Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Just about at my Wit's End, but realizing this is where God wants me to be

Have you ever been at your wit's end? For years we've been calling Luke our mysterious man, he continues to live up to his name, I'm just about at my wit's end not knowing exactly what to do for him. Last night around 11:00 I almost blogged to say I think he's finally turned a corner, only to be disappointed a couple hours later. Today he woke up once again with a non-stop runny nose and breathing hard. Thankfully he's only had to be put on oxygen a few times during the day. I just checked up on him, he has his face mask on with his oxygen concentrator going at 5 liters, though if I put on his nasal cannula he's only be on 1/2 liter of oxygen. He sounds terrible like is he's running a race, he's breathing so hard with his heart rate up to 152, then down to 120 and up again.

Between his alarms and Lily waking up every few hours crying I've just about given up on sleeping tonight. Then poor Gordy is very sick also, he's been running a high fever all day along with aches and pains. Isaiah is finally feeling a little better today, Praise God. I keep praying that the rest of us won't catch whatever they've had the last few days.

As bad as things are here in our home I realize that they are nothing compared to what Maddie and Klinton's families are going through tonight. So many people desperate for miracles, God is a big God and is able to work in amazing ways, that is what I'm praying for. Would you please join with me in praying for Luke, Gordy, Lily, Maddie and Klinton.

Here's another wonderful quote from Streams in the Desert:
He generally waits to send His help until the time of our greatest need, so that His hand will be plainly seen in our deliverance. He chooses this method so we will not trust anything that we may see or feel, as we are so prone to do, but will place our trust solidly on His Word, which we may always depend upon no matter our circumstance (C.H. Boyartzky) This scripture went with this quote: Romans 4:18 Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed. I've changed this verse to Against all hope, Sue in hope believed. This verse just about sum's up my goal for today, I will continue to put all my hope in God, that's exactly what God wants all of us to do.

Love in Christ,


dr_bristow said...

I'm praying for you all today...

dr_bristow said...

Just wanted to let you know I've been thinking of you, Sue, and praying for Luke especially and for the rest of your family all afternoon!
God bless,
Exodus 15:26 "...I am the LORD, who heals you."

Anonymous said...


Father God, I just ask you to touch Luke... to heal his body,Lord. I ask you Lord to balance his oxygen levels, clear his congestion... calm his breathing ... Lord, Luke needs your healing touch.. we have seen the miracles, Lord and ask you to touch him.... Father God, also for Gordy and the rest of the family.. Lord, just a hedge of protection around them to keep them all well. I just ask Lord that you give Sue the strength and grace she needs. I pray she gets LOTS of sleep and feels refreshed and renewed. YOU are the LORD who heals.... we love you, Lord God.

hang in there Sue... lots are praying....

your GA friends,
Billy,Teena, Michael, Mandi ,Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley