Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What a difference a day makes, or perhaps I should say what a difference your prayers make:}

Luke is doing quite a bit better, thank you so much for your prayers. I took him in yesterday and the x-ray did show that he does have pneumonia. His lung x-rays are hard to read because his lungs are never completely clear. It was an extremely hard day on both of us. He was so sick as mentioned, then when I picked him up to get his x-ray done I accidentally pulled out his g-tube, quickly I had to lie him back down and sterilize it with some alcohol wipes they had there and put it back in. Then once we were in the Dr.'s office I was suctioning him and he gagged and threw up all the Ibuprofen I had just given him, I had to change him completely as he got it all over himself. After that he had to get a very painful shot, he yelled and cried the whole time they were giving it to him. My heart was so heavy for him as I had to watch him suffer the entire day.

Praise God for new days. I just checked his numbers a bit ago and he was at 98% -100% oxygen levels and his heart rate is back to normal and no fever. The only answer for such a quick turn around is all the prayers, thank you so much for taking the time to pray.

Alane asked how his baclafen pump trial went. One of the reasons I have not posted anything about it is because I felt pretty hopeless by the time we left the Hospital that day. While Luke did get a bit more relaxed I'm not sure if this is something we want to pursue. I will be taking Luke back to his rehab Dr. next week and at that time we will be discussing possibilities for him. I know that I've been asking for years and years now that you would pray that Luke's legs would bend again and that his tone would get better and here I am once again pleading with you all to pray specifically for Luke's muscle tone to get better. I feel like we've tried everything possible thing that we can do and now the only thing left is just to wait upon the Lord, while this is so easy to say it's not an easy place to be in. I'm a doer by nature, it's so hard for me to wait upon the Lord, but I know I have to it is our only hope for Luke.
Today is Amy's 22nd Birthday! Wow, where does the time fly, she was just a little girl yesterday and now she is all grown up. I could not be more proud of my sweet dear daughter, she has gone beyond the call of duty in our home. She is currently at the YMCA teaching swimming lessons to Lily's class so that she can be in there during this hour. She is the Children's Pastor at our church, her heart for reaching young children for the Lord is amazing. She is an great cook and is such a talented artist. She is in her second year of an internship program at our church by the time she is done with the class she will be ready to take her exam to be licensed in the Foursquare church denomination. She is beautiful, not only on the outside, but more importantly on the inside. I hope you don't mind that I take this time to brag about Amy, but she deserves it!

Love in Christ,
Luke & Amy's Mom Suzi


Sigrun said...

So nice to read this after the last post.
I sure love the birthday cake - looks like it delighted the bday girl too! :)

Rachel E. said...

Happy Birthday, Amy! Welcome to the 22 club. :-)

Anonymous said...

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