Monday, March 31, 2008

Praise God, Luke has once again made a speedy recovery

I'm very thankful to report to you that Luke is doing great once again. His heart rate and oxygen levels are doing amazingly well. Why is it I'm always so amazed at how quickly God answers prayer?

Sunday was perhaps one of the hardest days that I've had in a long time. Luke at one time in the early afternoon was so sick his fever actually got up to 105 and his heart rate would just not come below the 180's. Here's some honesty for you, as you know that I'm always so honest. I believe Sunday was a huge test for me. You see I've been speaking in Romania and then this past weekend at a Women's conference down in Olympia about God's amazing power. I've said on numerous times that I believe that my faith in God is stronger than it's ever been in my life. On Sunday I began to have serious doubts in mind about everything that I had just passionately shared these past few weeks. I know from being a Christian so long that I have to take every thought that runs through my head and turn it over to the Christ. I was having a difficult time doing this and therefore satan was having a heyday with my mind. Praise God I went to church on Sunday night and was greatly encouraged by the Word I heard from the Evangelist that was speaking. I'm also so thankful for wonderful family and friends who are always there to encourage me to go one another day.

Today was a much better day, though I'm feeling drained and extremely tired right now. I'm so thankful for a Heavenly Father that completely understands me and has so much patience to know that I always come back to him on bended knee's, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that His arms are always open wide to comfort me and reassure me that He loves me no matter what I do or say. I know that my Heavenly Father also loves you so much, I hope that you can feel comfortable to run into his arms, He is ALWAYS THERE, Hallelujah!

Just to let you know Gordy is doing great. Isaiah is feeling much better, which I'm so thankful for, especially since we have a little friend staying for a few days with us so that his mom and dad can have a few days to go away on a little anniversary trip.

One last bit of information, last night I came across a site called Pray for Aidan, is a little guy who had a near drowning accident last month. I've added his site to Luke's Prayer link, check it out and please say a prayer for his complete recovery, thank you.

Love in Christ,

Luke's Mommy Suzi

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lukie is sick!

Luke did a great job yesterday at the March for the Stars. The bummer is when we got home I noticed his legs where freezing cold, this is usually a sign of a temperature. Sure enough his temp was at 102 when I checked it. I took him back to his room to check his oxygen levels and heart rate and they both were doing terrible. At one time his heartrate was up in the 180's, they've come down and then gone back up, he is on the mask with 5 liters of oxygen going.

Isaiah came down with a horrible flu on Wednesday night, throwing up and high temp, I have a feeling this is what Luke has caught. I pray that he will get healthy a lot faster than Isaiah did, he is still not at 100%. Gordy left this morning for Tennessee, he is attending a class for his job there, he doesn't come home until Friday.

  • For Gordy to be safe while he is gone
  • For Isaiah to feel completely better today
  • For Luke's temperature to go down and his oxygen levels to rise
  • Especially for Luke to stay at home and not have to go the Hospital
  • For extra strength this week while I'm here without Gordy to help, especially at night
Thank you and God bless you,
Luke's Mommy Sue

PS I will try real hard to get some pictures posted of Luke's Birthday, Romania and from his special program yesterday.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

So much news, where do I begin?? Romania, Luke, etc...

Please forgive my tardiness in writing, I realize many people have been asking how was your trip to Romania?? How is Luke doing?? How is the family doing?? You get the picture. I hope that you all had blessed Easter, we had a very nice day.

Let me begin by saying that Luke is doing great! He has been very healthy and is getting more limber all the time. Don't get me wrong, he is still very hard to bend at times, but compared to what he was before he is doing so much better. I took him swimming on Tuesday and was amazed at how relaxed his arms were while we were in the water, I thought perhaps he would fall asleep on the way home from the YMCA, but just the opposite happened, he became more alert and has continued to stay that way the last few days. I took him into get new wrist orthodics yesterday and the OT said that she was amazed that his wrist joints are still doing so well, both OT's continue to be amazed that he has never had any skin breakdown, as his wrist are pretty deformed looking.

Saturday Luke will be in a "Special Talent Show." The Children's Therapy Unit in Puyallup sponsors this time for children with special needs to have a special day for them. They can do according to their abilities. For Luke he will be dressed in his Sunday best and paraded across the room by Natalie, his major accomplishments for the year has been his huge smiles, laughing a little and using his hands more.

ROMANIA, was awesome. God did so many amazing things while we were there. We were busy the minute our feet hit the ground. We spent the first three days in Bucharest, speaking at one church meeting and two tea's. We then went a city about 1 1/2 hour north to Petish, while we were there we went to visit a home where they take in Prostitutes that want to be helped. It was heartbreaking as I gave these girls, I said girls, because they are only 15, and above, hugs and showed them the love of Jesus. We made a dinner for them them and then that evening we had another tea at a church in town. That was the hardest day for me as it was Luke's birthday, but God was faithful and many were touched by my testimony of God's amazing power in Luke's life. After the meeting I had a sweet lady come up to me and say how thankful she was that I shared my story, you see she has a sister who has suffered a brain injury, she was ready to give up hope but decided that night if God can do a miraculous work in Luke's life, He can also do it for her sister.

We spent our last four days in the Gypsy village of Spantov, which was about 2 hours west from Bucharest, very close to the Danube river, which is on the coast of Bulgaria. The time spent in the village had some huge challenges , but it also had huge blessings. We had a service each night, with the last night being the ladies tea, there was at least 400 people in attendance. In America the fire marshal would of had a fit, because the building was too full. Many of the people had to stand as all the chairs were full, they had to borrow chairs from other churches and even brought in park benches. The meeting lasted at least 3 1/2 hours, the people did not leave until the last prayer was spoken. While we were there we saw miracles, people saved and other encouraged to go on. Thank you for your prayers they were answered.

