Saturday, August 26, 2006

We are weaning Luke off his last Prescription Med

I meant to sit down and write a few days ago to let you know that we have finally decided to wean Luke off his last med. He has been taking the equivalent to Zantac since his accident and then it got bumped up to Previcad, which is much stronger. Anyway we've known for some time that it is not good to take this on a regular basis, since it basically kills all the good stomach acids. Stomach acids are important for breaking down your food and helping it to go where it needs to go. Every time we've tried to stop his Previcad before he would get really congested and need a lot of extra suctioning. This time he has been doing much better and we are actually on his 3rd day without his Previcad.

We are blessed to have a friend who happens to be a Chiropractor/Naturiopathic Dr. He has been helping us by giving us some recommendations on what supplements to try to help Luke get his stomach acids working again. We had him and his wife and ten children over for dinner on Tuesday night and he went through a lesson on digestion for Gordy and myself so that we could learn exactly what is probably happening to Luke's little body. The kids had a blast playing with his children and Isaiah asked me if we could have them over again next week, I said we would very soon, but probably not next week, as we are getting ready for our last camping trip of the summer.

For years now we have taken the first week of September, after the schools get going to go camping since the weather is awesome and the campgrounds are pretty empty. We will leave on August 31st and get back on Sept. 6th. Though Daniel will be returning even sooner since he has to get back to work. He began a new job of interning with an electrician, a man from our church who began his own company about 6 months ago. He has not given up on his dream of owning his own music studio, he has just come to the realization that a studio will not bring in enough money to support him. He is enjoying his new job, he had a real peace about the change and if all goes according to plan he will be an electrician within 2 years time.

I know so many of you love to get specific prayer requests for Luke, so here they are: Pray that all will continue to go well with his medicine change, that he will stop throwing up, though he has been doing a little better with this, that he will stay healthy during our last camping trip of the season, that his legs will continue to get a good bend and last but not least that his brain will be completely restored.

Please be praying for me, this is an emotional time for me and at times the grief I feel chokes me with tears always on the surface. I'm so thankful for all that God has done these past two years, I'm especially thankful for so many of you that have lifted Luke and our family up in your prayers so faithfully. I mention this often, but you will never even begin to understand how much it means to us to have you praying for us. I give thanks to the Lord for each and everyone of you, I was thinking recently about the fact if Luke's accident had never happened I would never have gotten to know so many wonderful, caring people. I wish there was a way of contacting each and everyone of you personally, just know that your comments and e-mails to are read and reread and are cherished beyond what I can even express.

Once again this blog is way too long, I don't purposefully do that it just seems to happen. May God richly bless you today in ways you can't even begin to imagine!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


annie said...

I was reading a book titled "blessing of favor." There was a story about watching a fight... the first fighter stood proudly professing Jesus as his Lord and Savior and the other fighter said something like I'm gonna bash your head in... anyway, the author said she immediately began praying for the Christian fighter and prayed louder and louder every time he was hit. After several rounds the announcers broke to discuss the other rounds, it was a repeat and the Christian did win. The author said she relaxed and watched the rest of the fight because she knew her guy won. Jesus won the fight for us already. We can relax and know the outcome of the fight as if we were watching a replay. The devil wants us to get wrapped up in the physical world but we must remain strong and keep our eyes on the prize because I know our little ones will be healed!
Thank you Sue for your encouragement, it helps to know that someone knows the battle in which I am fighting. Izzy is my youngest and I have lived in a bubble of good health with my other children. I guess I have to admit that I wish I had never heard the word near drowning and never knew all the pain of the children in whom I have met along the way. But, I know that my life and faith are very different now than it was a few years ago.
I pray for blessings of health, joy and peace on your camping trip! You deserve it!!!

Julie in NC said...
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Julie in NC said...

Hello Gordy and Sue,
I have been thinking about you I know that the upcoming date is a hard day for your family. I have been praying for you Sue almost on a daily basis. Last night as I started to pray I realized that My prayers have not been for Luke's complete healing and restoration. I was sad as I thought about not going before God on his behalf and just asking the Lord to life you up. As I was thinking about this I realized that I ( like so many people ) don't want you and your family just to make it through the days I would really love to see Luke healed! I started to think about the word that has been so part of my prayer in the past is Restoration. I had just got a new (old) chair at a yard sale. My eye can see the beauty in many old things and sometimes I can take the items home and make them look much better but I do not have the time nor the talent to restore older items back to new condition like many people do. I know it can be done so I buy them with the thought that one day I will or I will pay someone to do that for me. As all this rolled around in my head I thought this is so much like Luke....he was new and well and then he had his accident and now needs to be restored . You can't do it, I can't do it nor can anybody else.....but Jesus can do it. I guess I just wanted to share my thoughts and my new way to pray for you and Luke. Till he is restored by the maker his and your family will be in my prayers that you will keep him safe and in the best condition for the day that our Savor Jesus Christ the great healer and restorer comes to restore is sweet little body. I love you guys so much. Please forgive me for losing sight of praying for his healing and just asking God to get you through the days. Have a wonderful time camping! Love and Blessings, Julie

Anonymous said...

To God be the glory,
Great things He hath done...!!!
Love & prayers,

lockwoods said...

Thanks so much for the update! I never think your blogs are too long! I love the updates. We will be praying for you all, as always. Hope you have a wonderful camping trip!

Love you lots-
The Lockwoods

Jenni said...

What a wonderful testimony of God's grace. I think you guys are doing the right thing by taking him off this med, I will pray that God will give you wisdom as you seek to find more natural ways to bring healing to Luke. There are so many answers to God's mysteries in nature we will pray that God will lead you down the right path and to the right people. Bless you!

And I second the last comment, your entries aren't too long :)

Pam&Hal said...

Dear ones, Thinking of you every day and asking God to not only heal Luke but to give you all quiet minds and peaceful hearts. Enjoy the wonderful last day of summer. We have just come back from Mt. Rainier and a wonderful time. Love, Pam, Hal, Carl and Paul

Julie in NC said...

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I woke up this morning praying for you today! You and your family will be on my heart today. Blessings and Love, Julie

The Gannaway Family said...

Dear Sue, Gordy and children,
praying for you today, even though here it is a day late, hopefully there the prayers are still in time. Fantastic news on Lukes medication. We will be praying that his stomach acids start working properly, and especially for you Sue that you will feel the peace and the love of the Lord today.
The Gannaway Family

Tiffany said...

Praying for you all today. Jesus rose on the third day...let's just see what He has in store for this third year of Luke's journey with Him.
Thank you for your friendship, companionship, prayer support, and your example of clinging steadfastly to the promises, even through the tears that sometimes come.
Praying not only for comfort and hope, but for joy, visible miracles and RESTORATION! In His Name and for His glory!


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