Thursday, September 06, 2007

Luke seems to be doing a little better

Just a quick update on Luke. He is finally doing better today, he seems to be more alert and have a bit more energy than the last few days. This flu as I've mentioned before really knocks you out for at least a week or more. Gordy is just now beginning to feel better after being sick for close to 2 weeks. We hope to leave tomorrow when Gordy gets off work for the Oregon Coast. We will spend 4 nights at Ft. Stevens one of the most beautiful parks in Oregon and then go down to Newport once again for 4 more nights. Please pray that God will allow us to go on this trip as I really feel after this summer of sickness we could all use a few days of rest and recreation. I would also like prayer for sleep for me as I've had a few nights of no sleep recently, I know I need to get my clock turned back around. Thank you for your constant prayers!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Nicintime said...

Glad Lukey's doing better!

Blessings and have a safe and fun trip!

-Uncle Tom

Susan said...

The last two days the Lord has impressed upon me to pray for Luke. I am standing on God's WORD and believing for Luke to be restored to healthiness in every way! Praise God!
I miss our emails back and forth too! Prayer partners forever!