Monday, September 29, 2008

Trusting GOD to get us through another day!

Often I wonder how to start my posts; should I start with the good news? Or the upsetting news? Or the encouraging news? Do I start on a happy note and end on a sad one or just the opposite? Usually I'm a pretty upbeat kind of person, some days that is easier done than others, I'm thankful that I can ALWAYS trust Jesus to lift me up when I feeling down and discouraged!

So here we go with some good news, as mentioned in my last post Luke had his blood work done to check his iron level. I was so happy with the results, for the first time ever all his blood work came back normal, nothing was high or low. It reminded me of the dream my Mom had a few years ago about Luke being healed from the inside out. Even though we can not see a seed growing under the ground, we have the faith to believe that sooner or later it will poke up out of the ground and grow to be delicious food, just like Luke will become whole one day.

Here's some more good news. I took Luke back to the Osteopathic Dr. he told me the changes he felt in Luke the last time continued to stay with him. He also said that Luke is responding very well to his adjustments. It was very interesting to see Luke as the Dr. worked with him, Luke stayed very alert to all his movements and responded often with noises letting the Dr. know what he did not like.

Both Luke's PT and Rolfer Massage Therapist were very encouraged at his muscle tone feeling better. Then to top it all off I took him into to see his rehab Dr. and he too felt that Luke was a bit looser than before, we discussed cutting down his muscle relaxant because it puts Luke to sleep for hours every time he takes it. That is fine for night but not for the morning time, we'll see how it goes before we decide whether to wean him completely off it.

Tonight was challenging! We took Luke to Horse therapy, all day I kept telling Luke he was going to get to ride a horse, he would smile each time I mentioned it. But when the Therapist saw his legs she said that because his legs don't bend it would be dangerous to put him on a horse. She wondered why no one will work with his legs, I told her that people are too afraid of breaking them, except for his rolfer. She is going to try to find a PT that is willing to work with his legs, what a relief to find someone who does not see Luke as impossible to work with. I left there with mixed emotions, wondering why I have never been able to get help for his legs, discouraged but at the same time encouraged to perhaps finally find someone willing to look into getting him the help he so desperately needs.

Gordy and I discussed on the ride home from the Horse barn, how easy it would be to be depressed with the way things are today. The economy is horrible, Luke's legs "never" seem to improve, if only we would of known right after Luke's accident what we know today, would we have been able to help keep his legs bending if we would of worked with him daily?? So many questions, we realize we can not beat ourselves up, but it would be easy to do. We both came to the conclusion that Jesus is the only answer, we either trust him to completely take care of all area's of our life or we don't. We both decided to TRUST HIM in all circumstances, therefore I go to bed now with His peace knowing that He will not let us down! I hope you all can learn to trust him in your impossible circumstances, He's waiting for you to turn it all over to Him today.

Be blessed today our friends,
Luke's Mommy Sue

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some days are just easier than others!

I have been working very hard to get a good homeschool schedule going for the boys. My mornings are crazy needless to say. On Monday I let Amy and Natalie sleep in since they had been gone to a retreat as counselors over the weekend. I jumped out of bed at 7:30, literally jumped since Luke was alarming and gagging, suctioned him and he was then doing OK. Lily and Ezekiel my early risers were up by then and ready for the day to begin, I made scrambled eggs and then woke up Isaiah to eat, the kids and I ate while I was preparing Luke's first feeding of the day. Sent the boys off to get dressed, gave Lily a quick bath and got her dressed, put Luke in the tub, bathed him, got him dressed. Started the boys school work, began Luke's first feeding of the day and helped Lily get her school books out. Woke up the girls they took over for a little while, I got into the shower finally, helped the boys with some more school, got Luke ready to go to PT, left with Luke and Ezekiel to go to PT, got home just in time to feed Luke before we left to go to Spencer's football game. Went to the game, ate out on the way home, got home put the kids to bed, wrote up a scavenger hunt for Nicoles Birthday party, ran it over to her party explained it, went back home for a little while, returned to the party announced the winners, went back home, got Luke his nightly meds, filled up the dishwasher, started another load of laundry and went to bed. Believe it or not that day was much easier than today.

Today began about the same only the girls were up to help and what wonderful help they are! After lunch we went to the YMCA for our homeschool PE program. Today was Luke's first time to go. I decided that I would be his legs and arms this year so that he could participate in the program. It was harder than I thought, not physically but emotionally. Just watching all those 5 and 6 years running around and talking up a storm made me realize what Luke should be doing at this age. The kids seemed to be almost scarred of Luke and it didn't help matters the fact that he was a bit congested and coughing or yelling quite a bit during class. I hope as they get used to him that they might say "hi" to him or acknowledge his presence in the class. Luke's teacher Miss Stephanie does an excellent job with the class. Please be praying that I have the strength to continue to take him, it is not easy.

Please pray for my friend Nancy and her husband Mark, they lost a little boy last week. She was 7 months pregnant when they realized he had died in the womb. They knew he had some complications but were praying for a miracle touch from Jesus. The funeral for their baby is tomorrow afternoon. My heart has been so grieved today. Will you also keep little Parker and Hadley and their families in your prayers, their prayer links are over to the side and they are both in need of much prayer right now. Thank you.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Persistence in Prayer Pleases God!

