Friday, February 29, 2008

Finally a long awaited post!

I know many of you are saying, "finally a post from Sue." I've been very busy since coming home from our trip to California and Arizona. Isaiah had pneumonia, double ear infection and asthma, one sick little guy, Praise God he is doing much better. Luke has also been sick off and on and Lily is sick again, she has a horrible case of asthma, we've been giving her breathing treatments at least 4 times a day. Needless to say I've spent over 8 hours in Dr.'s offices this week.

Monday was a very challenging day, as Luke had an appointment with his Rehab Dr., Gastronologist and Dietitian. I got to the Mary Bridge specialty center at 12:30 and didn't leave until 4:30. We decided to take him off his Muscle relaxant medication as it was causing to sleep most of the day away, so his Dr. talked about putting him on a new med. We are still deciding if this is the one we want him to use, because it has some very negative side affects. His Gastronologist was very concerned about him being underweight, which I've also been concerned about for the past year. He still only weighs 30 pounds. So after meeting with his dietitian it was decided that she would analyze his diet and give me some suggestions of things to add to his food.

I got a call from the dietitian today and she was extremely impressed with the ingredients that we put into Luke's food, she asked where I came up with it, I told her that I made it up. She only made a few changes to his diet to add more calories. So tomorrow we will be making his food hoping that with the changes we will begin to see some weight gain. They want to see Luke back in 6 month's with at least a 5 pound weight gain, but hopefully even more.

There is so much to post about but I need to get to bed as it is very late or perhaps I should say very early in the morning. Though before I sign off I wanted to let you know that I would appreciate your prayers. Natalie and I are going to Romania on a Women's Mission team. We leave March 5th and won't be home until the 19th. I will write more information about our trip in my next post. Thank you for your faithfulness in keeping our family in your prayers, we would especially appreciate you praying that we all become healthy once again.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


annie said...

I have been thinking about you, I'm glad you updated!
I'll be praying for you, for the kids, and for the mission trip!

Kehau and Brandon said...

Hi Sue...
I've been praying for you and Luke and your family! I'll continue to pray for everyone's health! It sounds like things have been very crazy! May God bring you peace through the chaos! Praying for your mission trip too! God has and continues to use you in mightly ways!