Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mom's Retreat 2012 Update in Pictures

Our mom's retreat this year was absolutely amazing as you can see from the pictures I have posted below. What a true gift from God to bless us with this time to laugh together, cry together, share our hearts, our dreams and our hurts with each other, play together, eat together, some of us prayed together, all had a great time together:-)

Our annual Mom's retreat photo taken in front of the Winery at Suncadia.  Sabine, Teresa, Tiffany, Julie, Shawna, Kahne, Peggy, Gina, Joanna, Dawn, Jill Annie, Amy, Kehau, Lindsey, Erin, Janet, Lisa and myself.

Sue, Lindsey, Kehau and Erin above Ecola Beach, I think it was the most beautiful day that I've ever see at that beach that day. What a gift from God!!
Erin had never been to the Pacific Ocean before so I picked her up along with Kehau and Lindsey at Seatac Airport. We then drove 4 hours to Cannon Beach. We spent some time on a short hike at Ecola State Park and then headed down to Cannon Beach for a walk on the beach and to eat dinner before taking off to spend the night in Portland, OR. Erin's brother lives in Portland so he picked her up at our hotel and she was able to go hear his band play that night, while the rest of us feel asleep after our very long day spent traveling.

It was the first time both Kehau and Lindsey had been to Cannon Beach. Kehau had never had to wear her shoes at the beach as she is from Hawaii, where as I hardly ever go barefoot at the beach because it's usually too cold:-)

Gina, Dawn, Janet, Lisa, Sabine and I went up into the Space Needle Friday night before heading out to Suncadia for the weekend.
The mom's who chose not to go to the Space Needle had dinner at the Crab Pot on Friday night, they had a great time down on the Seattle Waterfront.  

This was our welcome to Tiffany's Home at Suncadia. Tiffany, Teresa and Annie carved these welcoming pumpkins for our arrival. Just one of the many wonderful surprises awaiting us for the weekend.
Fun times balancing our way across the little stream to get to the river.

Saturday morning we all got up early and took a hike down to a river in Suncadia. It was absolutely gorgeous, the weather was perfect and we all enjoyed our hike.
This is the one and only tattoo you will ever have the privelege to see on me. Thank you Annie for your amazing talent with the permanent markers, thankfully they weren't permanent:-)

Lindsey, Annie and myself down by the river.

Can you spot the mom's creeping up behind the log? Perfect place for a picture don't you think?

Here are all the mom's at the winery for lunch on Saturday afternoon. We had a great time enjoying a delicious lunch all the while discussing . . .   

Tiffany had made up these beautiful cards with this question for us to discuss at lunch, what would you say if you were asked that question?

Kahne and Amy posing for a picture:-)
Dawn and Peggy enjoying their lunch

Silly mom's showing off just how strong they really are!

Fun times playing BUNCO

Surprise!! Tiffany surprised us with a fire pit that her and Ray had just built outside the back of their beautiful home. Each night we sat around the fire enjoying SMORES, laughing, talking and trying to stay warm on the those nippy fall nights.
I brought my coloring markers and lots of fun pages to color. Peggy, Jill and Dawn caught the coloring bug and decided they had so much fun coloring that they wanted to stop by a store on the way home to buy their own markers and coloring books.

Joanna, Tiffany and Annie loving every minute of time they had together:-)
After Annie, Sabine, Gina and I went to church we stopped by the meat shop in Cle Elum for some treats for them to take home to their families.
Annie, Janet and myself stopping for a picture at the fun Harvest Festival we went to on Sunday afternoon.

Janet on the bull
Sabine on the bull
Lindsey trying to stay on the bull, we were laughing so hard.

"Charlie's Angels" Aka Teresa, Annie and Tiffany arriving at the Harvest Festival
Gina and I at the fire on the last night, so sad to say good bye. 

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