Saturday, November 15, 2008

A week full of appointments!

Here's Luke and I at one of his many appointments this past two weeks. I don't know why I fill up our calendar with so many appointments in a week. I guess sometimes I think that if I get them all out of the way one week maybe I can have a week off, but it just doesn't seem to work that way most of the time. We were at the Gastronologist in the picture above, after waiting 1 1/2 hours we finally saw the Dr. for 5 minutes for him to tell us that he is pleased with his weight gain of 4 pounds since our last visit, that he is looking good and that he doesn't need to see Luke again for a year. It's really amazing that I have a smile on my face since I was extremely frustrated after sitting in Dr.'s offices for 3 hours that day.

I took all the kids to the dentist this past week, including myself for our bi-annual teeth cleaning day. Good news the only one to have 2 cavities was Ezekiel, it was his first ones and hopefully his last. The Dentist said that Luke's teeth look great, he had a bit of tartar but nothing more than the usual amount. I was so thankful as I know so many children like Luke that have major problems with their teeth. It was very challenging to say the least to get his teeth cleaned, I had to hold his mouth open the entire time the Dentist was working, I also had to suction him as needed. I'm so thankful for a dentist that is willing to work with him, I know many Dentists will just send kids like Luke to see a specialist.

Our week wasn't all appointments though. Here are the kids looking a book that their wonderful Auntie Cindy is reading to them. Can you tell they are all enjoying it? I'm so thankful that I'm finally getting a good schedule going with homeschooling the boys this year. We have been trying to get started by 9:00 each day, they do work at home and then also go to Auntie Cindy for 1/2 hour each of reading. One of the most wonderful things about this past week is that Natalie and I are working out everyday, it has been a goal of mine for so long and I'm finally doing it.

We went for a walk last Saturday evening at Grandpa and Grandma's "trail", they live on a great trail that goes for 15 miles long. Luke was smiling the whole way, he loves his new chair and getting out in the open air. Another nice thing about his new chair is that Lily is able to stand on the side of it when she gets tired walking.

We sure do miss Amy, but are glad that she is able to enjoy her time in Denmark. She's already been gone for almost 4 weeks, only 7 weeks to go. Natalie and I are finding a new "normal" with her gone. I've actually been cooking again and can say that I'm enjoying it. I hope all is going well with all of you out there in blogland, it would be so wonderful to hear from you, even if it's only a few words to say that you are still out there.

Be blessed our dear friends,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Anonymous said...

Hey there! Still here in California, very thankful that the fires are not near our home. However my mom lives near one and a couple of my step kids live near another one. So far none of them have had to be evacuated! It has been hot and wondy here and all the idiot fire bugs are running around starting fires.
Thank God this time no has been killed, so far.
I sure miss Washington! Looking at you and the kids wearing jackets is just a dream of mine. We have not had to put a jacket on in a year, seems like.
Give the kids big hugs for me!
Hi to Chuck and Shirley!
Love in Him, Cindy.

kelly said...

I sometimes stop by for an update on Luke and your family, and I always leave with a dose of inspiration. I am always in awe of all that you are able to accomplish. My prayers continue for Luke, for you and your family.

jodi Pesicka said...

hello, I know what you mean about the dentist. Justine gets a lot of tartar build up so she went every 3 months to get her teeth cleaned we had a great pediatric dentist who specialized in handicapped kids. Just loved him then she turned 18 and he could no longer see her and we have had the hardest time finding an adult dentist that will se her. I too have scheduled all her bi-annual appointments in the next two weeks. Her doctors are all over an hour away. Why do we do this to ourselves? Oh well glad to see everybody is well. Talk soon Jodi.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say hello and tell you we still pray for you guys every day - for Luke and his healing. I hope you guys have a super Thanksgiving!
The Alaska Lockwoods

Rachel E. said...

Glad to hear that everyone is doing well. And how cool that Amy gets to study in Denmark! I got to study abroad in Spain during high school and it was an amazing experience that truly changed me. Hope to hear from you all again soon!

Anonymous said...

Sue, I always love coming and reading your updates. Love the pics. I am glad you are getting a good routine/schedule going.

Praying for Amy... I know it must be hard.

We are doing well. Getting ready for Thanksgiving. Also for Christmas... thinking about Advent and what to read this year to the kids~ and what activities to do. So often I say I am going to do this or that and then life is just too busy and I don't :(

We had a couch just like yours... before the one we have now. I loved it. Ours was a sleeper sofa is yours? It was so comfortable.

hugs~ and Blessings,