I've been wanting to share a few amazing stories with you all for awhile, but have just not had the time to sit down and blog. First of all let me begin by saying that Luke is doing good. He was very sick on Friday night, another all nighter for Gordy and myself, Saturday was still not so great, but today he is doing good once again.

I am amazed, though I know I should not be by God's continued faithfulness during this journey that we've been on for the last four years. I briefly mentioned in my last post about how this year's "anniversary date" of Luke's accident was by far the easiest one we've had so far. While we were in Newport we found a church to attend on Sunday morning. That morning was kind of difficult as Ezekiel was still not fully recovered from his bike fall and Luke was a bit congested that morning, I'm so glad we didn't take the easy road and stay home that morning. During church I had to go out often because Luke was being too noisy with his breathing so I stayed in the back and listened to the message, wondering to myself "why" we had attended at all. But God in His faithfulness had something wonderful for me after the service.

We had just walked out of the sanctuary when a lady approached me, she asked me if she could share something with me, of course I said yes. She than proceeded to tell me that while she was praying that morning in church she saw a picture of a little boy and this little boy looked just like my little boy, Luke. She said in this picture she saw Luke walking with ski poles. I told her with tears in my eyes that I truly believe that Luke will walk again one day, then she continued to say least I be confused that the little boy she saw was not using the ski poles for crutches, rather he was playing with them and walking, almost running with them in his hands. I began to shed a few tears, she then asked me to pray, we joined hands together and asked God to let this happen soon. As I got in the van that morning I still had tears in my eye's marveling at God's faithfulness, the boys asked me why I was crying and I told them they were happy tears, not sad tears.

God knew that I once again needed to be reminded of His promise to me that Luke will fully recover one day. It would be so easy to stop believing in this miracle, to just accept Luke like he is today, but I know better. My faith is unmovable; I can not and will not stop believing for God to finish what He started on August 30, 2004, when he brought Luke back to life after being dead for so long. I often remind myself that "Persistence in prayer pleases God" God's word says we are to pray without ceasing, that is exactly what I'm doing. Not just for Luke's miracle but also for so many other children and people that need a touch from my Heavenly Father.

I know this post is too long already, but I have to share one more answer to prayer. A few days before we got home from vacation I received a call saying that we were finally accepted to receive a grant from the NOCK Corporation, to get a new wheelchair stroller for Luke. After hearing that we are getting the chair with all the added accessories I asked how much we owe and they told us "NOTHING". What a huge answer to prayer. I realize that most of you will not understand what I'm about to say, but I'm going to share it anyway, because as you all know I often share with you the good, the bad and the ugly of my thoughts. I was rejoicing that we did not have to buy Luke a wheelchair, this is something that I never wanted to do and as God is such a generous God, He answered my prayer.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I want to let you all know and I realize that once again you will think I'm crazy, I'm taking a team down to Mexico on October 3rd to paint a church. God begin to birth a vision for me to take this team awhile back, but I had to wait for His perfect timing and now it is here. I along with Natalie and 9 other people will be down in Mexico for 6 days painting and serving Jesus anyway He wants to use us. I'm very excited but at the same time, thinking to myself that I must be insane wanting to add planning this trip, putting together all the details, into my already very full schedule, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is God led. Therefore I quote often my favorite scripture that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" realizing that He will give me the strength and wisdom to pull this off for His glory.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SOW SEED INTO THIS MINISTRY?? I need all the prayers that I can get, of course not only for myself but for my family I leave behind. I'm so thankful that God has been bringing in money for this trip, our $900 of gas has already been paid for along with many other donations by the faithful people of our church. I would love to bless the amazing ministry they have down there at their Rehab center for men. This rehab center runs completely on faith, they take in men off the streets that want to change their lives, they help them to detox from the drugs and alcohol in their system and then they pray with them and teach them God's word daily to help them stay clean. They teach them a vocation so that when they leave they have experience to get a job. These men are often reunited with their families and are able to hold down a job when they leave. The last time we were there they served us a dinner on very old and often chipped plates and cups, I would like to bless them with new dishes, towels, clothes, food and other items. WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP?? If so please e-mail me and I will let you know the address of our church where you could send money to sow into this ministry. I don't think that I've asked for money before, but I really believe that some of you will be led by the Lord to bless this ministry and I want to say thank you in advance.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Finally, a long over due quick update

Sorry for the wait for an update. I wanted to get some pictures up before I blogged, but I finally decided I better let you know that we are still alive and thriving. We just got back Monday from a wonderful camping trip to Oregon. It was one of the best vacations we've had in a long time, completely stress free, except for Zeke's fall off his bike and a few days of Luke being sick. The weather was wonderful, the beach was grand, the family time was great and it was so relaxing.

This was the easiest year I've had so far "celebrating" Luke's anniversary date for his near drowning accident. I know many people were praying and I want to say thank you, they were definitely felt. Luke did absolutely wonderful on our vacation except for a few days of being sick. He was full of constant smiles, alert and fun to be with.

I promise once I finally get caught up with all the: laundry, doing a deep cleaning on the trailer, getting the children registered for the YMCA and homeschooling with the district, making Luke's food, doing deep clean job in my kitchen, taking Luke to some appointments, cleaning out a few of our closets, just to name a few of the much needed things that I need to accomplish this week before beginning our 14th year homeschooling, I will sit down and post some pictures and fill you in on all the good things happening in Luke's life.

Love in Christ,
Luke's mommy Suzi