Sunday, March 12, 2006

Luke Celebrated his 3rd Birthday

Luke celebrated his 3rd birthday on Friday, we had a birthday party which he seemed to enjoy. It's so hard to believe that he is a 3 year old the years have gone by so fast. He is doing so well lately, it's hard to believe how good his numbers are at night I have to check them a few times just to be sure I'm seeing them right. His oxygen numbers have been 98, 99 and even 100% and his heart rate has been so low that we've had to lower his numbers, which is a very good thing. He seems to be doing better with his food lately, since we changed his diet a bit. He is also making some new noises every once in awhile and his eyes are getting better all the time. That said he is still in desperate need of a miracle for his legs and the complete restoration of his brain, I know this goes without saying, but I'm not giving up on his full recovery and I know many of you are sticking with us in your prayers until we see that come to pass.

Amy got home from Romania on Monday and I thought she was going to blog some pictures, so that is part of the reason why I haven't written in a while. I'm going to make her sit down and show some pictures and have her tell you a bit about her wonderful trip to Bucharest. I will also put some pictures from Luke's Birthday on the blog soon.

Gordy has been coughing a lot lately and he finally decided to go into the Dr on Friday. After taking x-rays, it looks like he has a bit of Pneumonia, he has actually been feeling worse since going and sleep at nights has been near to impossible. It goes without saying that he needs some prayer. I also took Amy in to the Dr on Thursday night she had been complaining about her ears hurting for awhile now and has also had a lot of headaches and sinus pressure. She found out that she has a sinus infection and since going on her antibiotic she is beginning to feel better. I've also have had some health issues going on this week, so needless to say it was already an emotional week with Luke's Birthday then having these health issues on top of them really made it a hard week for me. I'm just praying that next week will be better!

I know that I've asked for prayer for some desperate people lately and some of you may of noticed the new links on the side of Luke's blog, so that now you can keep up to date on Candace and Brett Jr. I had asked for prayer for my friend Barb's brother Steve who had a car accident, he did sustain some brain injuries, a broken leg and badly injured eye. He is doing a bit better and he really is a miracle as he should of been much worse off then he was and the fact that he did not have any injuries to his organs is considered a miracle.

Daniel's boss Greg headed to Africa to pick up his 3 children that he is adopting, please be praying for his safety as he traveling in Liberia, which is not the safest country to travel in these days. Needless to say since Daniel has two weeks off he is going to be replacing our floor in our laundry/downstairs bathroom, which is in desperate need. So this week should be interesting without a washer and dryer and I'm sure it will be a big mess, I'm just praying for the grace to make it through the upheaval. Well I know this is enough news for now. May God richly bless you today!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Teena said...

So glad to see an update. That is great about Luke's level and we are continuing to pray with you as the Lord heals him slowly and completely. Wow, 3 already... it does go so fast~

Looks like you have a busy week~ praying Gordy/Amy/you feel better real fast ... and Daniel enjoys his time off~

we love all of you~
your GA friends,
Billy, Teena, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley

Carmichael Family said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Luke!
Praying for good health for your whole family, and of course still praying for healing for Luke.
Catherine and family

Jenni said...

Happy Birthday Luke! Wow, 3 years old! It goes by so fast doesn't it? :) Blessings to you on your birthday Luke!

Bindress said...

Hi! happy Birthday Luke!
Still waiting for the pictures!

Teena said...

Sue, wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten. I am out of state at my mom's. I came Sunday ..drove till around 3am. She had a brain bleed (had another one in 1998) she is on oxygen (since 2004). They also found a small anurism. :( She was doing better and they took her out of ICU and into step down but later that night (Tues midnight) she went into resp. distress and they have taken her back to ICU. She is stable and doing better. So we will see. She is not a christian.
My little boys are rowdy and want to go home. We stayed at mom/dads house but it is very small and my sister lives there too (only sibling I have) and so we came to a motel on Tues. night. My little guys want to go home. :( We are staying atleast till tomorrow. My dh stayed to take care of our animals and stuff. I do not have my password to post on my blog. :(
I have been thinking about all of you. :)
your GA friends,
Billy, Teena, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley
ps this is computer in motel lobby.