Thursday, November 05, 2009

Trusting in Jesus today to reach down and heal Luke, as he is very sick once again.

I was so tired last night I went to bed early, that is early for me. I was in such a deep sleep that when I woke up the first time to Luke's alarm going off I couldn't remember where I was. I was thinking what is that noise, then I realized it was Luke alarming, I got up and wondered where to find him, weird huh, I guess it just shows how deeply I was sleeping. Needless to say Luke is very sick again. We took him to church last night, which we rarely do and I guess it wasn't the best choice. His heart rate has been soaring way to high all night, which usually means he has a high fever, it was up to 103.5 at one time after giving him some Ibuprofen, stripping him down to his diaper and uncovering him it finally went down to normal. He has been on at least 1 liter of oxygen for the past few hours. Bottom line is he needs prayer.

For the past 5 months my sister Jill, myself and a few other women have been planning a women's retreat at a little Bavarian town called Leavenworth. The theme of the weekend is Trust Walk, learning to trust Jesus through the good and hard times in our lives. Since we decided on this theme we have been tested in truly trusting Jesus, time and time again. Jill's husband John was laid off from his job, Yoli's husband came up on orders to move to San Antonio, TX, Natalie got married, Luke has been battling lots of bouts of pneumonia, we have all been tested in one way or another these past few months. Learning to trust Jesus in the good times is so easy, during the trying times it's a lot harder, but so worth it! I'm trusting and believing that God is going to reach down and heal Luke today, as I have so much to do before tomorrow. Would you join with me in prayer that God will heal Luke today and give me a peace about leaving Gordy home with all the kids this weekend and most importantly that God will teach us all how to completely trust Him no matter what is going on in our lives.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


Teena said...

Sue, praying for you right now. For Luke.... to be heal of this fever...

Praying for your retreat. You know funny thing is ... that I feel the Lord is teaching me the same thing. In our bible study yesterday she said "we have to sow the seed.... to reap the Harvest... so often we EAT the seed and do not sow it, we hear the word, we are refreshed and renewed but then we walk away and do not sow it deep in our lives... we do not apply it" I am so guilty at times!

PRAYING ... for all of you Jill, Yoli.... to be renewed, refreshed and to lay it all at His feet. I wish I could be with you guys!

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Standing in prayer with you that God will reach down and touch Luke and that you all will have a blessed blessed time at the retreat! Love ya! Mary