Saturday, December 08, 2012

Moving, moving and more moving to talk about

Earlier this week when I was on a walk, yes I said I went for a walk the first one since October 10th, I got to thinking about blogging about these past few weeks. Then I thought perhaps I should name the blog post moving because you see that was what I was doing, that's what I've been working on in our house the past few weeks moving rooms around and that's what Luke's digestive system is doing moving once again.

I'm happy to say that I think we are finally getting Luke's system cleaned out and he's not throwing up all the time, which is a huge answer to prayer. He also seems to be doing so much better breathing lately, today we had him off extra oxygen for quite awhile, though he's back on it again tonight. Both Gordy and I are noticing so many more smiles and communication from him, we're sure it's because he's feeling better. Please pray that he continues to mend, what an awesome Christmas present it would be for our entire family to have a healthy Luke for Christmas.

After waiting 3 months I finally decided to get the boys moved downstairs into what used to be Amy and Natalie's old room. It was quite the project and I had to wait until my back felt healthy enough to put the effort forth into cleaning the carpet, moving the furniture around, completely emptying out their old room and putting everything away in their new room. It's a much bigger room and they are enjoying the it so much. Once I got them out of their old room I cleaned the carpet in their old room and prepared it for Josh, Natalie and Abigail to stay in it while they were here visiting the week after Thanksgiving.

While I took Josh, Natalie and Abigail to the airport last Saturday, Gordy and the boys moved Luke's bed into the room that had been the boys room and we kept Lily in that room for a few more nights while I completely clean out her and Luke's old room and then on Sunday Isaiah helped me paint that room as it was blue and it needed a paint job. On Monday we finished cleaning out Luke and Lily's old room and I cleaned the carpet in that room and then the next day Gordy and Ezekiel moved the bunk bed that had been in the boys old room into what had been Luke and Lily's room. We then moved up a futon from the downstairs to Luke's new room, which has been a great addition to his room especially on those rough nights when he is alarming constantly it's so nice to have a place to sit or lie down instead of constantly having to run into his room.

Lily is now all settled in her "new" room, well really it was the room that she had shared with Luke since she had been born. She's enjoying making it into a little girls room, though she did say that she is going to miss being with Luke and tonight as she was going to bed I heard her in his room telling him about what is going to be happening tomorrow at church. We worked a few more hours in her new room today finishing up some projects that we had started earlier in the week and it's finally just about finished except for curtains in both of their rooms, along with no pictures on Lily's room yet. I will try to take some pictures to post of all the new rooms when I get a minute. 

Last but not least I know that I mentioned this before but I have to say once again how excited I was to take not just one walk this week but two walks, each 2 miles long. It feels so good to get out for my walks and even though I'm so much slower than I was before I know that in due time I will get faster as my leg contiues to heal and when the numbness is compeletly gone. I have an appointment later this week with a Neurosurgeon to talk about my back, which I almost cancelled due to the fact that I'm feeling so much better, but decided I would keep it to see if he has any suggestions on ways that I can get full use from my right leg once again. 

I'm moving off to bed, which is something I should of done hours ago as we have a very busy day planned tomorrow. The kids are in our annual Christmas program at our church, which I'm so very glad that Luke is doing better, it will be first time he's been able to go to church in a very long time. Then after church we are going out to dinner to celebrate Spencer's 21st birthday. 

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue