dont apologize for the content of this blog as being strongly christian, as that is who I am. Feel free to share the url with others that will pray on behalf of Luke.

I need your help

If you are reading this blog, it is because some one directed you to it. Some things you can do to help. First, we are asking at this time that only relatives come to the hospital. We have a large family and at times this can be overwhelming, let alone all the other caring friends. I know you all care about Luke, Luke's Mom and Luke's brothers and sisters, and there will be a time to reflect on all of that. Finally, do not give up on interceding on behalf of Luke, he needs every prayer he can get.

Prayer continues

There are people praying around the globe for my little boy Luke. When God's people pray our father in heaven hears those prayers and answers those prayers. You may not know me, nor my son Luke, you may have heard from a friend how heard from a friend that there was a boy in urgent need of prayer. This father's heart is begging and pleading with you to go to the Father's throne room on behalf of my little Luke. He is a precious little 18 month old that needs God's miraculous touch. I know we serve an awesome Lord that is more then able.

Scriptures for Luke

Here are a few of the scriptures that some have shared to comfort us, I hope the encourage you as well, that there is a future for Luke.

Luke's ER Dr shared Jer 29:11 - For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

A Pastor friend of our Psalm 118:17 - I shall not die, but live, And declare the works of the LORD.

A prayer warrior from our church prayed Eph 5:14 - Therefore He says: "Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light."

The waiting continues

At this point, we are waiting for the results of an EEG that will help determine the brain waves in Luke's brain. There is concern about the possibility of seizures, so please continue to pray that God would heal Luke's brain. Luke is in a coma and we must just wait until he wakes up.

First night

Luke's progress the first night has been tremendous, he has urinated which indicates his kidney's are working, his body is regulating his temprature. His oxygen level is 99%-100%, this is awesome. After 12 hours, the nurse and doctor are pleased with his progress.

We still dont know if there is any impact to his brain due to being without oxygen for an unknown period of time.

God's people are praying

I began going through my contacts in my phone and called every person that would pray and asked them to share Luke's urgent need. The cry for prayer reached around the globe even to the war front in Bagdad Iraq.

God's people have been faithful to pray and God is doing an awesome thing in Luke's little life.

Luke's Dad heads to the hospital

I was driving home from work when I received a frantic call that Luke had drowned. The Lord gave me great calmness and peace in the midst of the situation. I was stuck in traffic about 15 minutes from the hospital. I began calling everyone I knew that would pray for my son. At this point all I know is he is most likely dead and I cry out to God, "NO, dont let my son die!!"

I decided to call the hospital and check on Luke's status, they tell me to hurry. When I arrive at the hospital, they had just revived Luke, but he was very cold 86 degrees. I called home to let them all know that Luke was ALIVE!!! The first of many miracle.

Luke is found in our pool

On Monday Aug 30th my son Luke was discovered in our family swimming pool unconsciencous. My son Daniel and a man that we dont know began CPR until the paramedics arrived. The paramedics rushed Luke to the hospital, where in the ER they were able to revive him, this is Miracle #1.