Thursday, March 27, 2008

So much news, where do I begin?? Romania, Luke, etc...

Please forgive my tardiness in writing, I realize many people have been asking how was your trip to Romania?? How is Luke doing?? How is the family doing?? You get the picture. I hope that you all had blessed Easter, we had a very nice day.

Let me begin by saying that Luke is doing great! He has been very healthy and is getting more limber all the time. Don't get me wrong, he is still very hard to bend at times, but compared to what he was before he is doing so much better. I took him swimming on Tuesday and was amazed at how relaxed his arms were while we were in the water, I thought perhaps he would fall asleep on the way home from the YMCA, but just the opposite happened, he became more alert and has continued to stay that way the last few days. I took him into get new wrist orthodics yesterday and the OT said that she was amazed that his wrist joints are still doing so well, both OT's continue to be amazed that he has never had any skin breakdown, as his wrist are pretty deformed looking.

Saturday Luke will be in a "Special Talent Show." The Children's Therapy Unit in Puyallup sponsors this time for children with special needs to have a special day for them. They can do according to their abilities. For Luke he will be dressed in his Sunday best and paraded across the room by Natalie, his major accomplishments for the year has been his huge smiles, laughing a little and using his hands more.

ROMANIA, was awesome. God did so many amazing things while we were there. We were busy the minute our feet hit the ground. We spent the first three days in Bucharest, speaking at one church meeting and two tea's. We then went a city about 1 1/2 hour north to Petish, while we were there we went to visit a home where they take in Prostitutes that want to be helped. It was heartbreaking as I gave these girls, I said girls, because they are only 15, and above, hugs and showed them the love of Jesus. We made a dinner for them them and then that evening we had another tea at a church in town. That was the hardest day for me as it was Luke's birthday, but God was faithful and many were touched by my testimony of God's amazing power in Luke's life. After the meeting I had a sweet lady come up to me and say how thankful she was that I shared my story, you see she has a sister who has suffered a brain injury, she was ready to give up hope but decided that night if God can do a miraculous work in Luke's life, He can also do it for her sister.

We spent our last four days in the Gypsy village of Spantov, which was about 2 hours west from Bucharest, very close to the Danube river, which is on the coast of Bulgaria. The time spent in the village had some huge challenges , but it also had huge blessings. We had a service each night, with the last night being the ladies tea, there was at least 400 people in attendance. In America the fire marshal would of had a fit, because the building was too full. Many of the people had to stand as all the chairs were full, they had to borrow chairs from other churches and even brought in park benches. The meeting lasted at least 3 1/2 hours, the people did not leave until the last prayer was spoken. While we were there we saw miracles, people saved and other encouraged to go on. Thank you for your prayers they were answered.

Since I've been back of course I have been very busy trying to catch up, not only on my sleep as I was very tired and jet lagged, but also those tasks that had fallen behind. I thank the Lord that Natalie and I were able to go to Romania, I also thank the Lord for bringing us home.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


annie said...

I'm so glad to hear your report Sue. I've been thinking about you guys.

Jenni said...

So glad to hear you are both back safely and that you had such a great time. And great to hear that Luke is healthy and doing great. Bless you guys!

dr_bristow said...

I was so glad to see an update when I checked the blog yesterday, I've been praying for you all and thinking of you a lot lately. It sounds like God definitely blessed your time in Romania and used you to minister to people there! And praise the Lord for Luke's good health and smiles! :)