Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here's some pictures of Luke at the Star's Program and from his Birthday Party

Here is Luke waiting to present some flowers to his wonderful, dedicated, hard working therapists after the Stars Program on Saturday.

First to Miss Sara his PT, then to Miss Joyce his OT

Luke had a great birthday celebration after the program

We weren't sure if Luke would be able to be in the program as he was running a low grade fever in the morning, but after some prayers and Ibruprofen we decided to go ahead and let him be in the program. It was so amazing to see all the kids perform what they could do. We video taped his part of the program, but for some reason the blog is not letting me put this up, I will continue to try and hopefully will get it up soon.

Luke has been needing lots of extra oxygen the last few days, please keep him in your prayers to get over whatever is causing this problem. Thank you.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


Teena said...

Praying for Luke.... bless his heart. What great pics.... they are awesome. So glad he was able to do it!

Thinking of you often.


Michelle said...

Wow what a star! He is so handsome. Hey, I know that therapist. Sara is our favorite!

Michelle & girls

Tiffany said...

What awesome pics! I love the party ones especially...him smiling, him LOOKING at the presents, he just looks great Sue. I know you may often feel overwhelmed and inadequate in the face of this monumental task, but may I say that from the audience seats is is obvious that Luke is thriving, and that can only happen through a Mama's persevering love.

Blessings and HOPE!


Anonymous said...

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Lindsey and Santana said...

Luke has captured a big part of my heart! Thinking of you guys always! Prayers forever to your wonderful family! He looks INCREDIBLE!!!

Anonymous said...

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