Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Luke has some big appointments today

Just wanted to ask you for prayer for Luke and myself today. He has two appointments today, one with an Pediatric Orthopedic Dr. and the other appointment with his rehab Dr. I'm praying that they will be able to offer some solutions on ways that we can get Luke to bend his knee's better and help get his muscles to relax more. Please be praying that I will have an open mind to what the Dr.'s suggest and that God will give me His wisdom in knowing how to respond.

Luke has had a great few weeks! He has been in the chamber at least 13 times over the past two weeks and we have two more dives to go next week before we take a much needed break. The biggest improvement I've seen in him has been the fact that he is smiling a whole lot more, he also seems to be communicating more. I had a talk with his OT yesterday on working on ways to help him communicate his needs more clearly with us, helping him to be an active participant of the family instead of just a bystander all the time. Luke is doing great at hitting a switch, which is a button when he wants to make a toy go, so we are hoping that he will be interested in hitting that button to talk to us.

One bit of sad news, I found out last week that Brett Jr. died. I don't know any of the details except for the fact that it happened on June 4th. If you go to you can see their post about his death. To say it hit me hard would be an understatement, trusting Jesus is so hard sometimes, but I can not doubt that He is in control and knows what's best for all His precious children. Please keep his family in your prayers as I'm sure they are grieving right now. I'm adding another prayer link for Hadley Fox, she is in need of our prayers right now, please be sure to check out her page at Last but not least I would like to ask for prayer for a boy named Luke who had a near drowning accident last week, he is doing pretty good right now, if you want to read more about how he is doing you can go to Team Bettendorf, their link is to the side of this page.

Thank you for your prayers,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


annie said...

I'll keep you guys in prayer.

How sad about Brett. I went to the site and couldn't find any info.

Tammy and Parker said...

Hoping that things went well at your appointments!

Tammy and Parker

Anonymous said...

I will be praying.... that is great about Luke.... and the switch. Praying as you go to your appts. this week.

Praying for Brett's family.

oh you asked about my mom... my sister lives in their home. She is a widow and never had children. She has lived with my parents for about 8 yrs. At this time I am not going back down anytime soon. I guess. It will soon be a year for Dad... wow... I would like to put flowers on his grave. But, with gas prices I will probably just stay home ... the day he went to be with Jesus is our Wes'
5th birthday.

well rambling...


jodi pesicka said...

Hope things went well at all your appointments this week. I also wanted to thank you for checking up on Justine this week she is such a trooper. The will these kids have is amazing. Sorry I could not get to a computer sooner.