Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What a Great Day!

Just wanted to let everyone know we had an awesome day. The Starlight Starbright Luncheon was so much fun. Luke had a great day, along with his brothers and sisters. They passed out flyers, welcomed the people and Isaiah and Ezekiel got to demonstrate the Nintendo game stations. I'm pretty sure there were about 400 people in attendance. We met some wonderful people and were so blessed to know that Starlight was able to raise thousands of dollars. I hope that sharing what Starlight has meant to our family made a difference today.

After we were done with the Luncheon we went to the Seattle Science Center, it was a gorgeous day in Seattle, I think it got up to 74 degree's which normally doesn't happen at the end of October. Gordy's sister Pam and her husband Hal live in Seattle with their boys, we were blessed to be invited over for dinner, it was a perfect ending to a wonderful day.

I thought I would post one more picture of Luke going to a football game. The amazing thing is he never would of been able to go to an outdoor night game in the past for fear of getting sick. We bundled him up and he did great. We all had a fun time cheering on the Lake's Lancers JV team as they won 56 to 0, way to go Spencer, great kicking.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue

PS Please take a minute to say "Hi,", we would love to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue!
It looks like it was cold out at that football game! Being here in So. Cal it looked refreshing!
Have a super day!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful day! I'm sure that all who were there were encouraged by you sharing Luke's story and your family's journey. You always convey such hope and peace in Christ and His love for everyone. So glad to read all the other good news, too. God is working!

Blessings, Jeri

Cindy Lester said...

Hi Sue! I just can't tell you how great it was to meet you the other day - what a blessing! I've really loved the Streams book and like you, the quote on miracles really stood out... It was one I too was gonna post, but you beat me to it! Awesome, truly awesome is our God! Thank you for coming by. It was great to read up on Luke and see your family pictures. You all shine!
In Him, Cindy Lester

Jennifer said...

To Sue...

It was a strange thing for me to see you leave a comment on my blog, maybe even one of those God things.

I have been reading Luke's page about ever since you started it. You asked how I found out about Luke. I actually help moderate a message board ( and someone had posted there about Luke and the link to Luke's blog. I was home schooled like all your kids my entire life and was basically of the first generation of home school kids. It was unheard of when I was little. You were thought to be strange if you were homeschooled but I am thankful that my mother chose that path for me.

I also ran a hyperbaric chamber for a year and still do off and on at the hospital where I work in Chattanooga but they only treat patients for wound care there. It interests me to see how using hyperbaric for other purposes seems to work but how the insurance companies will only approve it for about 12-15 diagnoses.

I wasn't sure how else to send you a message other than to post it back as a comment to you. So thank you for sending me a message.


The Morris Family said...

Dear Sue,
I will be happy to send you a DVD. It is a way to say thank you to so many for their prayers and support. Just e-mail your address and I will get it in the mail today!Looks like you had a great time and Luke looks GREAT!!! As for my situation, I am going to take some more herbs in pill form as suggested by my midwife and see if any results. Physically, I feel fine. I have really been struggling spiritually, I think I am going through a phase of being sad with the LOrd with the "why can't the Lord just allow this to expel", and just thinking about last year, my faith is thread bare and I feel like the LOrd has turned me away. Satan has really been working me over. O how this all hurts and right now I feel like I am not getting heard with the Lord. Well, I have said alot and its not very encouraging, but I know many are praying. Thanks for your prayers and concern!!!

Carmichael Family said...

Hi Sue,
Thanks so much for praying for our precious Nolan and for your encouraging comments! They mean so much to us!
I love all the pictures you posted of Luke and your family, especially the one of Luke at the game! How neat to be able to share how much the Starlight Starbright Organization means to your family. It sounds like a great organization that really helps families out.
We are continuing to pray for Luke every day!

Darcy Tietjen said...

Hello Sue,
Still praying for your family. Thank you for your honesty in how you are feeling. Being real is it's own encouragement and I appreciate yours.
His continued Grace on Luke,
P.S. Hello to my Romania housemates!

Darcy Tietjen said...

Hello Sue,
Still praying for your family. Thank you for your honesty in how you are feeling. Being real is it's own encouragement and I appreciate yours.
His continued Grace on Luke,
P.S. Hello to my Romania housemates!

Anne Schlegel said...

Hi Sue,
I have no idea if you remember me from BNH/OR for a procedure done by Dr. Han. I asked if anyone in there believed in the power of prayer, and you said you did. You sat there, held my hand and prayed with me. You shared with me about Luke, but the web-site didn't come together for me until I was just talking with one of my dear friends, Cindy Lester. I was telling her about God's provision of you on the day of the scope, and your story about Luke. Wow was I amazed that she could pull the whole thing full circle with the web site. I believe that God is sovereign, and that you were there by design. I have had a few cancer/surgical experiences that have trained me to become so very anxious before anything medical. God knows that I am weak and He placed you there to minister to me. Many times I have prayed for you and your children since my day at the hospital. I will continue to pray, because I do believe in the power of prayer too.
Many blessings to you Sue. If you have ever wondered if God is using you and your family, oh yes, He definitely is! Thanks for your comfort and prayers. Anne

Anne Schlegel said...

I meant to leave this scripture, so..take 2...

"The Lord is a shelter for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O lord, have never abandoned anyone who searches for you." Psalm 9:9-10

Okay, I think I'm done now!

Anonymous said...

So glad you have been able to get out and have some good memories. We continue to pray for Luke daily. Matter of fact - here is a little funny. My 2yo, Chloe, was praying for Luke at lunch today and asked God to help Luke...AND Princess Leah. Her big brother has been talking about Star Wars, and so that must be where she got that. Funny!
Thanks for posting the pictures. It's good to see ya'll.
Love and prayers,
The Lockwoods

Anonymous said...

Hello Searles family!
I didn't check your site for about a week. Boy, did I miss out on some fun events! I take it that the interview has already been on TV. Please let us know how we can watch it online. We'd love to see Luke on TV!

Tiffany said...

Hi Sue!

Thanks for all the great pictures! I can't believe how big that Lily-girl is getting. I KNOW you blessed others by sharing about Starlight -- even just letting them see your whole family and putting faces to a compelling story will change hearts! Will try to call soon, we have MUCH to talk about. Exciting things around here, including noodle legs, if you would believe it!!

Blessings and love,
Tiffany, Abbie and gang

Anonymous said...

Mommy sue~
I just want you to know I have kept you and your entire family in prayer since Luke first had his accident. I actually heard about the accident when we had a prayer group from our church CCF. we lifted Luke up in prayer weekly. I have continued to watch your blog. Always wondering how Luke is doing. I have just felt the urge to let you know what a true blessing you and your family are to me. Your upbeat attitude and never failing faith is so huge for me to even begin to fathom.I praise God for you being in my life and you didn't even know it! Thank you for having the faith you do and being a wonderful mom!
I Love you for that!
Prayers always to you and the family and a big hug to Luke for all that he is learning.