Sunday, May 14, 2006

BIG little steps.

I realize that the title of this blog is an oxymoron, but there is no other way to describe Luke’s progress to you. You see some people look at Luke and all they can see is a child that can’t walk, talk or do other normal things kids his age are doing, but we look at Luke and we see all the things that he was unable to do just a year and a half ago and therefore are encouraged that he continues to make progress be it ever so slow at times, it is still progress and we are thrilled to see it happen on a daily basis.

Luke’s Physical Therapist suggested making an appointment for him to see the Neurologist to get his opinion on some options for helping his muscle tone get better. I know that I’ve mentioned numerous times that Luke needs prayer to help get a bend back in his knees, they are still for the most part rigid and strait all the time. To say I was a bit anxious about going to a Neurologist would be putting it mildly, the last time we went to a Neurologist I left there in tears and depressed for days, because of the hopelessness the Dr. gave us about Luke’s condition.

This was a new Neurologist and I was encouraged to see his reaction to how Luke is doing. I told him Luke’s history and how we have seen continuous progress, be it ever so slow at times. It was so exciting for me to see Luke respond each time the Dr. would check Luke for a reaction as he touched his feet, legs, hands, fingers and arms, he would not only move each limb he would also react in his facial expressions. I was especially excited when his PT came in and Luke immediately looked up at her and responded to her voice, the Dr. said boy he really knows you doesn’t he. I felt like standing up and shouting Hallelujah, because a Dr. has finally acknowledged that Luke is not only responsive, he is also tracking, seeing and showing emotions to someone he likes.

It felt so good to leave an appointment feeling encouraged instead of discouraged. As for the Botox and other options for Luke’s legs, he felt that it wouldn’t really help Luke right now because of the muscles that are being affected. He did mention that eventually Luke would probably need surgery to help stretch his muscles to get some movement back into them. I’m praying that God will continue to work His mighty miraculous touch in Luke’s life and that we will not need any more surgeries.

Luke continues to smile on a daily basis we almost caught one on camera today, as soon as we do we will blog it for you all to see. I told him when he smiled at me this morning that was the best Mother’s Day gift I could get, just seeing all my children smiling and happy make me happy. I was spoiled today by being served breakfast in bed and being served through out the day, along with a gift certificate to go get a pedicure and manicure done.

One last note in this already too long blog, is we decided last week that we needed to once again change our trip plans. We are now going to take a trip down the California coast and spend some time in San Diego, LA and finish up one the Oregon coast. We are hoping to spend 4 days down in Mexico working with a Pastor friend, of ours. His church is in the progress of building a new church and we would like to go down there and be put to work for a few days, helping where ever is needed.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Please be praying for Luke that he will stay healthy, that his lungs will stay clear, that his oxygen levels will continue to stay up, that his legs will begin to bend, that he will begin to show even more smiles and that we will hear him laugh again soon. May God richly bless you today!

Love in Christ,

Luke’s Mommy Sue


Mommy_2 said...


Thank you so much for sharing. Bet you could have flown out of that doctor's office on wings of joy! We're glad to hear you had a happy Mother's Day!

God bless you all. You're in our prayers.

Much love,
The Tilley Family

Bindress said...

Dear Sue.
I am one of Shirley Blanfords friends who use to live in Yelm. One of the things I was upset about when we moved to Calif was that I was not able to meet Luke. When you are driving through L.A. please call me and I will meet you somewhere so I can meet your wonderful family.
My e-mail address is
Praise God for his miracle!

skipperjoni said...

I am the mother of Laureen who works with Gordy. I check in every week or so to see how Luke is doing and how the rest of you are holding up.

You have all exhibited so much faith and I am happy to see it is being rewarded, even though I'm sure it is much slower than you would wish.

I, too have had to struggle with turning over my children's lives to God and allowing Him to work in His own time. It's part of "Thy will be done."

You are all in our prayers. I'm looking forward to that photo of Luke smiling.


Carmichael Family said...

Praise God for such an encouraging visit to the neurologist! I am so glad to hear about the steps Luke is making! Happy Mother's Day Sue, I'm so happy you had such a wonderful day. God bless you.

Gabby's mom, Dana said...

Dear Sue,
That is so exciting to hear you had such a good visit at the doctors appt. God is so faithful, and He rewards those who diligently seek Him.
Thank you so much for all your prayer and encouraging mesages on Gabby's blog.
I am glad you had a great Mothers Day. Love in Christ, Dana

annie said...

Going to the neurologist was so hard for me too. They were so gloom and doom from the beginning. I'm so happy that this appt. was a positive one and that you are seeing those BiG little steps, praise GOD!!!! He is in control and as hard as it is to just let go and trust Him, I know you do - as I do too. I have not given up on Izzy, I am still waiting both anxiously and patiently for the manifestation of her healing because I know what God's word says. I keep you and Luke in my daily thoughts and prayers.

Gabby's Church Nana said...

Yaaay God! Father, continue to show off in Luke's life! I can't wait to hear Luke tell us his testimony of all his heavenly visitations he's had.. what witnesses he and Gabby are of the love of God. And how blessed they both are to have such women of God for mommies! The strength I see in you Sue,and Dana is incredible. I will continue to bring Luke, along with Gabby before the throne of God daily.
Love, Gabby's Church Nana

Teena said...

Sue, that is so great! I KNOW Luke's smile.... oh PTL PTL PTL!!!!
Thank you for an awesome report!

I was given a gift certificate to for a pedicure... they must know what we need LOL~

I think/pray for all of you daily~
we love you~
your GA. Friends~
Billy, Teena, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley

Loni said...

Still checking in on you all and am so thankful for the joy of Luke's continued progress and to be able to "watch" this miracle continue. I hope your vacation goes well. I know you need it!

Come visit my new blog sometime. :)