Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lukie is sick!

Luke did a great job yesterday at the March for the Stars. The bummer is when we got home I noticed his legs where freezing cold, this is usually a sign of a temperature. Sure enough his temp was at 102 when I checked it. I took him back to his room to check his oxygen levels and heart rate and they both were doing terrible. At one time his heartrate was up in the 180's, they've come down and then gone back up, he is on the mask with 5 liters of oxygen going.

Isaiah came down with a horrible flu on Wednesday night, throwing up and high temp, I have a feeling this is what Luke has caught. I pray that he will get healthy a lot faster than Isaiah did, he is still not at 100%. Gordy left this morning for Tennessee, he is attending a class for his job there, he doesn't come home until Friday.

  • For Gordy to be safe while he is gone
  • For Isaiah to feel completely better today
  • For Luke's temperature to go down and his oxygen levels to rise
  • Especially for Luke to stay at home and not have to go the Hospital
  • For extra strength this week while I'm here without Gordy to help, especially at night
Thank you and God bless you,
Luke's Mommy Sue

PS I will try real hard to get some pictures posted of Luke's Birthday, Romania and from his special program yesterday.


Anonymous said...

i will be pray for luke. i remember awhile back you say luke was getting to big for his strollar. maybe this one can work for him. a friend of mine uses it for her daughter who is bigger than 60lb. this is the link:
sheila johnson

dr_bristow said...

Oh dear, I'm praying for Luke's swift healing, and for Isaiah to feel 100% again too. May God bless you, Sue, and give you extra grace this week as you care for Luke and the other kids by yourself while Gordy is gone (although I know your girls help out a lot, but I know it must be tough having one parent gone especially when the kids get sick). I'm glad Luke got to do his special March for the Stars before getting sick. I can't wait to see pictures from it, and from Romania and his birthday too! Blessings!