Saturday, August 08, 2009

Our family could use some prayers today!

Luke and Amy could use some prayers today. Luke is sick, we started him on a new medication for his lungs earlier in the week and they said it could have some side effects, so we're not sure if that is what we are dealing with or if he's just caught the crud again. We had to drive out to pick up Amy at camp yesterday, she was riding a dirt bike and feel off, she hurt her shoulder really bad. Thankfully nothing was broken, it could of been much worse.

We were supposed to go to a homeschool conference this weekend, the first one Gordy was going to attend in many years. But alas, I'm heading up that way by myself again. I would just skip it but I need to look for some curriculum for the boys for next year.

Would really appreciate some prayers for Amy to have no more pain today and for Luke to make a quick recovery. Thank you so much.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


Rachel E. said...

I'm praying!

jodi l. pesicka said...

It really sounds like you need to inquire on getting a respiratory vest for him. I got one for Justine in 2004 and she has not has a pneumonia since. It keeps all the crud moving and loose so it does not settle. Talk to your pulomnologist or pediatrician about it. It is really worth it. Also I started keeping the germ free waterless hand cleaner by all the doors and when people come in my house they know they have to use it. At first I hung little signs above it to remind them now it is just a routine and even their friends know.I buy large bottles at walmart. When you have a lot of kids coming in and out it is hard to get them to wash their hands every time so that is what I have implemented and it has really cut back all the sickness. But I will be praying.

Teena said...

Praying for Luke. So glad nothing was broken.... HUGS.

Praying you find just what you need for the boys~


Kate said...

Bless your hearts!!! I'll be praying for all of you - healing for Luke, comfort and relief for Amy, wisdom and refreshment for Suzi!!!!


Michelle said...

Hi Suzi, praying for all of you. Emily's been ill again, yukky bladder infection... Medication is working though and she is much better today. How was the hs conference? I would love to go with you sometime, however I have to have a nurse for Emily if I do. Maybe next time I can arrange it.
Michelle & girls

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