Sunday, September 04, 2005

Yet another miracle

Early this morning around 2:45am we were awoken by two loud explosions that sounded like gun shots and then moments later the sounds of people shouting "Fire". We all quickly exited the trailer to discover a tent less then 100 feet away fully engulfed in flames. Without my contacts in I thought the trees surrounding the tent were on fire and it is an absolute miracle that they weren't. One more time God was watching over our family as he kept the fire in check and prevented it from spreading to our camp site. Quickly a group of people came to the rescue with fire extinguishers, buckets and finally a few extra hoses that we connected to our hose to get water on the fire. The tent and its contents were reduce to smoldering rubble. The woman and daughter that were staying in at the tent site were sleeping in their van and had left a candle burning in the tent. We are grateful to God that nobody was injured and that everything that was damaged can be replaced.

It was encouraging to see others come to the aid of the woman. A family gave them a tent and some groceries. Others bought them new supplies so they could continue on there plan of a two week camping trip. Praise God for His faithfulneess.

We are having a wonderful time here in Newport and have decided to just stay here until returning home on Thursday so we can go "Do The Puyallup".

I must admit I am awe struck by the few images and stories I have seen regarding the aftermath of Katrina. My heart aches for those that have lost loved ones and are enduring great hardship. I have thought about Shane and Julie's family in Mississippi several times the last few days as the realization of Katrina's power unfolds. Father, I ask that you show great favor to these family members and allow them to return to their homes in Mississippi soon. I pray that every brick and every board would be completely in place and there would be no damage to their homes as a testimony of your goodness and grace. In the name of Jesus.

I pray that each of you has an awesome time relaxing with your family this Labor Day.


Peg said...

Good to hear that everyone was safe. It sounds like your camping trip is going well. I have been reading your blog since my cousin sent me the link shortly after the accident. It is a blessing to see your faithfulness.

We are in California, but headed to Bremerton tomorrow for a week. We will probably "Do the Puyallup" too. Isn't it fun? Peg

Anonymous said...

You guys have a very exciting life! I am so glad that you are okay and that the lady was able to be blessed by others. It is so wonderful to read that you all are having a nice break.

Gordy thank you for your prayers. My aunt that lives on the the coast of Mississippi (Long Beach) got word that her house is still standing. All the tress fell and some of her roof is gone but she was so excited that she still has a home. They are not allowed to go home. The bridges that would normally be there are just gone. There is not a way to get there. My family that was in Jackson left this morning to go back home. People have been so kind but there have been some really bad fights over ice, gas, water and just the everyday things of life. The people that need medical care on a daily bases are having a hard time getting there needs met. From about Jackson on down they do not have safe water and a lot of people are without power. My family in Jackson found out that they have power last night, they were so excited about that. We will be glad to hear that they got home safe.

We have been keeping Luke in our prayers. The other day I just had to stop and look at his picture for a little bit....Luke you are so cute! We love you guy, thanks for praying for our family.
Blessings, Julie

Anonymous said...

You have certainly had an exciting vacation! I could do without all those miracles!! The kind of miracles I like at my age are the ones where God prevents any thing from happening! :)

My daughter Jenni mentioned her little cousin who was airlifted to Childrens Hospital in Seattle a few weeks ago with bacterial menengitis. The Lord was merciful, Elijah was in a coma for almost a week and in intensive care for about a week and a half. Just after he was moved out of ICU I talked to his dad, and the drs. were saying he would be in the hospital 2 to 4 weeks, as he had lesions on his skin from the menengitis, which were like burns, and he couldn't leave the hospital until they were healed over, as he could get an infection in them. There were 4 or 5 of the lesions that could require skin grafts! Praise God, he went home less than a week after that!!

I wish Luke's healing could have come that easily and quickly, but God is faithful, and He is in control!!

Judi Webster-Nash, from Orting Assembly of God Church

Anonymous said...

Hello Guys, How are you doing? I hope that Little Luke is doing well and that you are seeing the hand of God touch his life each day! Was the rest of your trip good? We love you guys. Blessings to all, Shane, Julie and Children

Julie in NC said...

Hello Little Luke and Guys, How are ya'll doing? Luke what have you been up to? We will keep on asking God for your healing. We love you guys.
Love and Blessings, Shane, Julie and Children