Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Today is the day we are finally going in for Luke's BOTOX injections, please be praying for all to go well, thank you:}

Luke is getting his first BOTOX injections today, he will get some in his wrists and his quads which is in his thighs. We are hoping and praying that the BOTOX will help his wrists to relax enough so that we can get them to stretch out so that they are not be bent all the time. He will then go in next Wednesday for casting of some new orthodics to help train his wrists to stay straight and hopefully help them to actually move without major pain. Then the goal for his legs is that if we can get his knees to move at all we may go back to the Orthopedic surgeon to talk about options of a minor surgery to clip some of the muscles in his quads to help get us moving his knees again. Please be praying that the BOTOX will work and that we will continue to have wisdom in knowing the correct steps to take in getting Luke bending again.

Tomorrow I will be taking all the kids up to Seattle to see the Nutcracker at McCaw Hall, we are all so excited. Deciding whether to take Luke was a huge decision for me as I knew it could be risky going with him if he wasn't having a good day, but the thought of not taking him as he so enjoys the music was so excruciatingly hard for me that I decided to try it. Please be praying that Luke will have a wonderful day, for that matter that we all will, that he will stay healthy and that we will all stay warm as we are having some frigid weather in WA right now.

So much has been going on lately and I have many pictures to share, I'm hoping to get back on here soon to bring y'all up to date. If you are ever curious to know just exactly how things are going in our lives you could always ask to be my friend on Facebook, just be sure to let me know exactly who you are if you make that request.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


dr_bristow said...

Praying for Luke's injections to go well, and for you all to have a wonderful time tomorrow!

Teena said...

Praying everything goes good...praying as you take this step!

Praying everything goes well with the play. Hugs

Life is busy here and having some struggles...lots of tears lately. Each day I open the devotional and the words cover me right where I am at....thank you!

I love you.

Anonymous said...

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