Thursday, April 15, 2010

After talking about it for years we've finally put our house up for sale

We did it, we finally did it, we finished getting our home ready to put up for sale. We've talked about doing this for years and we've finally done it. Tomorrow morning the sign will be put up in front of the house and it will be listed out on the internet. My parents bought this home brand new in 1978 and then Gordy and I bought it from them in 1987, we have so many good memories here and some sad ones too. I doubt that we would of ever thought about moving if it hadn't been for Luke's special needs. We've been comfortable here and have always loved our property and tree's. It's been a good home for our family and we will miss it. We have a place that we are looking into buying but nothing is for sure yet, it's hard not knowing exactly where we are going, but we feel we are doing what we are supposed to be doing in selling this home.

After typing that Luke was doing better he began to get sick again on Sunday night. I e-mailed the Dr. to let him know what was going on with Luke, he was running a fever, on oxygen and had a high heart rate. His pediatrician called Luke's Pulmonologist and it was decided to start Luke on another antibiotic to see if this one will finally get rid of the what has been brewing in his lungs for the past 3 months. He is doing better once again, we continue to ride on the Luke Roller Coaster ride, not a fun ride at all:[

I decided to take Luke to see Matt the Rolfer today. I had recently weaned him off his Dantrolene, which is one of the muscle relaxants that he's been on for a long time and I was curious to know what Matt thought of his muscle tone. It was exciting to hear Matt say that Luke's muscle tone was better than it's ever been, Matt actually said that the last time I took Luke to see him, so that means that Luke is doing better and better all the time. It was kind of rough weaning him off this med, it was the second time that we had tried to do this and I was worried last week when Luke seemed to be in more pain than usual, I think it was because he is becoming more and more cognitive of his muscles and body, which is exciting to see, but also painful to listen to him crying. I am happy to say that he is doing so much better, no more crying this week. I'm taking Luke to a new Rehab Dr. at the end of the month and it will be interesting to hear what she has to say about Luke's muscle tone issues and her suggestions on ways to help him.

Will you please pray that our home will sell quickly and that we will know exactly where we are supposed to move? We are walking in faith truly believing that we are being obedient to what God is calling us to do, but it is kind of scary not knowing for sure where He will take us. That is what faith is all about, believing without seeing.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


Anonymous said...

We'll be praying for a quick sale and Luke's lungs to clear completely. Excited to see how God will bless you with this new direction. We have an awesome God!

Laurie B

Michelle said...

Hi Suzi, I still have the cold here. Its just as you said Luke did, I am going through the re-run. Emily did steroids and is stable, off oxygen. I'm having a more difficult time kicking it.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we will be praying. I've done the moving thing many times and know it can be a bit stressful trying to keep it clean all the time!! We pray God will quickly bring the buyer along! Love you! Mary