Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rewind: Luke has pnuemonia again, Rewind: Luke has pneumonia again, Rewind: Luke has pneumonia again

We had another one of those rough starts to our day today. I woke up knowing that I would need to get Luke into the Dr. today, he had a fever again last night and woke up with one this morning. So I called as soon as the office opened and sure enough they said to bring Luke in at 9:20. Needless to say once I heard the time I was running trying to get myself and Luke ready in time, I'm so thankful that Amy was home this morning to help or I would of not made it in time.

Luke's Pediatrician is out of town for the week and so we had to go see his partner who we've seen a few times in the past. I'm always a bit apprehensive about taking Luke to anyone but his regular Dr. realizing that they don't know Luke's "norm" as his Dr. does. After getting an x-ray done it was decided that Luke still has Atalectis and pneumonia, I was very disappointed, but not really surprised. He prescribed an antibiotic and sent us on our way home. We are praying about whether we should take him into see his Pulmonologist as this is the third straight month that we are dealing with the exact same issue.

After I got home from the Dr. I got a few chores done and then Amy assured me that she would keep a close eye on Luke if I still wanted to go to my regular Bible Study at a friends house. Have I told y'all lately how much I appreciate my Amy girl?? Well I do!! After the Bible Study I went to get my hair cut, it's been out of control lately. I then ran to Costco for a few needed items. I had planned to go out with a good friend tonight for dinner and after calling home to see how Luke was doing and finding out that his heartrate was soaring once again and his temp was spiking I told Amy that I would come home, but no once again she assured me that she could handle it and she knew how much I was looking forward to going out with my friend, she knew I had already had to cancel two times going out with her because of Luke issues before. I'm so glad I was able to go we had a great time, we talked for about 3 hours straight, what a gift from God!

Luke seems to be doing better tonight, Praise God. When I got home his numbers looked good, I'm hoping that he is already starting to turn around for the good.

Would you please be praying with Gordy and I that Luke will be healed once and for all from this pneumonia that seems to be plaguing him? Also for wisdom on whether we should get him into see his Pulmonologist. Thank you in advance for your prayers, they are powerful!!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Searles Home Weekly Review

I began this entry last Sunday morning, here it is finished a little late.

Here I am sitting at home with Luke another Sunday morning. It seems like I only get to church a few times a month lately. Last night Luke was having a rough night, he was alarming off and on all night long with oxygen problems. You would think after so many years we would be getting used to this constant alarms and sleepless nights. But no, it has it's many effects in our lives, we're often tired, we are often discouraged, we are over weight a known fact in people who do not get enough sleep, we do keep going, there is no other choice, but some days it's just plain old hard.

It's been a long time since I've shared with you a typical, not so typical week in the life of the Searles Family, so here it goes.

Sunday: The family went to church while I stayed home with Luke who had a rough night. When Gordy got home I took off with my girls, Amy, Natalie and Lily, we went out to eat and then did some shopping, we had a great day.

Monday: Gordy took the day off to work around the house. We began the day with getting the kids ready for the day, did some home schooling with them, then got to work. That day we completely weeded all of the area's of beauty bark in our yard. Gordy went to pick up a load of beauty bark and we spread it, it was a huge job. We also got the lawn mowed, some bushes trimmed, cleaned off the deck and the top of the little roof over the sand box in the back yard. A very productive day.

Tuesday: Did school with the kids, got them ready to go to the YMCA, I went to my friend Laurie's house we are doing a book study on a excellent book about getting rid of the toxic thoughts in our brains. After that I went for a walk with Yoli and then we did some shopping, got the boys each a new shirt for Easter and found some dresses for Amy and my Mom's birthday gift.

Wednesday: Gordy took the day off, to work around the home again. That day Daniel and Sarah came over to help, they were able to tear down our neighbors fence, with her permission, it was falling into our yard after completely rotting through, Gordy also fixed the back fence to make it look presentable and tore down our old tree house. It was my Mom's birthday so my sisters and I took her out to lunch, it was a lovely time. On the way home from my Mom's house I picked up some paint. When I got home I changed and got busy, I painted around the front door, we had replaced our front door last year but we never finished painting around it, I also painted around our new garage doors, it all looks so nice.

Thursday: I got up and got the kids ready for the day, started them in their school work with Amy helping them that day. I took off to get my nails done, they looked horrible, ran a few errands, then took off for a drive over the mountain. You see earlier in the week I got a call from my friend Tiffany, she is mom of Abbie, who had a near drowning accident 3 months before Luke. Anyways they were in the area and she called to say that Abbie had been admitted into Children's Hospital up in Seattle with a nasty bug, thinking it was related to the home made formula they had made just before they left. I told her that I had some extra formula and I would love to take it over to them. It was a great day I listened to a book in the van on the way over and then I had a wonderful walk and talk with Tiffany. I love spending time with her, she is a wealth of information and so it is so encouraging spending time with someone who knows exactly what you go through on a daily basis. On my way home I stopped by Costco to pick up some items for our Ladies Tea at our church on Saturday.

