Sunday, December 01, 2013

Our Summer in pictures, the great, the good and the really gross out pictures of Luke's surgery wound site, beware if you have a weak stomach

 Have you ever had a project that you keep putting off?? I have been meaning to blog now for month's, it's the first time since we began this blog that I didn't update it on Luke's near drowning accident anniversary. Below I have chronicled Luke's leg wounds 
This was the day that I decided that I had to do something to get Luke's legs to heal, after talking to a wound care nurse she told me that I needed to get the scar off for it to heal, little did I know what we would find once it was gone.
Here is what it looked like when they debrided his his leg, they told me it looked good, because they didn't see infection, though it made me sick to my stomach to look at.

This is what it looked right after the surgeon got done debriding it once again, she told us to go see a different wound care specialist the next day for a  wound vac.
Our insurance company denied us getting a wound vac, but the great nurses at the wound care clinic went across the street to the hospital to get two PICO mini wound vac, what a difference they would make.

Here is the first time we took off the PICO, it was already looking better after just two days.
This was after having it on for a week, though it was looking much better they were still concerned about the tunnel it was still very deep and went up far under his scar.
Once again more progress after another few days.
After 3 weeks the tunnel had finally healed and it was finally looking like it was going to shut completely.

It was completely healed after a month with the PICO, once again we were so thankful for the wonderful wound care nurses, as our insurance company never did ok the wound vac.
We had many appointments this past summer, I got Luke into the Hyperbaric chamber for at least 20 dives, which I feel greatly helped the healing process of his legs.
Here's Luke now able to sit for great length of times since his knees bend so wonderfully.
We were blessed to have Daniel, Sarah and Penny join us on the Fourth of July:-)
Joe Saunders one of the Mariners pitchers generously donated a tickets for a few families from Mary Bridge Hospital to join him on the field before one of the game, he also donated the use of a suite to watch the game, we had a great time.
Josh, Natalie and Abigail came in August for a visit and we went for a hike up at Mt Rainer

The kids had many fun times in our back yard freezing cold pool.
Here's Luke swinging at Physical Therapy, his PT was almost in tears when she saw Luke's legs bending so nicely.
After waiting month's I finally took Isaiah out to lunch for his lunch date at Five Guys
The kids and I were blessed to go on a hike up at Mt. Rainier, it was gorgeous that day!
We went camping at Ike Kinswa state park in WA, Luke had so much fun in the boat and the boys had a blast fishing.

I love this picture of the sunset, it was even more beautiful in real life.

Here is the family up at the top of Mt. St. Helens
Luke, Lily and I swinging at a campground in Oregon, this was the day before his 9th year anniversary of his near drowning accident. I'm happy to say that it was a good year for Luke and our family, no tears shed a first for me:-)
Here's the family right across the Highway from our campground in Newport, OR
Lily and I on top of the dunes
The guys getting ready for a dune buggy ride, fun times.
Here's Luke with some friends at Ft. Stevens park in Oregon, he really did love that boat.
The kids having fun on the beach
Gordy and I got away for a few days to celebrate our 30 year wedding anniversary
On top of the Astoria column, it was a beautiful day
The kids and I at the Puyallup Fair, watching a 4-D underwater show, not sure Luke liked the glasses.
My first time back on skates after falling last January when I got a slight concussion.

Luke at his pulmonologist appointment, can you see the tears of joy in my eyes after hearing for the first time that his Dr. thought that Luke was doing and looking great!!!

Luke swinging once again at PT
Luke after his Gastronologist  appointment where once again he got a great report, Praise be to GOD.

I'm going to sign off for now so that I can get this blog post done. I plan to blog again very soon with more current news.

Luke's Mommy,


Lynne said...

Wow -- I was so surprised to see your update! Can't count the number of times that I checked your page and saw the same message from before. Thanks for finally updating! :) Glad to hear you are all doing well, though I agree those photos aren't for the faint of heart. :) Looking forward to more of your updates.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear Luke is doing so well. I've followed his story since the early days, can't believe how long it's been!

Anonymous said...

Yay an update. I have checked back a lot just to see if there was anything new. Glad to hear you had a good summer and Luke looks so good!!