Thursday, April 01, 2010

Finally some pictures from our Cruise:]

My cousin Kim sent me a e-mail yesterday asking me when I was going to put up some pictures from our cruise. I had a few extra minutes in my day today so I thought even though I know these pictures are over a month old, I would post them for those that wanted to see them here. This post has nothing to do with Luke, just his old parents:]

Here I am hanging out our balcony on the way out of the San Pedro Harbor.

Gordy on the boat taxi out to Lands End in Cabo San Lucas

Here we are on our over looking the bay of Cabo San Lucas

Here is our ship, notice the difference in the color of the ocean, it's amazing how many shades of blue it really is.

Here I am standing in front of the catcus they call Mother in Law Pillows, doesn't look very comfortable to me!

They had a mini golf course on board, notice how windy it was, my hair is flying!
Can you see Gordy at the end of this HUGE golf club?

Here we are all dressed up for one of the formal nights

The Dinning Room was three stories high with this beautiful chandelier in the middle of it

Here I am trying L'Escargot, not too bad for a slimy slug, the food was absolutely delicious!
This picture does not do justice to the absolutely amazing Ice Show we saw aboard the ship, the ice skaters where mainly from Russia, they were phenomenal!

We had room service twice a day, I could get used to that! They would leave little creatures made out towels around the room, our room steward was so friendly and efficient.

Here is a picture taken from the elevator down the main corridor of the ship. Our ship was 14 stories high, it was so beautiful and elegant.

Here is a picture of the place where we ate Gordy's birthday lunch in Mazatlan

Here I am sitting on a spit out in front of the Restaurant, have I said how beautiful it was there?

Here is Gordy eating his special birthday dinner, it was prime rib and it was delicious!
Here is one of the many beautiful sunsets we saw

Here we are with our waiter, he was from Bulgaria, he was very friendly and funny.

The Jungle in Puetro Vallarta, was beautiful, we saw wild banana, orange, coconut, guava, and date trees and some beautiful flowers, it was quite a hike up and down some pretty steep hills and over some little creeks. It definitely was one the highlights of the trip.

Here I am doing one of my favorite things, sitting by a river, I took off my shoes and soaked my feet in the cool water, it was so refreshing

If you look closely you will see a Zip Line going through the tree's, we could of gone Zip lining but it didn't appeal to us.

Here is the view from the place we ate our lunch that day.

One of the many beautiful churches we saw

Believe it or not this is a baby crib hammock. I guess up in the Jungle they put their babies in these hammocks to keep them off the ground so that no spiders or snakes will harm them.

Here I am sitting out on our balcony the last day of the cruise, Natalie taught me how to crochet doilies right before we left and I finished one while we were gone, it was so relaxing to just sit there and know that there was nothing else for me to be doing that day.

This trip was a gift from God! We came home relaxed and refreshed after some wonderful days and nights of rest and fun. I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


Skinners said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them. Love Ya

Annie said...

Love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonder you two had such a great time. Love the pics!


Yoli Rodriguez said...

Finally, All the pictures are great must be where Amy gets her photo skills.
Sign me up for next time.


Anonymous said...

I loved looking at your photos and am so glad you had time to relax and enjoy each other for a few days. You both deserve it! Cruising is addictive. Have you booke your next one yet?? LOL!
Stevanie Sweet

Lindsey and Santana said...

Beautiful pictures!!!! You guys so deserve the time away with just each other!!!! THank you so much for posting them! What a blessing! Love you guys! Hugs to Luke! I think about him all the time!!!!! He is so beautiful!


Michelle said...

Wow, awesome trip! Thanks for sharing. I almost feel like I went on vacation with you.


Christine said...

Wow--- it looks like you had a fabulous time!

Anonymous said...

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