Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Wonderful, Great, Refreshing, Amazing, Awesome Trip in Pictures

Getting Ready to board our Carnival Cruise with our good friends Juan and Yoli

Saying goodbye to Miami, FL
Christmas in Cozumel

We had a great time doing the Cozumel Amazing Race and though we didn't come in first place we didn't come in last place either. We got to see so much of the city and would definitely say it was a highlight on our trip.

Here's Gordy getting ready to get his henna tattoo, one of the clues we needed for the race
Riding the ferry across a small river in Belize to get to the Mayan Ruins
The Mayan Ruins were absolutely amazing
We climbed to the very top of the tallest structure, yes it was a bit freaky up there. We were able to see both Belize and Guatemala up on the top.

Here's Gordy going down one of the many narrow passage ways.
I think we walked over a 1,000 steps to get up to the top and then down again.

We were blessed to meet Pastor Zacharias from England. It was definitely a highlight of our week visiting and praying with him, he has a healing ministry in England and was so burdened to pray for Luke during the week, what a gift from God to allow our paths to cross on that HUGE ship.

Here we are getting ready to go swimming at the bay in Roatan, Honduras. We had a wonderful time and the water was just right.

Our last night on the ship, we had so much fun dressing up for some of the delicious dinners on the ship. Now we are working extra hard to burn off those few pounds we gained:-(

After getting off the ship we went straight to the Everglades National Park to see the alligators and wild life. At first I didn't think the alligators were real because you could just about go right up to them and touch them. Don't worry we stayed away.

We walked about a mile down this path and saw 5 alligators down and back.

We then went on a boat ride through the swamps and saw more alligators it was so much fun.

We then drove out to Key Largo to spend the night at these condo's so that we could drive out the Key West our last full day in Florida.
We drove out to Key West, to say it was beautiful is a huge understatement, the water was so blue!
I was so excited to go to the southernmost point in the USA.

Everything about our last full day of vacation was spectacular, just as our whole vacation had been. The sunset was the icing on top of this amazing day.

Our last morning before flying home I figured I get in one more walk in the nice warm 80 degree weather. Now I'm back to walking in the freezing cold, it was 35 degrees here yesterday.

We got home late Tuesday night to a sick Lukie boy. I just had to keep telling myself as I was up most of the night to his alarms that I had to be thankful for our amazing time away. It really was the most awesome time, a time of uninterrupted sleep each night, a time to concentrate on Gordy and I's marriage, a time of fun, a time of no stress, a time of no appointments, a time of no alarms, a time of no medications, a time of HUGE blessings from GOD. Wednesday I took Luke up to Children's Hospital in Seattle for his first of many appointments during our first week back from vacation. I promise to update how Luke is doing in my next post, but I really wanted this one to be all about the gift of our vacation from our wonderful Father God.

Love in Christ,
Gordy's wife Sue


Michelle said...

That is one of the places I have occasionally thought I'd like to visit. Glad you got to take a trip and get away.

Michelle & girls

Jean said...

Thank you, Jesus. What a wonderful trip--great pictures--I am so glad God gave you & Gordy a much-deserved break. I am anxious to hear about how Luke is doing, too. I'll be praying for you tonight.


Anonymous said...

I am sooo happy to hear you had such a wonderful trip together! God is soooo good. Praying for Luke! Keep us posted. Love ya! Mary