Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some days are just easier than others!

I have been working very hard to get a good homeschool schedule going for the boys. My mornings are crazy needless to say. On Monday I let Amy and Natalie sleep in since they had been gone to a retreat as counselors over the weekend. I jumped out of bed at 7:30, literally jumped since Luke was alarming and gagging, suctioned him and he was then doing OK. Lily and Ezekiel my early risers were up by then and ready for the day to begin, I made scrambled eggs and then woke up Isaiah to eat, the kids and I ate while I was preparing Luke's first feeding of the day. Sent the boys off to get dressed, gave Lily a quick bath and got her dressed, put Luke in the tub, bathed him, got him dressed. Started the boys school work, began Luke's first feeding of the day and helped Lily get her school books out. Woke up the girls they took over for a little while, I got into the shower finally, helped the boys with some more school, got Luke ready to go to PT, left with Luke and Ezekiel to go to PT, got home just in time to feed Luke before we left to go to Spencer's football game. Went to the game, ate out on the way home, got home put the kids to bed, wrote up a scavenger hunt for Nicoles Birthday party, ran it over to her party explained it, went back home for a little while, returned to the party announced the winners, went back home, got Luke his nightly meds, filled up the dishwasher, started another load of laundry and went to bed. Believe it or not that day was much easier than today.

Today began about the same only the girls were up to help and what wonderful help they are! After lunch we went to the YMCA for our homeschool PE program. Today was Luke's first time to go. I decided that I would be his legs and arms this year so that he could participate in the program. It was harder than I thought, not physically but emotionally. Just watching all those 5 and 6 years running around and talking up a storm made me realize what Luke should be doing at this age. The kids seemed to be almost scarred of Luke and it didn't help matters the fact that he was a bit congested and coughing or yelling quite a bit during class. I hope as they get used to him that they might say "hi" to him or acknowledge his presence in the class. Luke's teacher Miss Stephanie does an excellent job with the class. Please be praying that I have the strength to continue to take him, it is not easy.

Please pray for my friend Nancy and her husband Mark, they lost a little boy last week. She was 7 months pregnant when they realized he had died in the womb. They knew he had some complications but were praying for a miracle touch from Jesus. The funeral for their baby is tomorrow afternoon. My heart has been so grieved today. Will you also keep little Parker and Hadley and their families in your prayers, their prayer links are over to the side and they are both in need of much prayer right now. Thank you.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


dr_bristow said...

Dear Sue,
I am in awe of the way in which you handle your days with such grace, accomplishing so much in the same amount of time in which I accomplish so little! Thinking of you and praying for you and Luke and the rest of the family today!

annie said...

It is tough to see them with the kids their age. I used to have trouble when I took Izzy to pre-k... I would watch all the kids start the year walking in hand in hand with the parent and then later in the year the were taught to go in alone... the school has been so exceptional about helping the kids understand and love izzy. I think your title is so right!!! I really feel like my job right now is to keep my eyes on Jesus, remain in faith... and expect that miracle.


Hola ,soy una madre de España, tengo tres hijos varones y estoy esperando ir a Ucrania para adoptar a mi niña si Dios quiere, he leido su blog y me ha encantado,tenemos cosas en comun,yo tengo un hijo con problemas psiquicos el tiene 20 años y es lo que mas amo en el mundo ,hemos sufrido mucho y rogado a Dios que nuestro niño se pusiera bien.Mucha suerte con su pequeño Luke.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for adding Hayden's blog to your site. It means a lot. I have personally never met him but my mothr worked at the church where his grandfather is the music director. We have a picture of Hayden (I call him little Hayden becuase my best friend has an 11 year old named Hayden) on our fridge.

Luke and your entire family remain in my prayers,

Much love,
Jennifer in TN

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Looks really great...the pics are great.

Good Job!

Would love for you to join us for our Fruit of the Spirit Friday!
Come on over and join the fun!


Anonymous said...

I love how you tell about your day. I love a peek into your everyday life. I know you share but for some reason I could picture it all in my mind.

whew~ it did make me tired... YOU are amazing and I know God gives you the grace & strength you need. I think of you so often.

I know it would be extremely hard at the YMCA. I know this is NOT the same at all but we have a young girl at our church (has been for years) her name is Madison. She was born blind, w/ c. palsy. Madison is a little older than our Alyssa. They said Madsion wouldn't live, or walk... or talk. She is. Not like the other kids but she does. MY Alyssa LOVES her. LOVES to hear her pray, loves to talk with her and be around her. I am praying that the children at the YMCA will speak and talk to Luke.... HUGS.

Praying also that God continues to give you daily strength.

YOU are a great friend~