Friday: Gordy took one last day off from work to do some projects around the house. After getting the kids schooling done we got to work, Gordy finished replacing a closet door that had been wrecked, I worked on getting my kitchen plant window cleaned out and my wonderful parents came over and helped clean our floors. I worked until about 4 and then I went to the Chiropractor, my back has been giving me a bit of grief lately. After my appointment I ran to Walmart to pick up a few more things for the Ladies Tea, then went by a friends home to pick up some plate stackers and while I was there I wrecked our van. I wedged myself between a pole and a rock wall, it was not a happy time. I went straight from their to our church to help set up for the Ladies Tea, I had volunteered to set up a table with my own china and decorations. Thanks to Amy's help we pulled it off. After they I came home to some laundry, putting the kids to bed, etc . . .

Saturday morning: I woke up later than I wanted to I was exhausted after another night of Luke's alarms and just too much to do all week. I was a bit stressed because I still needed to make 3 dozen chicken salad croissants and cut up fruit for the tea. With Amy's help we got it all done and I was only about 10 minutes late to help finish getting everything set up for the tea. The Ladies Tea went off great, a good time was had by all. After the tea I came home and got busy once again, my kitchen looked like a tornado had gone through it because I hadn't finished putting away all the stuff from the plant window that I had cleaned the day before, we had dishes to wash from the tea and prep before the tea, needless to say it was a mess. Once I got that done I got the laundry going once again after cleaning up the kids, they decided that they wanted to play in the mud in the back yard so I had to give Lily a second bath of the day and the boys took a shower then we collected their muddy clothes and added them to the mountain of laundry. That night Gordy and I went on a much needed date, to dinner and Lowe's for more home repairs, sounds romantic, huh?

And were back to Sunday again.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here's some pictures of Luke at the Star's Program and from his Birthday Party

Here is Luke waiting to present some flowers to his wonderful, dedicated, hard working therapists after the Stars Program on Saturday.

First to Miss Sara his PT, then to Miss Joyce his OT

Luke had a great birthday celebration after the program

We weren't sure if Luke would be able to be in the program as he was running a low grade fever in the morning, but after some prayers and Ibruprofen we decided to go ahead and let him be in the program. It was so amazing to see all the kids perform what they could do. We video taped his part of the program, but for some reason the blog is not letting me put this up, I will continue to try and hopefully will get it up soon.

Luke has been needing lots of extra oxygen the last few days, please keep him in your prayers to get over whatever is causing this problem. Thank you.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Luke has been touched once again by God's healing power and he is super, duper better!

Just wanted to let y'all know that Luke made a speedy recovery from the pneumonia. I know that it was from the prayers, because even the Dr. was amazed at his quick recovery. He went from being on constant oxygen to being off it in a matter of one night. The Dr. asked what he had done to recovery so quickly, like had he coughed up a massive amount of stuff or what, the only answer I could give him was that we believe in the power of prayer and once again God has touched and healed Luke.

Tomorrow is Luke's 7th birthday, it's so hard to believe he is going to be that old. Where has the time flown too?? Birthday's are a challenging time for me to say the least, praying that this year it will be a little easier. We are celebrating his birthday this Saturday after Luke is in the the Stars Program through the Children's Therapy Unit. It is amazing program where the kids who get therapy at the CTU shine for the day, it is heart touching to see these children who would never get a chance to shine on stage have their day in the limelight. Luke will be opening the show with him touching a switch to say, "Luke would like to welcome you today to the CTU Stars program," I'm hope that he will be able to do what is required of him in the time allotted for him to do it. If you are interested in coming to see the show just let me know I will give you directions and then you are also invited to join us afterward for his birthday party, we would love to see y'all.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Luke has pnuemonia again and he could really use your prayers

Luke has pneumonia again:/ I'm extremely thankful that he stayed healthy for the most part while were gone on our cruise. Natalie, Amy and Yoli all said that he did good except for the fact that he was really "junky" most days. Sunday night was a gift from God, Luke had a great night, but by the next day I knew he was just not his normal self, by Monday night he was doing horrible. There were a few times that I was terrified, he kept desatting and then had an episode that was absolutely horrible, not sure what that was about, but think it might of been a seizure because of his oxygen deprivation. If he ever has another one of those episodes I will definitely get that checked into.

I took him into his pediatrician yesterday and after x-rays it was determined that Luke still has pneumonia and his atelectasis, which is his collapsed lung is not doing any better. It really is amazing and God's goodness that he didn't have more problems while we were gone. He got another painful shot of antibiotics and was put on a strong antibiotic, had some blood work done, needless to say it was a 2+ hour Dr. visit. Last night he did a little better but is still not doing good at all. All that to say is that Luke could use some prayers today and so could I, sleep deprivation is not a good thing. Too bad I couldn't take some the extra hours of sleep that I got on the cruise and use them now:/

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

PS I will try really hard to get some pictures up from our cruise, it was absolutely amazing, a true gift from GOD!