Sunday, June 04, 2006

We are in California

I thought I would give you a quick update to let you know we are in CA. We camped two nights at a campground in WA and endured the rain and cold weather, we are looking forward to some sun. Tonight we are staying at a Hotel, in Yreka, CA, we had planned to stay in our trailer at a friends home tonight in Redding, but decided to stop earlier. We got a later start than we wanted and although our van has a V10 engine it was still slow going up some of the mountains we went over today. Needless to say we were all ready to stop around 6:45, the kids were hungry and tired, especially Lily and we knew it was time to stop.

Luke has been enjoying our time together. He has for the most part been doing real good, though tonight is on some oxygen. He started coughing and sneezing about an hour before we stopped, which was another reason we decided it was time to call it a day. Please be praying that he will do great tomorrow, that his lungs will stay healthy and that this will be the last night he will need extra oxygen.

Tomorrow we are going to try to get an earlier start than today. We are planning to go to Santa Cruz, CA, where we will be staying for the next 5 nights. It will be nice to stay put for awhile. We are hoping to spend one day in San Francisco sightseeing and one day at Marine World. Gordy and I gave Daniel a surfing lesson for his 21st Birthday, his birthday is not until July, but we knew that he has wanted to go surfing for a long time and thought it would be a great opportunity for him to go. According to the web site, of the place he will be taking lessons it's one of the best places to learn in the world. Be praying that he will be safe and have a blast.

We will try to get some pictures posted soon of the fun time we had yesterday putt putt golfing with my parents, between the rain downpours. It was so great having my parents come out to see us on our first day of our trip. Our goal is to try to keep updating the blog every few days, not only to share how things are going, but also as a way of journaling this vacation for our own benefit.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear of your progress.
We missed the boys in class this morning- especially B.J. :-)
We will continue to pray for your family.

Carmichael Family said...

It sounds like you are having a lovely trip so far. We will continue to pray for you all, and are so glad you are keeping us updated of your progress.

annie said...

We continue to pray for a safe and wonderfully refreshing journey for you and your family and for Luke to remain healthy!

Pam&Hal said...

Great to get the update and hear how your trip is going. Thinking of you all and hoping that you have good weather, great fun and lots of relaxation. Daniel's cousins want to hear all about his surfing experience! Hang ten dude!
Love, Pam, Hal, Carl and Paul

Anonymous said...

Sue, I am so glad you are letting us know how you are doing. I will keep you and Luke in my prayers. I will pray for Daniel's saftey. Tomorrow is my Daniel's B-day....he will be seven. I will keep praying and checking on ya'll. Blessings and Love, Shane, Julie and Children

Teena said...

we are back from the beach~ coming here to check on all of you!

praying as you travel! thanks for updating
our love
your GA friends~

Luke said...

i came to this site from a chain letter completely unrelated to this... it said "type in your name+needs" and then post, and forward it... i guess god brought me to this site for a reason. Luke is in my prayers as well as your family.

Luke C.