Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Waiting for the EEG

They performed a EEG on Luke and we are waiting for the results. One praise is he is moving a little bit and was trying to open his eyes just a wee bit. We continue to pray that God will completely restore Luke.

Mom and Dad are holding up reasonably well under the circumstances. God has been faithful to provide strength and peace.


Anonymous said...

Even though I have a different belief system than you and your family, I do believe in you and the strength that your beliefs bring you. I will continue to send my thoughts and energies to you, your family, and especially Luke. Peace.
Jim Knight

KiltedCop said...

We KNOW the miracle saving grace of God and the life-giving touch of His gentle hand. We are all standing with Luke, his immediate family, his extended family, and his church family. We are believing with you!

Brett said...

Gordon - Shannon and I are praying for Luke and the rest of your family. God bless and keep you all.