Thursday, July 12, 2007

Luke has pneumonia again, but Praise God he is not in the Hospital

I took Luke into the Dr. yesterday and found out that he has pneumonia in his right lung. The Dr. prescribed a strong shot of antibiotic into his leg muscles, then sent us home with a dose of antibiotic every 4 hours for 10 days. We have to go back today at 10 a.m. for another shot and to be sure that he is making progress toward getting better. Which I know that he is already doing a little better.

I'm thanking the Lord that Luke is doing so well this time with his pneumonia, as this is the first time that he has come down with it and not gone to the Hospital. I told his Dr. that he is doing so much better on his oxygen levels, though he has had to go on the mask a few times, it is nothing compared to his past needs. He is also moaning when he is uncomfortable, which is a new thing for him to do, it is difficult to hear him in agony, but good to know that part of his brain is waking up. I have been very faithful in doing chest PT every 3 hours and making sure that I get him up right so that he is getting the junk cleared out of his lungs.

Please be praying that Luke continues to make positive improvements. Gordy and I are torn about him taking off these precious vacation hours, while we are unable to do anything as a family, he is thinking about going back to work so that he doesn't lose all his hours. I continue to pray against a strong spirit of discouragement and depression as this is not how I was looking forward to spending this week. It's weeks like this that I'm tempted to lose all hope, but I know that I must press on toward keeping my faith strong, this is only a small set back in Luke's journey, please keep us in your prayers.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


dr_bristow said...

I am praying for Luke and your family! So glad to hear Luke is doing better, and was able to begin improving with medication and not need to be hospitalized from the pneumonia! It's been a long time since his last hospitalization, right?
I was thinking last week or so (and as I've read over your last few blog entries) of all the improvements Luke has made in the past year...I met Luke last year on June 25, and he wasn't smiling, or making any sounds, or eating at all (I don't think), and I was thinking the other day of how different he would be if/when I see him the next time.
I'll be praying for Luke's continued healing, and for encouragement for your family during this difficult time!
Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Changes to "our plans" and the accompanying disappointment - Our daily opportunity to trust His heart.