Tuesday, January 30, 2007

We hope you take a close look at these beautiful Romanian bowls

Amy and Natalie are going on missions trip to Romania in March, they each need to raise $2000 to go, therefore one of the ways they are raising money is by selling some beautiful Romanian bowls. Amy bought these bowls last year while she was in Romania she put them aside for using them as a fund raiser to go back. We have two pictured here just to show you what they look like, though the pictures really don't do them justice. If you go to Amy's blog you will be able to see all the bowls that she is selling. We appreciate your prayers more than anything you could donate, as we know that God will supply all of their needs according to His great riches. They leave on March 1st and will not be home until April 1st, they are also going to visit their Uncle Ray and Aunt Lis in Denmark along with Daniel, who will meet them in Amsterdam after they go to Romania for two weeks. Their Uncle has generously volunteered to pay for all their expenses during their visit to Denmark, what a great blessing from God! I'm going to need a lot of prayer, during the time they will be gone, as I have mentioned before the girls are my right and left arms, they do more for me than you can possibly imagine, though I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Just a quick update on Luke, he is doing better, he did end up having a few rough nights last week, but he was fine during the day. Please pray that we will figure out what is causing him to have these fevers at night, they do not come every night, but often enough lately to be of some concern. We are currently increasing his feedings so that we can get some weight on him, please pray that this will go smoothly and he will begin to gain the much needed weight that he needs to keep healthy.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue

PS I have another prayer request: Last night I went up to Seattle Children's Hospital to visit Zack again, who is doing great by the way. While I was there Zack's mom, Ruth introduced me to a family who have little Elijah who is 7 months old in the PICU, he was born with Downs Syndrome and has had two heart surgeries since his birth. He has been in the Hospital since November 20th and is currently not doing very well. Please be praying that God will work a miracle and raise this little one up for the glory of God. It was so hard walking into his room, the emotions that flooded me were very strong, but I also felt God's presence surrounding the little guy as I was able to pray for him.

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Anonymous said...

These bowls are very beautiful and worth the time. Love ya guys