Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We would really appreciate your prayers today

Luke goes in at 1 pm today to see his Pulmonologist for a follow up appointment after being diagnosed with Bronchialactis. Please be in prayers that Luke's lungs will sound better and that we will get a good report. I do believe that the vest treatments we've been giving to him twice a day has helped him, though he has been quite junky at night since we returned from our vacation. Isaiah, Luke and my allergies all got really bad when we came home from our trip, I'm thinking that we are all allergic to something either in our home or it's the pollen outside, since we are having such a crazy wet, cold summer.

Would you also pray for a very good friend of mine, Mary Healy. She was in a horrible accident on Sunday night, when a man who was distracted by a cell phone call rammed his truck into her van smashing her against a gas pump. The accident almost completely severed her leg, thank goodness their was a army medic there who helped her out quickly, saving her life and we are hoping that her leg and foot will be saved too. She had her first of many surgeries this morning and she is a lot of pain. Mary has been our church secretary for many years, she is a single mom who has four children, Johnathan, Michelle, Jeff and Rachel, they all need your prayer for comfort during this very trying time.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue

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alane said...

Praying for Luke's appointment today, and for your friend Mary. I read the news story you linked to on fb, what a scary accident, praise God for saving her life!