Sunday, March 16, 2008

Quick update

I want to give you a quick update on how everything is going while Sue and Natalie are in Romania on a missions trip.

Overall, we are doing well, Luke remains healthy, which is always a blessing. Luke seems to be smiling more lately, I enjoy everyone of them.

We all miss Sue and Natalie, it just isnt the same around here without them. Amy has really taken a big role as she is filling Mom's shoes which are very big. We have been blessed to have Tessa help out with caring for the kids.

I spoke with Sue the other day and she mentioned that she had been speaking alot. Both Sue and Natalie mentioned that the time in Romania was amazing, I am looking forward to hearing more of the details. They are in Paris for a few days before returning home on Wednesday.

Yesterday when I was talking with Sue, Lily walked in the room and so I put Sue on the speaker phone so Lily could hear. Sue said Hi and asked Lily how she was doing and Lily responded with "Mama, when are you coming to my house?" I think that really says it all, we all are ready for her to come home.

Blessings to you and your family,



Anonymous said...

Praise God that Luke is doing so well! I too will be excited to hear about all that Sue and Natalie did in Romania.

Tiffany said...

Dear Searles Family,

So glad to read that Luke (and his posse) did well during the Romania trip. Thanks for keeping us updated on that, Gordy. Can't wait to hear the details about Romania, and I am sure that God used Sue and Natalie in profound ways.