Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Luke's Dad heads to the hospital

I was driving home from work when I received a frantic call that Luke had drowned. The Lord gave me great calmness and peace in the midst of the situation. I was stuck in traffic about 15 minutes from the hospital. I began calling everyone I knew that would pray for my son. At this point all I know is he is most likely dead and I cry out to God, "NO, dont let my son die!!"

I decided to call the hospital and check on Luke's status, they tell me to hurry. When I arrive at the hospital, they had just revived Luke, but he was very cold 86 degrees. I called home to let them all know that Luke was ALIVE!!! The first of many miracle.

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Anonymous said...

Gordy and Sue,

I know Gordy, to a point, who you felt. When Cindy called and told me what had happened I immediately said no he can't die. It was hard to think of that little man being gone out of our lives, but then I thought about God above and knew that he could perform a miracle! There have been too many miracles happening that I know, to know that one could not be done for you.

Love you guys and want you to know my heart is there with you in prayer.

See you Friday,

Lori and Lonnie