Tuesday, August 31, 2004

First night

Luke's progress the first night has been tremendous, he has urinated which indicates his kidney's are working, his body is regulating his temprature. His oxygen level is 99%-100%, this is awesome. After 12 hours, the nurse and doctor are pleased with his progress.

We still dont know if there is any impact to his brain due to being without oxygen for an unknown period of time.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone who is praying and see this. Luke CAT scan came back with extensive brain damage. The damage is in the area of the brain that controls the swollowing, coughing and to an extent the breathing. They have the option of a placement of a tracheotomy tube and a gastric tube to help him with this, but there is really not much more that they can do for him. They can also choose not to do this and let the miracle of God come forth and heal him in His time. Lukes dad (Gordy) and Pastor –Uncle Tom are in deep prayer right now as to what to do, so pray for wisdom.

Thank you,

From Lukes parents and family.