Monday, October 15, 2007

Please take notice of changes to our Prayer Links

You might of noticed a few changes in the layout of the Luke's blog page. I've added some new people to our Prayer Link, here is a brief description of each link:
  • Pray Abbie, is a little girl who had a near drowning accident 3 months prior to Luke, her mom Tiffany has been a huge help and encouragement to me over these past few years.
  • Pray for Brett Jr, is a little guy who had a near drowning accident February 4, 2006.
  • Pray for Caleb, is another little boy who had a near drowning accident in March 2007.
  • Pray for Gail is a precious mother to 7 children who has a brain tumor.
  • Pray for Izzy is a little girl who had a near drowning accident in May 2004, I love visiting her web site as she is making great progress and always has great pictures to show.
  • Pray for Klinton is a young father of two child struggling with cancer, his dad and mom go to our church.
  • Pray for Madeline is a little girl who was born with a heart defect, she has had many major surgeries in her short 3 year life span. She is currently in the Hospital very ill and desperately needs our prayers.
  • Pray for Madison is another little girl who had a near drowning accident March 2006.
  • Pray for Melissa is a mother of seven children, who has a brain tumor. God has really done wonderful things in her life as she was not expected to live as long as she has.
  • Pray for Nolan is a little baby boy born just last week, he is in the NICU struggling with some oxygen and eating issues.
  • Pray for Parker, is for a little guy who was born with Downs Syndrome, along with a hole in his heart and many other huge health problems.
  • Pray for Sadie Belle, is for a little girl that has Rasmussen Syndrome, which is basically a disorder in the brain that causes massive seizure problems. She has already had brain surgery and is going in again soon for more brain surgery, she is in desperate needs of prayer right now.
Visiting these websites have become almost a daily ritual for me as I check up on these precious people to see how they are doing. I know I've mentioned this a thousand times, but it bears repeating I believe in miracles and as I've followed these websites I've been awed by God's healing power in so many of these lives. I pray that you too will begin to pray for these ones that so desperately need our prayers. If you go to their sites leave a little note for them, the encouragement of knowing that people are praying for them is huge. Please let me know if you need prayer or know of someone else needing prayer.

One last prayer request, our son Daniel left today to go to Denmark, he will be gone for two weeks. As I've mentioned in the past my brother and his wife live there. They asked Daniel to come and tile their bathroom floor and tub area. Please be praying that God will surround Daniel with a hedge of protection while he is gone and that he will be able to get the get the job done quickly and beautifully.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


annie said...

Thank you for sharing the sites and descriptions Sue. I will visit the ones I have not been to yet.
Denmark sounds so exciting and interesting. I would love to travel! I pray God's angels protect Daniel while he is away and that he has a wonderful experience and returns safely home.
love ya!

Carmichael Family said...

Dear Sue,
Thank you so much for your prayers for Nolan, and for asking for prayers for him on Luke's site. It means so much to us! We are keeping Luke in prayer as well.
Catherine and family

Jodi Pesicka said...

Luke looks like he is doing so good. As you know I too am a mother of a near drowner named Justine who is 18 now. She was 13 months when she drowning happened. Thank you for listing all the sites I like to read about all the new treatments people are trying. I will also add everyone to our prayers.

Teena6 said...

Sue, catching up on Luke's blog. My computer was hit by lightening and we are taking it to be fixed today. So it looks like I may be off line for a bit. I can check at church.... :(

The good reports you have received about Luke are wonderful!!! To God be the glory! I am so thankful. I sat here crying as I read.

Also, I am praying for Daniel for you that the Lord would continue to give you His strength. It is so hard for me at times and I do not walk in your shoes! We have had several dentist/doctors appts and I just can not seem to get it together. I find myself weary. But God continues to give me His strength.

Only 22 days till my oldest marries... WOW! Watching our children grow.... seeing what they have become and seeing them love Jesus is so awesome. Only by His grace.

Please know I think of you, talk about Luke to different people, still have his pic in my bible and I am praying.....

I have watched this journey from the beginning and we will always be connected. I will read the words one day.... as I have so many times.... as you describe how the Lord has healed him..... baby steps, big steps..... one day... one day it will be COMPLETELY. :)

Reading what you blogged about the doctor and what he said .... how incredible.... to what he said two years ago. God's thoughts are not man's! PTL PTL PTL

we love all of you~
Billy, Teena, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley ~ your Georgia friends~

annb said...

Thank you for your kind comment left on my blog. I have visited some of the sites you listed, but will definitely visit the others. I have been a regular visitor of Melissa for a long time - after finding a link here. I, too, am in awe of God's power each time I visit my "regular's" - Luke, Abbie, Parker, Izzy, Melissa and others. It brings close to my heart the might power of God, the great healer! I love visiting here because your faith and love for the Lord is so evident in your posts and I always come away feeling blessed. Sometimes when it seems I have the weight of the world on my shoulders I stop and reflect on others who are carrying so much more - and yet their faith remains strong and constant!
I love the new pictures. Luke looks great and you have a beautiful family!
In His Love and Blessings,