Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Luke has been touched once again by God's healing power and he is super, duper better!

Just wanted to let y'all know that Luke made a speedy recovery from the pneumonia. I know that it was from the prayers, because even the Dr. was amazed at his quick recovery. He went from being on constant oxygen to being off it in a matter of one night. The Dr. asked what he had done to recovery so quickly, like had he coughed up a massive amount of stuff or what, the only answer I could give him was that we believe in the power of prayer and once again God has touched and healed Luke.

Tomorrow is Luke's 7th birthday, it's so hard to believe he is going to be that old. Where has the time flown too?? Birthday's are a challenging time for me to say the least, praying that this year it will be a little easier. We are celebrating his birthday this Saturday after Luke is in the the Stars Program through the Children's Therapy Unit. It is amazing program where the kids who get therapy at the CTU shine for the day, it is heart touching to see these children who would never get a chance to shine on stage have their day in the limelight. Luke will be opening the show with him touching a switch to say, "Luke would like to welcome you today to the CTU Stars program," I'm hope that he will be able to do what is required of him in the time allotted for him to do it. If you are interested in coming to see the show just let me know I will give you directions and then you are also invited to join us afterward for his birthday party, we would love to see y'all.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Luke! 7 years old!!! You are getting to be such a big kid. May your year ahead be filled with all of Gods richest blessings for your life!
Hope your day is special!
Stevanie Sweet

annie said...

I'm so happy to hear Luke is better! God is so faithful. I continue to thank Him for healing our sweet little ones.

Seven!!! Hope you have many smiles on this day and my birthday wish for you sweet Luke is big miracles in your seventh year!

Anonymous said...
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Teena said...

already read this but my phone will not let me comment...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE!!! I LOVE YOU! WE LOVE YOU.... Wyatt & Wesley send hugs....


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Luke! We're so thankful that God touched you! I hope you have a special day.

Your friend Michelle