Monday, July 09, 2007

We are home with two sick kids, we need more prayer

Just an update to let you know that we had to cut our vacation short. We decided to come home today, the decision was heartrendering to say the least. Luke and Lily are both sick, running fevers and Luke is just not able to keep his oxygen levels up without lots of oxygen. Though he is doing a bit better tonight, he is on a mask with the oxygenator going at 5 liters. We just tried to put the nasal cannula back in his nose and to cut back on his oxygen, we were able to finally get him down to 1 liter, which is a first today, but he was very uncomfortable, so we decided to put the mask back on him. I'm sure his nose is sore from the oxygen going constantly for 2 days.

Please be praying that God will heal both Lily and Luke tonight, so that perhaps we can go again, as Gordy still has the rest of the week off. It's times like today I wonder if our lives will ever be "normal" again.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Anonymous said...

Sending lots of prayers and hugs to all of you. Hoping that this finds Luke and Lily doing much better.
Love, Pam

Anonymous said...

We are all together praying for you in Denver. Hang in there my sister, God will see you through!
Love, Mary

dr_bristow said...

Hello all,
I was just thinking of your family yesterday and praying for Luke (I am on vacation with my family currently and I was thinking of the adaptations you've had to make with Luke), and I guess God must have brought you to mind since it looks like Luke really needed the prayers!
I'll continue praying, and I hope he is doing better so y'all can finish your vacation!