Saturday, August 11, 2007

Good News, Luke was at 100% oxygen last night, Praise God, he's finally getting better!

Luke is doing better. He's been off oxygen since Thursday, except for a 1/4 liter at night. In fact when I hooked him up to his machine last night he was at 100%, I can not remember the last time I've seen 100%. I took Lily back to the Dr. on Thursday, she was just not getting better. Her gums were swollen and bleeding, he put her on an antibiotic she is finally eating once again, though still not sleeping through the night yet. Please be praying that her mouth will be completely healed and that she will start sleeping again.

I've decided to start up some school next week just 3 days a week. I figure since we are not going to camp again until September or really have any big plans, we might as well get some school going. The boys seem to be bored lately, I think getting them on a schedule will be a good thing for all of us. Amy and Natalie have volunteered to help with our home school this year, Amy is going to teach writing and Bible and Natalie is going to teach math and piano lessons. I'm hoping that we can also get a few major projects done around the house during the next few weeks.

We are once again talking about applying for an Extreme Home Makeover, I know that we've mentioned this before but we are getting to a place where we either really need one or we will need to move. Luke is getting more awkward to carry around since his body doesn't bend too good. The application is quite a process, but Amy said that she will help get it together. I realize that it's a one in a million chance, but figure they have to pick someone, therefore maybe we will get a chance.

Gordy has been very busy at work lately, working lots of extra hours, plus not getting the sleep he's needed lately has been taxing. Please be praying that God will renew his strength and bless both of us with some much needed sleep. Daniel started his own tiling business, it's called Searles Marble and Tile, he worked at tiling for a year, decided to try electrical work for a year, then decided he much rather tile, so he started his own business two weeks ago. If you know of anyone who needs some tile work done, please e-mail us. He has been working on contacting Contractors in the Olympia area, that is where is wants to move some day.

August has been a challenging month for me since Luke's accident 3 years ago. At times the grief still overwhelms me, remembering back to what Luke was like before the accident and just thinking about our life since that day. I realize that I have so much to be thankful for, but it is still so hard. Please be praying that God will help us to get through this month and that our hope and joy will be renewed.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Anonymous said...

It's been awhile since I've posted but I do keep up on Luke's progress. I am relating to your comment on grieving what Luke was like before the accident. We have a video of our grandson,Parker 2 weeks before he coded and it is so hard to watch. He went from doing everything appropriate for his age to not being able to do anything. His life and the lives of everyone around him was forever changed.
A lawsuit on behalf of Parker has just ended so with the monetary settlement they will be able to move back to Nebraska. Unfortunately all the $$ in the world won't bring back our little boy. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

So thankful for the good news about Luke. We will continue to pray for you all, KNOWING that our God hears and is faithful to answer!

The Hohn's

Tom said...

Grace and Peace and Strength and the sweet presence of His Spirit be your portion right now as you read this... in Jesus' Name.

Teena6 said...

Hi. Stopping by to check on Luke... and all the Searles! I miss you. I know that may sound strange but I miss the daily checking.

You all have touched our lives in such a way.... we will always be connected.

I think it is great that Amy/Natalie are going to help this year. What an example and testimony. I know God will bless them.

Praying for sweet Lily and for Gordy and you to get some much needed sleep.

We haven't started school yet. Next week I think.

My heart still hurts so at the loss of my Dad. It is a month today. It was such a shock. I know where he is though and he is at peace.... running with the angels.

Sue, I so wish we could meet.

your Ga friends,
Billy, Teena, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley

dr_bristow said...

Thinking of you all today and keeping Luke in my prayers. So glad he is doing better!
I'm praying for you during this difficult time of year!
Love and prayers,

Tammy and Parker said...

Such good news with the oxygen. We would love to add Luke to our prayer list.

dr_bristow said...

Thinking of Luke and praying for y'all tonight.