Friday, September 19, 2008

Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures, Enjoy!

The kids at the beach in Newport, OR

Gordy & Sue on their 25th Wedding Anniversary at Pacific Beach, WA


annie said...

Great pictures!!!

Jenni said...

Great photos Suzi! I'm so glad you guys had such a great time on vacation! We all need those bonding family times, bless you!! Hey, don't miss out on the contest going on over on my site right now :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pics! How great.... I have missed your post. Seems there isn't enough time in each day. :) I know you understand a lot more than I do.

Today the weather was so nice, a breeze... beautiful. I could not keep them inside. We did take several breaks and played. I sat out side too.... but still they have not finished. :( It is almost 4pm on Friday... I will probably call it a day. LOL

I love family vacation time. We plan to go camping with several hs-ing families.... in Oct. We try to do this every year. :)

Praying for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures. Great being able to keep up with ya'all and see you age.. ;-)


dr_bristow said...

Wow, I love all the pictures! I think my favorite is the one of Luke playing cards with the rest of the family!