Friday, March 25, 2011

Annie Sullivan went home to be with Jesus this morning, please keep her family in your prayers today

Annie went to be with Jesus this morning. I went up to visit Annie and her mom Jean on Wednesday evening at Children's Hospital in Seattle. When I got up there Annie was acting rather strange for herself, she had a seizure and then starting to get very agitated. I noticed her heart rate going up and asked Jean if perhaps she had a fever, sure enough when the nurse came into check her temp, she had a fever. After awhile her sweet brothers came to visit her, they were so kind and compassionate and concerned for her well being, they kept saying that she was shaking and seemed very upset. I left shortly after the Dr. came into check out her progress, knowing that the best thing I could do for their family at that time was keep praying, which I did the whole way home. I left with a heavy heart realizing all to well what kind of stress and pain Jean and her boys were going through watching Annie suffer that evening.

I found out this morning that Annie went home to be with Jesus, the thought of her in heaven running around with a new body, singing and talking without any effort brings joy to my heart. I also find that the thought of what Jean and her husband Bill along with their other 6 children are going through at this time is heartbreaking. Annie and Luke were only a few weeks apart in age and while though their stories and diagnoses were different they both shared many common things in their lives, the doctors, hospital stays, pain, brain injuries, their large families and their families' faith in God. Please keep Annie's family in your prayers as they mourn the loss of their precious daughter and sister. To read more about Annie's journey the last few years just go to the prayers links on the left of Luke's blog and click Pray for Annie.

Love in Christ,

Luke' s Mommy Sue

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