Since I've been back of course I have been very busy trying to catch up, not only on my sleep as I was very tired and jet lagged, but also those tasks that had fallen behind. I thank the Lord that Natalie and I were able to go to Romania, I also thank the Lord for bringing us home.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Quick update

I want to give you a quick update on how everything is going while Sue and Natalie are in Romania on a missions trip.

Overall, we are doing well, Luke remains healthy, which is always a blessing. Luke seems to be smiling more lately, I enjoy everyone of them.

We all miss Sue and Natalie, it just isnt the same around here without them. Amy has really taken a big role as she is filling Mom's shoes which are very big. We have been blessed to have Tessa help out with caring for the kids.

I spoke with Sue the other day and she mentioned that she had been speaking alot. Both Sue and Natalie mentioned that the time in Romania was amazing, I am looking forward to hearing more of the details. They are in Paris for a few days before returning home on Wednesday.

Yesterday when I was talking with Sue, Lily walked in the room and so I put Sue on the speaker phone so Lily could hear. Sue said Hi and asked Lily how she was doing and Lily responded with "Mama, when are you coming to my house?" I think that really says it all, we all are ready for her to come home.

Blessings to you and your family,


Monday, March 10, 2008

Big 5 Years Old

Today is Luke's 5th Birthday! We celebrated Luke's birthday a few weeks ago because Mom and Natalie would be gone. However I want to take a moment and just acknowledge that 5 years ago tonight Luke was born. Mom (Sue) called from Romania today and sang Happy Birthday to Luke. It sounds like Sue and Natalie are doing well in Romania ministering to the women. Sue mentioned that she had shared her testimony twice on Sunday at that the people were very excited. One group took time to pray for Luke and a woman came up to Sue afterwards told her that she was positive that God was going to heal Luke. We have been confident from the very beginning that God was going to heal Luke, it is just a matter of waiting to see the miracle happen. While I would love nothing more then to see Luke healed today, I would prefer that Sue be here to witness it as well. Thank you for all the prayers that you have been praying for Sue and Natalie as well as all of us here at home. God is good! By the way, I went to a Men's retreat this past weekend and all I can say is WOW! We serve an amazing God that as Jeremiah 29:11 says "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD..." Imagine that a God that has thoughts about you. As I read this verse on Saturday, I was amazed to think about God thinking about me. Now that is a personal God.

Blessings to you and your family,

Love in Christ,


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Off to Romania

Luke is doing pretty good today, though he is a bit "junky", which is another word for congested. He has been doing so much better since I was able to get him into the Hyperbaric Chamber 3 times last week, no I didn't have time, but I made it because I felt it was so important. The little stinker was up last night from 12 a.m. - 4 a.m., he was little congested but really no reason to be so wide awake. I'm hoping that both Luke and Lily sleep better tonight.

As I mentioned in my last post Natalie and I are going to Romania, we leave tomorrow morning and will be home on the 19th. I wasn't sure if I would be going, on Sunday, after church my back went out on me and I was in severe pain, but Praise God yesterday I had a lot of prayers going up for me and I'm feeling much better now. I'm praying that during our long flights my back will stay healthy, will you pray with me on this matter?

I'm sure many of you think I'm crazy to go to Romania, leaving my wonderful husband and children behind. The stresses it will cause in Gordy and Amy's lives taking care of the kids and the home. The stresses of the Spiritual warfare we've been experiencing, so many of our family members being so very sick. The stresses of coming up with the money to go. BUT I know God has called me to go and therefore all those stresses are worth it to be obedient to the High calling of Christ. I go with Gordy's full support and prayer covering, which is HUGE, I could never go without his full support.

Natalie and I will going with 6 other women to put on 4 different one day Women's Conferences. We will be in Bucharest for 4 days. Then we go to Petisi a little city north of Bucharest for a day spent at a home where a lovely lady takes in Prostitutes, these young girls have for the most part been either sold into prostitution by their families or deceived into prostitution by false job offers of Nanny jobs or Secretarial work. In this home they are taught about the healing power of Jesus Christ, healing them physically, emotionally of course spiritually, they are also taught how to sew so that they can get a decent job so that they can leave prostitution.

Next we will be going to large Gypsy village just east of Bucharest, this village has about 4,000 people living in it and it only has a handful of flush toilets and running water. I went to this village last time I was in Romania and really felt the amazing love of these people, who for many years been persecuted for being gypsies. We will be in Calarusi for 4 days, I'm praying that Natalie and I will be in a home with a flush toilet and shower, I realize that this is petty but it is really a desire of my heart.

Please be praying for the team (Sue, Natalie, Pat, Gail, Debbie, Christina, Amy and Brooke) to stay healthy, that we will all have a special word to share with these women, who most of them have felt hopeless much of their lives. Also be praying that God will perform many miracles, I'm believing that we are go to see many lives saved, many people healed emotionally, spiritually and physically. Also be praying for Gordy and Amy as they stay home to take care of Isaiah, Ezekiel, Luke and Lily. Please especially pray that Luke will stay healthy, for that fact all the family, as it would be tortuous to be gone if they are sick.

Thank you for your prayers. Please let me know by commenting if you would be willing to keep us in your prayers, it would be wonderful to know who all is praying.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue