Monday, September 29, 2008

Trusting GOD to get us through another day!

Often I wonder how to start my posts; should I start with the good news? Or the upsetting news? Or the encouraging news? Do I start on a happy note and end on a sad one or just the opposite? Usually I'm a pretty upbeat kind of person, some days that is easier done than others, I'm thankful that I can ALWAYS trust Jesus to lift me up when I feeling down and discouraged!

So here we go with some good news, as mentioned in my last post Luke had his blood work done to check his iron level. I was so happy with the results, for the first time ever all his blood work came back normal, nothing was high or low. It reminded me of the dream my Mom had a few years ago about Luke being healed from the inside out. Even though we can not see a seed growing under the ground, we have the faith to believe that sooner or later it will poke up out of the ground and grow to be delicious food, just like Luke will become whole one day.

Here's some more good news. I took Luke back to the Osteopathic Dr. he told me the changes he felt in Luke the last time continued to stay with him. He also said that Luke is responding very well to his adjustments. It was very interesting to see Luke as the Dr. worked with him, Luke stayed very alert to all his movements and responded often with noises letting the Dr. know what he did not like.

Both Luke's PT and Rolfer Massage Therapist were very encouraged at his muscle tone feeling better. Then to top it all off I took him into to see his rehab Dr. and he too felt that Luke was a bit looser than before, we discussed cutting down his muscle relaxant because it puts Luke to sleep for hours every time he takes it. That is fine for night but not for the morning time, we'll see how it goes before we decide whether to wean him completely off it.

Tonight was challenging! We took Luke to Horse therapy, all day I kept telling Luke he was going to get to ride a horse, he would smile each time I mentioned it. But when the Therapist saw his legs she said that because his legs don't bend it would be dangerous to put him on a horse. She wondered why no one will work with his legs, I told her that people are too afraid of breaking them, except for his rolfer. She is going to try to find a PT that is willing to work with his legs, what a relief to find someone who does not see Luke as impossible to work with. I left there with mixed emotions, wondering why I have never been able to get help for his legs, discouraged but at the same time encouraged to perhaps finally find someone willing to look into getting him the help he so desperately needs.

Gordy and I discussed on the ride home from the Horse barn, how easy it would be to be depressed with the way things are today. The economy is horrible, Luke's legs "never" seem to improve, if only we would of known right after Luke's accident what we know today, would we have been able to help keep his legs bending if we would of worked with him daily?? So many questions, we realize we can not beat ourselves up, but it would be easy to do. We both came to the conclusion that Jesus is the only answer, we either trust him to completely take care of all area's of our life or we don't. We both decided to TRUST HIM in all circumstances, therefore I go to bed now with His peace knowing that He will not let us down! I hope you all can learn to trust him in your impossible circumstances, He's waiting for you to turn it all over to Him today.

Be blessed today our friends,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Cindy said...

"I hope you all can learn to trust him in your impossible circumstances, He's waiting for you to turn it all over to Him today."
Thank you for that. It is what I am going to do right now. I am having such a hard time in my work life right now, and I am going to work every day feeling a lot of anxiety. I am going to turn to Jesus in this.
Thank you Sue.

annie said...

It's a roller coaster, thankfully God is in control. Otherwise it would be too much. Praying for you friend.

Gordy AKA Luke's Dad said...
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Gordy AKA Luke's Dad said...

Trusting God alongside you!

Jenni said...

Bless you today Sue, it's encouraging to hear of the things the Lord is doing in your lives, but we have to take the challenges with all the good things as well. The Lord help us to thank Him through the trials AND the joys, it's so easy to think it but so difficult to walk it out some days. We stand with you in faith for God's hand in your lives. Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Sue.... trusting Him with our impossible circumstances.... I need this.

thank you.

Praying for Luke... and you. Thankful for the good news... praying that God will show you just the right person for his legs.


dr_bristow said...

Praying for you all, and specifically for Luke's legs!

Anonymous said...

Just coming back to visit some more.... and comment about your comment on my blog ~lol Is Fireproof playing around you? That is amazing as it was made about 2 hrs from us. IF you get to see it... when you see the elderly nurse "Anna" in it she is our xpastors wife. MY Alyssa (Faye) is named after her. We were in bible studies for years with her. A great mentor. She plays the part well in the movie. It was filmed on her street... the house shots are her HOME... and her garage and her trash can! LOL

They really want this movie to help marriages. I am still praying for a miracle... at times I feel hopeless but HE IS MY HOPE. God gives me the grace DAILY.

ok I am rambling....

love ya,

Tiffany said...

Praise God for all the good reports leading up to the visit to the horse barn. It could be frustrating when it seems the "balloon bursts" with things like not being able to get on a horse...but you evidence God's ongoing work in you by looking at it as a blessing -- I will be praying for a wise and willing PT to come into Luke's life. Abbie and I prayed for "Auntie Sue's mission trip" tonight...she will keep it up until you return.
With much love and JOY,
Tiffany and Abbie

annb said...

Thank you for visiting my site and I appreciate your comments. I haven't commented for a while, but especially want you to know that Luke and your family are in my prayers and that doesn't change. You are such an inspiration of faith, even when it sounds like the challenges you face are so difficult. Your words are so true and learning to trust God in all circumstances is something I work towards daily.
I'm so glad you took Luke for horse therapy and now may have a PT who will work with his legs. How awesome is our God to put people in our paths to meet our needs!
Thank you for asking about my daughter - she and her family are doing well. They have recently completed all the paperwork, home studies, etc. for adoption through DHS and are awaiting placement now. She and her husband want a big family to fill their home and want to raise their children to be "warriors" for the Lord - something I know you understand.
I continue to pray for you all and love the Summer 2008 pics of your family - they are beautiful!
In His Love and Blessings,