Thursday, February 15, 2007

Faith that moves forward ALWAYS triumphs!

I hope that you all had a great Valentine's Day. Luke had a great day, it was his first day off oxygen, for most of the day. After Gordy blogged on Thursday night, we all actually had a pretty good night sleep, which was good since the next two nights would not be so great. It is so hard to leave the home on days that Luke is not doing well, so things like grocery shopping get put on the back burner, needless to say on Saturday I finally had to do some grocery shopping and while I was gone Luke had a turn for the worst. By the time I got home his fever was going up again and his oxygen rate was going down. Needless to say it was another hard and stressful night. I ended up sleeping on the couch with Luke. Gordy went away for the weekend with some of the men of our church to a Men's Retreat at the beach. So I think I only got about 6 hours of sleep total for both Friday and Saturday night.

By Sunday morning I was wiped out, I got up to get Isaiah and Ezekiel ready for church, Amy, Lily and Luke were not feeling too well so I stayed home with them. While I was getting ready for the day, I cried out to God and asked Him to give me wisdom. I was thinking that if Luke did not get better that day we should probably take him to the Hospital, as he had been on lots of oxygen for 5 days. God in His gracious way answered my prayers by allowing Luke to make a turn for the better, within an hour his heart rate was coming down to normal, his oxygen levels were beginning to get better and he was looking a whole lot better. I knew that God had answered my prayer by showing me that Luke would be better soon, therefore we would not have to go to the Hospital. That night I feel asleep on the couch at around 9:00, Gordy woke me up a few times to say go to bed before I finally could get up, I went to bed and had my first night of really good uninterrupted sleep until about 5:30, at which time I had to get up to change Luke since his food had overflowed and he was freezing cold and a mess from it. Once I got him changed he settled down and went back to sleep for another few hours.

I really wanted to get him into the Hyperbaric chamber right away, since he had been on so much oxygen, I knew he would need the boost from the chamber to help sped up his recovery, therefore I took him for a dive on Monday and Tuesday and am hoping to get him in once more this week. I know it really did help him because today when we went into PT he was actually not as tense as he's been this past week. It also helped his heart rate even out and his oxygen levels to get up to close to normal. I can not even begin to tell you how thankful I am that he is recovering, it was an extremely stressful week, there were many times that I wondered if we should be in the Hospital, my greatest reluctance, other then the disruption to the family, in going to the Hospital is there is so many flu's and sicknesses going around right now I did not want to introduce him to any other kinds of bugs.

The scripture that I've been meditating on today is: Psalm 26:1 I have trusted in the Lord without wavering. I want to say this is true but there are many times that I have wavered in my trusting the Lord, to know He is going to bring us through this journey that we never chose to go on. I realize and am thankful that I can trust God even when the road seems to go on for ever and at times never seems to give us a break. Tonight in church I was once again reminded of the importance of speaking aloud the Word of God and claiming his promises for my life, it is a powerful exercise that I need to do on a daily basis. I recently read and wrote down this quote from the devotional, Streams in the Desert, FAITH THAT MOVES FORWARD ALWAYS TRIUMPHS! I have hung it up on the mirror in my bathroom, realizing that as we continue to have complete faith in God, he is faithful to fill us up with His hope and has promised us we will be triumphant in the end. Hallelujah!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Anonymous said...

Dear Sue, I found your blog through Jenny Burns Blog. I have been so blessed to see the faith in yours and Gordys writings.I know you have hard days,for I feel it in your every word and yet the peace and love for your family shines strong.I know this to be the Lord for it is the only place to find that very PEACE.I love you and will continue to pray for your family.Love Kelley Ahearn

Anonymous said...

I, too, post notes on the mirror/microwave/dashboard to help me remember verses from my morning Bible reading. I will train myself to say them ALOUD as I read them throughout the day. :-)
Learning and growing

Carmichael Family said...

Praying for Luke and your whole family...

Teena said...

Dear Sue, Billy and I went away last week for a night. I haven't been online as much. Just being away for 24 hrs things get behind. Even with my Mandi helping to hold things together. LOL

I am so thankful Luke is better. I will continue to pray for him. I keep thinking we will talk for a long time and I always wait for a quiet moment but that isn't very often!

I want to check out Amy's blog. I thank you for the letter and will be praying for them.... all through next month. YOU are so blessed.

I will keep checking back for any updates. I have not been as faithful as I should. I am so sorry. I do not want to miss anything about our sweet buddy LUKE~ and all of you.

your Georgia friends~
Billy, Teena, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley

annie said...

Did you see the movie "facing the giants?" It was really uplifting. I am trying so hard to just keep moving right now and not show my tired face :) I guess I'm not doing a great job because everyone seems to see right through me... I am encouraged. I think we have underestimated little Izzy for some time now. Matt & I were just talking about colors and he said he wanted to make flashcards like her cvs cards to do colors. I said, "I think she knows colors, they focus on colors a lot at school." Anyway, we tested her without even naming the colors for her and she looked at the correct color everytime. She amazes me. I know God is working in her brain and body. I guess I need to pray for endurance and energy & strength & ...
Thank you Sue for the prayers. You are such an inspiration to me. No, I don't have or have never heard of the devotional book you mentioned. I could probably order one online or find it at a bookstore though?
Hope your Sunday is overflowing with blessings and please know that Luke (& your family) have a special place in my prayers.
in Him,

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue, Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you and your family this month. We are praying for travel safty for the older children and that you have a great time with your younger children. You are going to do great!!!! I will praying for peace to be in your home. I am still praying for Luke to be healed by God! Blessings and Love, Shane, Julie and Children